Fix your iPhone yourself? This is what you need to know!

Fix your iPhone yourself

Maybe your friend was giddy at the birthday celebration about fixing his phone himself. Did you receive the information from a friend telling you that you could easily Fix your iPhone yourself.

This is good, but what exactly is “fixing yourself”? And why do you hear so many stories about it? What are the steps you must take to start? Is that truly less expensive?

How do you fix your iPhone by yourself?

If you haven’t heard of us, We are committed to reducing e-waste while working toward an environmentally sustainable future.

What can we do to accomplish this?

Our aim is to make fixing the problem with your iPhone your self’ simple as it is for you. Every popular part comes with Our own gratis repair guides that walk you through step by step on how to repair the component. We offer parts in various prices so there’s always something to suit your budget. We do recommend pre-assembled And quality sets for those who are new to the field , does this sound like a lot of work? I’ll go over the details later on in the blog. You can also visit iphone repair dubai

Cheap and durable

Repairing your iPhone can extend the lifespan of your iPhone by, for instance. Since, let’s face it that we require an upgrade to our iPhone every one or two years. Does your battery run out quickly? Replace it instead of eliminating the entire iPhone.

I can imagine the thought, “Why not just let Apple repair this?”. In reality, Apple has advantage such as the warranty being kept along with original equipment. Price are in line with this, and likely to be EUR 150 more costly than if you were to repair it yourself. Apple reserves the original parts that it used to repair its own stores and cannot always guarantee the quality of their products. Therefore, with us you’re not just saving money however you are also aware of exactly what you’re buying.

The quality of the parts

It is essential to not be face by surprises in regard to the quality of our service. We’d like to make this clear. It is not the norm that everyone on the repair market is doing this, unfortunately. Apple stores Original spare parts used for repair in its own inventory and for Apple’s Apple repair service companies.

What is the quality we offer? (Without becoming technical, I’ll be honest.) Our team has decided to utilize two quality standards which are A+ Quality and top quality components.

There are additional terms you have to understand before you decide on a. To make repairs as simple as it can be and as easy for your family, we offer ready-to-assemble screenings along with kit repair.

What do you require

Before you place your order

I’m sure you’re eager to begin. It is, however, essential to determine what you require prior to starting. It is recommend that you go through the instruction manual for the repair you plan to complete. Most of the time repairs are more clear when you know what you can anticipate.


To complete most repairs, you’ll need one of our tools. The 7-in-1 set is part of this repair set . You can also purchase them as separate items or go with our 15-in-1 tool set that includes higher-quality tools if you intend to repair more frequently.

These sets come with specially designed screwdrivers needed to connect the iPhone. It’s likely that you don’t have these at your home. It also has suction cups as well as plastic tools that help open your iPhone without harming the iPhone. Additionally, use plastic tools that loosen the connectors. Make sure you are careful when using metal tools because they could damage the outside as well as the inside of your iPhone.

What you likely own at home is the hair dryer. This is used to warm the glue. In our videos, we employ the use of a heat gun however the hair dryer is a good alternative too.

It is crucial to be organized during repairs especially when it comes to the screws. Every screw is assigned a location and purpose within the iPhone. If you put the screw back in the wrong location it could harm the iPhone. We provide the Magnetic Screw Mat for every iPhone which helps you put each screw back into the correct place.

Be patient and have an electronic device or laptop and your repair guide on fingertips during the repair so that you can follow the tutorial step-by-step.

What are you supposed to be aware of when you repair your iPhone yourself?

In addition to the fact that it is crucial to perform your work in a systematic manner In addition, there are additional things to be aware of. For instance, it is essential to have a suitable surface. The desk in your kitchen or the table can be a good choice for this. Make sure the table is sturdy and that the screws can’t move. They are difficult to locate and I can assure you that they are not easy to find.

We don’t recommend using carpets for work as it could generate static electrical charges. If you adhere to the instructions and remove from the battery, your risk of ESD damage is very low. It is possible to buy an antistatic strap static belt to lower the possibility of damage.

Be careful when handling the cables in the iPhone. They could break when you use them in a wrong way. In our videos , we will explain the best way to use (and what) cables to cut off. Face ID as well as Face ID cables cannot be replaced So be cautious when disconnecting them.

This might sound daunting however, once you’re conscious of it, the issues can be easily avoided.

Most frequently completed iPhone repairs

I’m sure you’re able to think of the most often-required repairs! These are the ones for the iPhone screen and iPhone battery . We’ve made a special guide for nearly every iPhone available so that you can change the screen or battery on your own! Together we strive to create the environment to be sustainable and assist in reducing electronic waste. Repairs to components like the dock connector front camera, the speaker, rear camera and vibration motors are also typical. Below is an overview of commonly read manuals which provide solutions to the most frequent problems:

  • iPhone will no longer be charged
  • iPhone won’t turn on
  • iPhone Battery calibration
  • iPhone is slow
  • iPhone battery replacement
  • Face ID not working
  • There is no service
  • reset iPhone
  • iPhone heats up
  • iPhone short circuit



After using your iPhone without any issues, your iPhone will display an error message. This message will inform you that your iPhone is having problems with its SIM card.

Most people will resolve the situation by restarting their device and inserting the sim card. You can also turn off the airplane mode and then on again.


You can save space by transferring photos and videos from your iPhone to your mac. Unfortunately, this photo transfer method may not launch. Apple’s iPhoto lets you organize your photos and still make slideshow presentations. You can also print books with them. Seeing if a few of your photos are not importing will help you to identify possible causes, such as broken files or synchronization errors with the iCloud.

This error can be fixed by updating your iPhone and mac to the latest version.


Rumours have circulated that many iPhone and iPad users are experiencing issues with SMS and iMessage notifications after upgrading to iOS 10. This iphone issue seems to be affecting many users. This can be very annoying because iPhone users often miss important messages.

This issue can be resolved by hard reseting the device. You can also check for updates that are pending. Hopefully, the update will resolve this issue.


It can be very frustrating to wake up in the morning and discover that your iPhone has not changed at all since you plugged it into the charger before going to sleep. Most people charge their phones overnight to be able to get up early and start work the next morning.

These are some solutions to help you if you find yourself in this situation. You can try another cable or a charger brick to fix the problem. It is not your iPhone’s fault. To remove dirt and grime from the charging port, you can use alcohol to clean it. Sometimes, it is as easy as resetting your device.

Failed APPLE ID Verification

If an iPhone user attempts to log in to iTunes or Apple Store, but gets a Verification Failure error prompt saying “There Was An Error connecting To Apple ID Server” or “Apple ID Verification Failed”, These errors can be difficult to fix. This error is not easy to fix. Try another internet source, such as your home or office wifi. Resetting your network settings is the best way to fix it and then restarting the device. This is the best way to go to this location.


Apple continues to roll out updates for its devices in order to ensure that there are no issues that could affect the device’s performance or security. There are usually errors that prevent your iPhone or iPad checking for updates. If your iPhone or iPad is not able to check for updates, there are several things you can do. Low storage or incompatible hardware can cause this.

You should first visit the Apple website to check for compatible iOS versions. So can also check your internet connection to see if that is the case. You can also reset your network settings. This can resolve your problem with the iPhone update.


Personal Hotspot allows users to share their internet data with others phones. This handy feature can be very useful at times. What if your iPhone’s personal WiFi hotspot stops working? This situation can be fixed with a variety of methods.

Restarting the device is the best and most reliable solution. Also, you can reset your network settings before restarting to resolve the issue with personal hotspot not working. If this doesn’t work, you can try to reset your hotspot settings. Let’s see if that works.


Safari web browser are use by many iPhone user to browse the internet on their phone. It’s the best web browser for mobile device. It is widely use by Apple user due to its high rendering speed and important sync feature across all iOS device.

It’s also susceptible to crashes and errors because it’s software. Apple users often experience Safari not working properly on their iPhones and displaying a blank screen. This issue can be fixed by restarting Safari after the phone has been restarted. If this doesn’t solve the problem, users can still check for iOS updates. Users can also update their safari app via the app store. This could fix your Safari browser issues.


There are occasions when the iPhone alarm volume is too low or too loud. There are many reasons why this happens, but the most common reason is dust buildup or obstruction in the speaker grill. Sometimes it is a software problem. Ringer settings can be used to check whether the volume is sufficient.

You can clean your speakers using isopropyl alcohol. Also, check the volume settings of your ringers. You might also want to change your alarm ringtone. In some cases, the preset alarm tone can cause low iPhone alarm volume. If it doesn’t work, you can restart the device.

These are the top iPhone problems that every day users will encounter. These are not the best solutions. For more information on how to fix each error, visit our website. We hope you find this article useful.


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