First Day At Work? 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Tie


Are you nervous about your first day at work? While you’re panicking, you should also consider what you’re going to wear. Preparing for this day also includes your outfit, the time you’ll go to work, and how you’ll talk to people.

When it comes to outfits, men’s ties can transform a person’s overall look from casual to the business meeting ready. In addition, even if they’re not required, people still often use them. So if you want to impress your boss and colleagues, then there’s nothing wrong with wearing men’s ties every day.

Don’t worry, you may not be the only one who’ll wear a tie. Some people are also comfortable in making themselves look presentable. Moreover, perhaps you already have some ties to start with. 


If you’re having doubts about it, you should check the below reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate.

1. If you work in an office setting

Men’s ties are essential in an office-setting job, so it makes perfect sense if you’re wearing one and you can check a myriad of them at tuxedo cummerbunds. Although you can also wear a shirt, blazer, pants, and shoes, men’s ties are like the cherry on top of your outfit.

Besides, working in an office setting requires you to be ready whenever there’s a meeting you have to attend. Just make sure that your tie will go on a formal setting, but if you want to be known as the guy who wears pastel coloured ties, then why not?

However, you should also be careful when pairing ties and shirts. Make it as if you have plenty of time thinking about your daily outfits.

2. To look presentable

As mentioned before, it’s also an option to wear a suit without a tie, but wearing one will make you look sharp. Although you’ll look good either way, you need to choose easy-to-match ties that will help you with your daily look.

Of course, you can still opt for printed men’s ties, but don’t buy the ones with your favourite cartoon characters on them. Unless, you would like to be the funny-looking guy, which is never an option in the workplace. instead, try choosing paisley, checked, or striped with subtle colours.

Along with your outfit, looking presentable also comes with your hair, smell, shaving, and your smile. So if you start with a sharp look on your first day, try making it a normal thing.


3. Co-workers are wearing ties

During your interview, you might have seen what the employees are wearing. From there, you can think of what you’re going to wear on your first day at work. If you saw them wearing a suit and tie, then you also should. However, you might still want to check with the human resources team regarding the right outfit.

Meanwhile, being overdressed on your first day at work is much better than being underdressed. Although people might look at you differently, it’s okay since they know that it’s your first day at work.

4. To look confident

Want to look confident on your first day at work? Then start the rest of your career with a great outfit. A perfect fit of suit paired with a great tie and shoes will make you look as if you’re the perfect match for the job you’ve just got.

You see, the first impression is about the clothes you wear and the way you talk. Of course, you still need to follow the appropriate dress code, but you should also include your personality with it. If you’re a guy who loves pastel shirts, then there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s not prohibited.


5. Just to dress-up

As mentioned before, it’s not a problem if you want to look nice on your first day at work. It’s just similar to when you want to put an effort into wearing better clothes. However, if you already have some nice men’s ties, shirts, and suits, you shouldn’t bother buying more.

Furthermore, keep in mind that it’s a work thing, so it’s better if you don’t spend too much until you get your salary. In addition, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching your current clothes as long as they look good on you.

6. It’s a classic

Men’s ties are the classic addition to your regular suit. Moreover, they’re neutral accessories that you can use whenever you want to. They’re just like the other timeless pieces like briefcases and watches that can be worn on regular and special occasions.

Ties are also the ideal piece that can make everyone look professional. Even if your office only requires smart casual outfits, you shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing a tie.

Have you seen the movie The Internet, starring Robert de Niro (as Ben) and Anne Hathaway (as Jules)? It’s about the friendship of Ben, a senior Intern, and Jules, the CEO of the company. At first, people have been talking about the classic look of Ben since he’s always wearing a suit and tie. But later on, they started to appreciate it, and also tried wearing the classic look.


7. It means you have a spare time

On your first day at work, make sure that you come to the office early. That way, even if you look fantastic with your outfit, people won’t think that you’re late because you spent a lot of your time figuring out what to wear.

Instead, they would think that you’ve prepared for your first day at work, and you still have some spare time to come in earlier than expected.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t just look good but also feel good. Yes, it’s understandable that you’re nervous and excited, but taking a goodnight’s sleep should also be on your list. You don’t want to mess up the first task they’ll give you on your first day just because you want to look good.


Now that you have enough good reasons why you should wear a tie on your first day at work, then it’s time to choose the right one. Don’t forget to share with us how it went, by leaving a comment below!


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