Fitbit Charge 2 Review Should I Buy?



Fitbit has once again developed one of the best fitness trackers or activity trackers on the market, at least in the value category, aiming to maintain its domination over the fitness tracker industry. The Fitbit Charge 2 is the company’s popular high-end heart rate + exercise wristband, and it packs quite a lot of features, including some of Fitbit’s latest technology, but is it worth your money?

Fitbit Charge 2 Design:

First, the design of the device seems to be in line with what Fitbit has been distributing recently: the Fitbit Charge 2 has a sleek, sharp design that makes it easy to locate and clear data with a large OLED screen. Does what you want. Check. The straps are interchangeable, which seems to be the most popular trend in wearables, and the base models are available in four colors: black, plum, blue, and teal, stainless steel finished bezel.

Those who want to stand out from the crowd can opt for special versions of the tracker, which also changes the color of the bezel and costs 30 euros more than the base model: the 22k pink gold-plated bezel finish comes with a beautiful strap. Or the gunmetal comes with a stainless steel finish black strap. Luxury leather straps and sports straps are also available for purchase separately.

Suffice it to say, Fitbit repeats the mistakes made with the first Fitbit charge and does not make it waterproof. Truth be told, it is sweat, rain, and splash-proof, which is adequate for the intended use. But in the competitive market. Fitbit is making some other models waterproof, it is hard to imagine why they do not suffer. Happened? Charge 2 to make it waterproof.

With the side buttons, this leads to a complex control scheme that can prove to be very complex for users. To change the metric displayed on the screen, you must press it. Modes can be cycled by pressing the side buttons, selecting with the long button press. Exercises can be switched by swiping down in the menu. If you can’t wrap your head around these, don’t worry, Charge 2 will remind you how to control your device during the first few hours.

Fitbit Charge 2 Features:

Looking at the previous section, it seems that a lot of features are only available when connected to or through a smartphone, and this may just be true, especially due to the lack of GPS capability. However, the Fitbit Charge 2 does not necessarily live and die through the Fitbit app, as the tracker makes extensive use of its onboard sensors, such as a heart rate tracker, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an altimeter.

As Fitbit mentions, all-day activity tracking, the ability to accurately track your steps, calorie burn, active minutes, and many consecutive details due to 5 days of battery life. The data that this device track is stored in its internal memory based on different types of data: daily amounts are saved for 30 days, while detailed speed data per minute. Heart data is stored every second during workouts and every other time every 5 seconds. Post-workout summaries can be selected or saved automatically based on known activity and can also be checked in the tracker.

PurePulse technology:

PurePulse works by detecting green LED reflections that contract. Whenever the heartbeats, while the heart manages to constantly and automatically stand out from the crowd by tracking data. While at the same time allowing other technologies and devices to initiate the process. Users need to press a button.

PurePulse technology does more than track your heart rate, paving the way for most of the features in Charge2. The practical application of this technique is the ability of the tracker to provide on-demand guided breathing sessions. Which are ideal for reducing stress. And reduces anxiety and blood pressure. The process is very simple because when the inhale and exhale are displayed on the OLED screen, its indications.

Final verdict:

However, if you are buying a fitness tracker these days, you have a convenient smartphone. Still, with all the features, is there a Fitbit Charge 2 worth 160 euros?

Note that Charge 2 is not the newest tracker of Fitbit. Cheap fitness trackers like the very low-cost Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or TomTom Touch do not even come close to the set of features packed with the Charge 2. So do your job with a high-quality fitness tracker if you want. There is no better alternative than this.


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