Fix: QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File

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Are you facing trouble in opening the company file after the update? Do you find an alert that cannot communicate with the company file? This situation is caused by the computer’s Firewall as if the Firewall’s latest version is not completely updated in all the networks. Then due to the interruption of The Firewall connection, you cannot open your company file.

Users generally face QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file error when trying to update the Firewall and the system configuration, including the windows. Due to the advanced setting and new permission, the network setting of the Firewall gets reset, and that is how the necessary license to operate the company file gets disturbed.


Significant reasons for QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file error

The primary reason for this warning is the network interruption of the system firewall to operate the QuickBooks company file.

  • The latest version of the firewall network is not completely installed.
  • Incorrect setting of DNS network.
  • System upgrade, which reset required permission to open QuickBooks company file.

Solution for QuickBooks cannot communicate with company file errors

However, the problem seems to be bigger, but it can be easily solved by following a few steps and precautions. Here are a few solutions that can be useful in this case of error.

Solution 1: Troubleshooting the network setting

The first step is to install the latest version of the QuickBooks available. Also, update your firewall network services and Windows.

Now you should check the configuration of third-party services in the Windows firewall. You can check that by following these steps:

  • After installation of the latest version of QuickBooks software, try to open the company file.
  • While opening the QuickBooks application, run it as administrator.
  • Running as an administrator will grant more permission to the user.
  • Visit the firewall setting.
  • Allow all the required permission and settings to open the company file in QuickBooks.

The settings are only applicable in Windows 10 and 11. If you are using Windows 7, XP, or 8, check the computer’s UAC.

Solution 2: Verifying the host of the company file

While operating QuickBooks, please verify that you can get this error on your screen if the company file has multiple hosts. If a company file is open in more than one system, then due to the error in another system, you won’t be able to get the proper access to open the company file, resulting in errors. The first step is to turn off the multiple Host setting:

  • In QuickBooks, click on the file menu, and you will find a utility option.
  • Following that option, you can see multi-user access.


  • Please turn off the multi-user access and confirm it by pressing Yes.

Now open the task manager by pressing the control, shift, and escape buttons.

  • If you see any application name QBDBMgrN.exe running in the background.
  • Then click on the application name and then click on the end process.
  • End process all the applications of QuickBooks, including this application QBDBMgrN.exe
  • Now reboot your system.
  • Run the QuickBooks application as administrator and try to open the company file; you will be able to open it without getting any errors.



The QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file can stop you from opening the company file. This error comes from the Alert that you cannot communicate with the company file. Therefore, it can easily be resolved by following these solutions. We hope this information might help you with all your doubts and trouble opening a company file.

You can also take help from are 24*7 QuickBooks error support team by dialing helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Moreover, you can also send your problem to our email ID regarding this error or any suggestion.

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