Flight Attendants: Occupational Outlook

Flight Attendants

Call them flight attendants or flight stewards, the exciting life of these airline employees is guaranteed to be filled with thrills. No longer is their line of duty limited to serving refreshments on a plane, be that a commercial- or private .airline.  Flight stewards are an important part of the airplane’s cabin crew, as their job is to assist customers throughout their flight.

In addition to flying around the world, a flight attendant’s main job is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. They perform a number of routine services onboard and assist with the passengers finally disembarking the plane.

If you are thinking of becoming a flight steward, there are some great advantages to entering this career path. For anybody who dislikes 9 to 5 jobs, these attendants have a flexible job. The airline believes in their staff being well rested between their schedules. So, the attendant might only work 3 times a week at a time.

The various duties of flight attendants

While the job of a flight attendant may seem relatively simple – to provide safety and customer service to passengers while in flight – there is actually a lot that goes into the role.

Flight stewards are responsible for the safety and well-being of passengers during a flight. They must be able to effectively communicate with passengers, as well as provide first-aid if necessary. They also need to have a strong understanding of safety procedures and be able to calmly and efficiently handle any emergency that may occur.

In addition to safety, a flight attendant is also responsible for providing customer service. This includes ensuring that passengers are comfortable and have all of their needs met. Flight attendants may be called upon to help with things like serving food and drinks, providing blankets and pillows, and answering any questions passengers may have.

While it may seem like a lot, attendants are trained to handle all of these responsibilities and more. They are an important part of every flight, and play a vital role in ensuring that passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience

They brief passengers on emergencies

  • They brief the passengers on safety standards and even demonstrate where the emergency equipment is stored and how to use it should there be a reason.
  • Of course, passengers are also informed about how to find the closest emergency exit in their plan and also how to use their safety belts.
  • Also, a list of passenger names provides and draws attention to any special needs passengers who will be part of the flight.
  • They welcome all passengers aboard, make sure they know where to sit, and ensure that all luggage properly store away.
  • They are in charge of the cabin and have to make sure about the safety and comfort of the passengers throughout the trip.
  • Flight attendants either work in first-class or can work in economy class, where the services they provide are a little less luxurious.
  • Once their plane has taken off and everyone has settled down for the flight, the steward or stewardess provides pillows and other conveniences such as headphones to those passengers who want them.
  • After landing, the attendant’s job is then to assist passengers with leaving the plane.

You can see that with all the services provided by the aircraft attendants, they require an amicable, confident, friendly, helpful, serving, and adventurous personality. They have t\o always been helpful and friendly, even when dealing with cantankerous passengers.

What qualifications require to be a flight steward?

Whichever airline company employs you, they will provide training. Flight stewards will require a high school diploma. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, but some airlines stipulate 21 years of age.

The attendant must have a passport and also pass a background check. Then again each airline has its own flight attendant requirements – and stipulates for instance that the attendant shouldn’t be shorter than 4’11″ and not be taller than 6’4” tall.

They also have guidelines for other things, such as no tattoos and no facial piercings. Their eyesight has to be good and in some instances, they might conform to a certain height and weight requirements. They must also pass a medical evaluation.

Flight stewards need a couple of years of experience working in the service industry before actually employed as flight stewards. As mentioned, the airline provides the training at their own flight training center.

Training requirements and preferred skills for flight attendants

As mentioned above, to be a flight attendant, you will need to complete a training program with an airline. The length of the training program varies, but it is typically around 4 to 8 weeks. During training, you will learn about the different aspects of the job, such as safety procedures, customer service, and emergency procedures. You will also have the opportunity to practice these skills in a simulated environment.

After completing training, you will need to obtain a license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To do this, you will need to pass an exam that covers the material you learned during training. Once you have your license, you will be able to work as a flight attendant.

There are no specific educational requirements to become a flight attendant. However, most airlines prefer candidates who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Some airlines may also require you to have a valid passport.

There are a few skills that will help you succeed as a flight attendant. First, you should be able to remain calm under pressure. This is important because you will need to be able to think clearly and make quick decisions in an emergency situation. Secondly, you should have excellent customer service skills. As a flight attendant, you will be interacting with passengers on a daily basis.

Most flight stewards apply for this kind of job because the idea of traveling around the world and experiencing different cities is immensely appealing to them. So most stewards spend a lot of their time on an actual airplane traveling, whether domestic- or international flights.

How much do flight attendants make?

The average salary for flight stewards to make in a year is $79,500, but those with more years of experience and perhaps additional training can make about  $117,000 a year. Attendants operating in large cities will generally get a higher salary than those working at small remote airports.

An attendant based in New York City will typically make more than an attendant based in Alabama. Also, the particular airline too will play a role in the earnings of the attendant.

But earning a good salary isn’t all the flight steward benefits from, and there are other perks too, apart from just having an exciting job. The perks will vary by airline.

One of the wonderful perks is that the attendants get to travel free, or they will receive discounts on flights if they indulge in their own personal, private travel. Most airlines also provide things such as bonuses, medical insurance, and retirement plans for the attendant and their family.

Also, in between flights, attendants have to overnight somewhere and the flight company provides free accommodation for the flight stewards.

Excellent opportunities for career advancement

When you work as a flight steward, you become part of the airline’s cabin crew. You have excellent opportunities to advance your career and what’s more, you don’t have to buy clothes because you wear a smart uniform whenever you’re on duty.

It is always a bonus to work for well-known, reputable airlines because then you benefit from various benefits and bonuses. A flight steward gets paid to travel the world. Even though there is some hard work. In this work where you help others to enjoy a safe, comfortable trip to their destination.


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