Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Laptop as a Student

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Laptop learning has had a bad reputation lately. A growing body of evidence indicates that using devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones, during class can result in everything from poor note-taking to poor test performance – not just for you, but for the other people around you. That’s not to say that laptops are all bad. In fact, they allow you to play free online drifting games, and have the potential to help you become a better student – if you use yours the right way, that is


Read on for a roundup of tips to help you maximize productivity with your laptop.

1. Learn To Take Notes Effectively

Much of the criticism of laptops in the classroom is about note-taking. While most people think laptops are better because they’re faster, that isn’t necessarily the case.

Psychology PhD Pam A. Mueller told NPR the results of a study comparing hand note-taking to computer note-taking: “When people type their notes, they tend to try to take text notes. and write Students who took long-term notes in our studies were forced to be more selective – because you can’t write as fast as you can type. And that extra processing of the material they were making has benefited them. ”

While returning to hand-held note-taking may be the easiest solution, people and their devices are inextricably linked in today’s society. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life of lower grades. On the contrary, there are things you can do to improve your electronic note-taking game, including interacting with your notes by “breaking up” them, transcribing key concepts in your own words, adding quick recap questions, and summarizing them. notes in your own words. .

2. Avoid Installing Distracting Programs

Multitasking is another major problem associated with using a laptop in the classroom. While we often think of the ability to multitask as good quality, the reality is that multitasking actually inhibits productivity. Take-out meals? Removing blatantly distracting programs like games and music is just the start. Also turn off all push notifications so you won’t be distracted by emails, tweets, referral messages, Facebook likes, etc. This will allow you to focus on the task at hand and will also help you avoid annoying or distracting your classmates.

Do you use the Internet frequently during class in the meantime? If so, there are various apps and extensions you can use to restrict internet access and block certain websites, negating the temptation to search the web during class.

3. Use It To Communicate With Your Teachers And Classmates

Before the digital age, the only channel of communication between students and faculty was face to face. However, this has not always been practical or possible. Whether you’re asking for clarification on an assignment or requesting a meeting to discuss an issue, laptops and other devices make it easier than ever to communicate with teachers.

Additionally, many college courses now use Google Hangouts and other online communication platforms. Using them can also help you interact with your teachers and classmates.

4. Clean And Organize Your Office

We all know that organization is essential to the success of colleges. And yet, many students overlook an important factor: keeping their laptops clean and organized. While a messy office can confuse and slow you down, a clean office can increase both speed and access. This is also a good opportunity to download all the useful apps, such as the Evernote note-taking app.

5. Consider Keeping It Out Of The Classroom

Not all students use laptops in the same way. Learning how to use yours to your advantage is important. Despite your best efforts, however, you might still determine that your laptop is doing more harm than good. In that case, going back to good old pencils and papers in the classroom may be your best bet. (And, of course, you can continue to profiter of all the benefits of your laptop outside of the classroom.) While you may feel like a Luddite to go down this route, know that this decision is actually supported by the latest scientific advances. search.

Laptop Care Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Computer

Taking good care of your laptop is important to keep it running longer, and a regular schedule of good maintenance and care can mean your laptop repair needs are kept to a minimum.

Whether you’ve just invested in a new laptop or recently got one from the Red Center Technology Partner team, by following a few simple tips, you can keep your laptop running longer.

Add An External Mouse

Your laptop has a trackpad, and it might make sense to use it, but it makes more sense to use a mouse if you’re trying to keep your laptop in good shape.

Dirt and pressure can mean the trackpad is affecting the condition of your laptop’s internal parts, so an extra mouse will always be better.

Minimize Heat

Overheated laptops are a common site in repair shops across Australia.

To keep your laptop in good condition, you need to control the heat.

Excessive temperatures can destroy electronic circuitry and shorten the life of your battery.

Add an external fan or use a specially designed laptop base to minimize heat loss.

Don’t Use Sleep

Red Center’s technology partners believe that a growing number of people, especially sales teams, are using the sleep feature rather than turning off the laptop every day.

While this can save time on startup in the morning, you may be missing important updates that will keep your computer safe and functioning.

Don’t Neglect The Antivirus

Every piece of technology needs antivirus software, from your PC to your tablet to your cell phone, including your laptop.

Don’t open websites without virus and malware protection, or you risk losing everything you worked on.

Don’t Eat And Drink Around

When you’re busy at work, having a snack or a hot cup of coffee next to your laptop seems harmless, but you could expose yourself to potential harm.

A single spill of your drink can leave your circuits broken, and crumbs and debris can clog the keyboard and end up making its way into the machines below.


So important Red Center technology partners have to say it twice.

If you don’t back up, you can expect to be directed to our laptop repair centres for recovery.

For more tips on computer maintenance, read our previous blog!

Are you an avid fan of taking notes by hand or with a laptop? Did you go from one to the other? If so, please click here!

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