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Give thanks to significantly improving network speed and development. More and more authoring tools have the line of the trend for small and medium creators and brands. An easy-to-use online video editing tool for images is essential, Can help you quickly produce exquisite Logos or promotional videos, and so on.

The online editing tools for pictures and logos are currently most used by DesignEvo and Canva. The online editing tools for graphics are used by DesignCap. The online video editing tools are nothing more than the FlexClip that I will introduce today. Its thousands of templates and simple editing tools can let you Quickly produce beautiful and exclusive videos!

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a set of free online audio and video editing tools. The parent company behind it is PearlMountain Limited, established in 2006 and dedicated to researching and developing graphics and multimedia software tools. FlexClip was developed because they believe that the video is The best way to deliver messages and ideas.

But not everyone can quickly get started with professional audio-visual editing software. Although you can spend time on research or spend money studying related courses, it is relatively time-consuming and labor-intensive, so another biggest goal of FlexClip is to let everyone get started quickly and the quality of the videos produced is good professional enough.

In order to achieve this goal, FlexClip has simple and easy-to-operate editing screens and tools and provides:

  • More than a thousand kinds of audio and video templates.
  • Allowing users to choose their favorite and suitable application to modify.
  • Rapid production and output.

Through the FlexClip online video editing tool, you can quickly create related videos for your brand, whether it is product promotion, company concept communication, etc., and it is very suitable even if you use it for general life, such as birthday celebration videos, communities For media, audio and video, etc., FlexClip provides related templates that can be quickly applied!

What are the characteristics of FlexClip?

After my practical experience, I categorized five significant feature advantages first to use reference, only my position, and experience to share.

Thousands of templates can be selected and applied.

Provide more than a thousand kinds of audio and video templates that can be directly applied and modified, quickly produce and produce the ideal video content in your mind!

There are many types and classifications of templates. I’m afraid you won’t find them, but you won’t find them!

Traditional Chinese interface

Provides an operation interface in all traditional Chinese, making it easier to use, don’t worry about not understanding the instructions in bad English!

Diversified elements and tools

Provides a variety of dynamic elements that can be added to the video to increase the visibility and richness of the video!

Millions of copyright-free images, music, and videos

Provide more than a million kinds of copyright-free pictures, music, and videos that can be added to your video creation, so you are not afraid that there is no material to use!

Diversified additional video tools

There are additional diversified gadgets, such as compressing videos, adding Logo to videos, converting video formats, converting videos to GIF, screen recording, adjusting video speed, etc., all available for free!

Free to use and download

It provides free editing and downloading. Although it can only edit and produce 1 minute videos and download the 480p picture quality, if it is used for personal use to make short videos and put them in social software, it is enough to deal with it. If it is a more professional user, You can consider a paid upgrade package. The detailed comparison table is in the next chapter.

Scheme comparison table

FlexClip has a total of 1 free plan and 3 charging plans, each of which has different degrees of difference. When you organize the following table, it is convenient for you to understand the detailed differences.

Free Plan Basic Plan Plus Plan Business Plan
Video resolution 420p 720p 1080p 1080p
Available media library movies 1 piece 1 piece 5 pcs unlimited
Number of works saved 12 pcs unlimited unlimited unlimited
Video length 1 minute 3 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes
Custom watermark none Can Can Can
FlexClip title have none none none
Cloud storage none 10 GB 30 GB 100 GB
Original price (year) free 71.88 USD 119.88 USD 239.88 USD


Use teaching

I directly use the built-in template to make a simple modification and teaching. If you don’t want to apply the template, you can create a blank project and do it yourself from beginning to end. I don’t have the talent for art, so I can only use the template first.


First of all, we need to register for an account. Go to the FlexClip official website, find the “Register” button at the top right of the screen and start the registration process. You can register directly with Google or Facebook, or of course, you can also use Email.

After that, an email will be sent to your mailbox. The purpose is to confirm that you are registered. You have to click the link in the mailbox to confirm, as shown in the figure below.


After the Email is confirmed, you can log in to FlexClip with the account you just registered. After logging in, you will see the screen as shown in the figure. Because I want to use the commercial package, I first click the “upgrade” button at the top of the screen to upgrade the account.

You don’t have to upgrade your account first. You can try to make a movie and familiarize yourself with the system, and you can upgrade after confirming your satisfaction.


Choose the package according to your needs. At the top, you can switch the contract length to see if you want to pay monthly or annual. The latter will be cheaper than the former. I choose annual payment plus commercial package.


After the purchase is completed, return to the account backend screen. We use a template to create a video quickly, so please select “Create with a template” at the top left to select a template.

In the template selection screen, you can first select the category from the left and then slowly select the one you want from the right, or you can enter a keyword at the top to search, both in Chinese and English, as shown in the figure below.

After selecting, click the “Customize” button to enter the editing screen of this video template.


After entering the video editing screen, there are many tools and elements on the left that you can use in the video. I won’t explain more here, and leave it to explore by yourself.

The number of segments of the current video will be listed below. You can preview the current video or single-segment playback. You can also set the transition animation. If you think the video is too short, you can add frames and materials on the far right.


You can directly adjust the existing material in the video window on the right. For example, you can modify the text by double-clicking on the text, and you can directly drag it to change the position, adjust the angle, and zoom in.

At the top, you can make text-related settings, such as text color, font, size, etc., and the microphone icon in the lower right corner can add your dubbing.


When all the modifications are completed, you can press the preview in the upper right corner to check the movie first, and you can proceed with the output action if there is no problem.

When outputting, you can choose the video resolution and format. Just choose according to your needs, as shown in the figure below.

Enter the relevant information and settings, whether or not the FlexClip title is required, and you can start the official output!


In video processing, if you keep the web page screen open, the processing speed will be faster. Of course, you can switch to other screens to continue doing your things, but you will have to wait a little longer.

When the processing is completed, it will be automatically downloaded to the computer. If there is no automatic download, you can manually press the download button to download, as shown in the figure below.


  • PearlMountain Limited

use tools:

  • FlexClip


For novices, this set of tools is straightforward to use, and it can also produce videos with various themes very quickly. Compared to exploring and learning complex audio-visual editing software, FlexClip will be a good tool!

If you are looking for a set of high-quality audio-visual editing tools that can be produced quickly, then FlexClip will be your first choice!

Common Problems

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a set of free online audio and video editing tools. The parent company behind it is PearlMountain Limited , a company established in 2006 and dedicated to the research and development of graphics and multimedia software tools. FlexClip was developed because they believe that the video is The best way to deliver messages and ideas.

Is there a template for FlexClip that can be applied?

FlexClip provides more than a thousand templates that can be applied directly, and there are many categories of themes, so you are not afraid that you can’t find relevant themes to apply.

What is the highest resolution video output that FlexClip can output?

If you are a user of premium and commercial packages, you can output up to 1080p video quality.

What is the maximum length of the video that FlexClip can output?

If you are using a commercial package, you can output up to 30 minutes of video, which is enough to meet general needs


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