Few Tips to Install Parking Lot Lights for Any Kind of Businesses


Have you thought about switching to the LED parking lot for your lighting in your business premises? Significant advantages include increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance costs, and the ability to provide clients a better first impression. 

What lighting will be the best for your parking lots? 

Parking lots and garages all around the country once frequently used High-Intensity Discharge lighting technologies e.g.

  • Metal halide
  • High-pressure sodium
  • Mercury vapor. 

Shopping malls, auto shops, and parking garages still frequently have these parking lot light fixtures. It is still a good parking lot light. Let us examine the best option for general outdoor lighting, parking garage illumination, and commercial parking lots.

LED Light Expert believes lighting is a relationship business and they are committed to building your trust with their every LED parking lot light.

For the protection of your property and your staff, it is essential to install lighting in your parking lot. Even after working late into the night, you want them to know that they are safe.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when installing new parking lot lights. Here are a few pointers for installing parking lot lights that can benefit your business for many years to come.

  • Find the right fixtures

Parking lots are not all created equally. Each one poses a unique set of obstacles in terms of its sizes, forms, levels, and lighting requirements.

You must choose the appropriate fixtures for the job if you want your LED parking lot lights to be as successful as possible for any kind of business. By doing this, you can make sure the lighting is efficient and only illuminates the space you require, no more and no less.

There are numerous options for parking lot lighting fixtures. You might require metal halide lights, low bays, high bays, wall packs, HID ballast lights, floodlights, or HID ballast lights. Maybe a mix of all six is what you need!

You may cut costs on this project as much as possible by picking the right fixtures. The usefulness of the parking lot lighting will not be compromised, though. Make sure to take potential needs for your Hattiesburg, MS business into account.

  • Assess the parking lot as-it-is

You should evaluate your present demands before making a significant investment and installing a lot of lights around your parking lot. Only by evaluating the lot as it is right now will you be able to accomplish that.

During this stage of the process, there are numerous distinct things to take into account. You must first gauge the size of the parking lot. Draw a layout if your property has more than one level.

Second, keep an eye out for anything that can interfere with the parking lot lights you install, like trees, bushes, and dips. Is there another fixture you could place around that obstruction to improve the lighting?

Next, consider the ideal distance between the poles. Calculate two items if a standard 20-foot LED light pole can cover a space that is 40 feet wide and 20 feet just in front of it.

Determine how many light poles you will need to successfully cover your parking lot first. Second, determine the appropriate distance between each of them by measuring.

  • Use transition lights

On a sunny day, have you ever had trouble seeing inside a parking garage? It takes the human eye a few seconds to adjust to new lighting.

However, if the individual pulling into the garage does not see a car that is pulling out, those brief moments could potentially turn into a risk for your car accident. Fortunately, you may install transition lights at the entrances as well as exits of your parking lot.

These practical lights are intended to aid drivers in adjusting to the brightness of your new LED lighting from the light (or lack thereof) outside. They assure the safety of almost everyone as they enter or exit your parking lot, avoiding accidents in the process.

  • Eradicate dark corners

Many businesses make the error of neglecting to install lighting in the back corner of the parking lot. They believe that there is no need to erect light posts around the back corners because no one parks there.

The opposite can also be true and could not also be more so. In fact, leaving dark places and not installing energy-efficient lighting bulbs around them could attract unethical or criminal conduct.

Installing parking lot lights will serve both as a source of illumination and as a security measure. Make sure your parking lot is completely covered to deter crime after business hours.

  • Set a Budget

Setting a budget for your parking lot lighting requirements should come first, just like with any other improvements you have made to the property of your business. As soon as the LED lighting fixtures are installed, this will guarantee that you stay positive.

More significantly, it will guide you in choosing the best retailer. Integrity-driven lighting firms will assist you in getting all the fixtures and installation you require at the appropriate cost.

They will keep their attention on what is crucial: the security of your business, and they will not just try to sell you something you do not need.

  • Consider the signage

Where your lighting will align with your signs is a crucial factor that many businesses overlook. It is critical that directional signage is visible day and night for both customers and staff. You must therefore ensure that your signage is compatible with LED illumination.

Ensure that your signs are positioned correctly and are constructed of materials that will not glare when the sun shines on them.

The experts from LED Light Expert will conduct an audit when you choose to work with your parking lighting system to identify current foot candle values, the ideal lumen levels, and the proper placement of your lighting fixtures that will provide safety and security to you and also for your employees and customers at night.

In case you need any assistance to design your lighting system you may contact the professionals of LED Light Expert.


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