Few Design Ideas for Small-Sized Pool for Your Home


Small inground pools are currently gaining a lot of popularity worldwide, including metropolitan locations, coastal and resort areas. In addition to being utilised for a brief dip on a hot day, small pools are also sometimes referred to as plunge pools or splash pools and can be used for treatment or exercise.

What exactly constitutes a tiny pool? Anything that is smaller than 200 square feet or 10,000 gallons is what we believe to be the culprit.

You can get small-sized swimming pools made by Compass Pools Australia for your home that will be quite durable and worth considering for your home if there are any space constraints.

Small pool ideas about shape and design

While circular pools have a more rustic appeal, elongated rectangles can offer a pool a contemporary or Mediterranean atmosphere. The style you are going for can be enhanced by design elements e.g. tiling and even concrete stamping, many of which you will see here.

Once you have decided on your pool’s design, don’t forget to include elements that enhance the atmosphere, such as patio furniture, plants in pots, and pool floats.

So, if you are thinking about increasing the cool quotient of your outdoor space, let these small pool ideas make a big splash and inspire you. Let us discuss briefly 5 popular small-sized pools in this post.

  • Cedar siding

Since it will allow you to swim laps without a big pool, an endless pool is a fantastic tiny pool idea. This above-ground model has a sturdy concrete foundation and lovely cedar shake cladding all around for a zen-like atmosphere.

  • Privacy screen

When looking for a small pool solution, a stock tank is the best option available. This one has a wooden deck that has been modified and is tailored to match the circular shape properly. A zen-inspired artificial bamboo wall adds the ideal amount of seclusion.

  • Plunge pool

Regardless of your size of the backyard, this mini plunge pool from Plunge Plus is big enough to keep you cool during the hot summer months. 

This rectangular structure is placed next to a sizable patio that has lots of space for entertaining. Lacking in space? Reduce the area of the next patio to create a small dip.

  • Pergola paradise

Remember to include a relaxing area to lounge in the list of tiny pool ideas. You may still relax by your pool in luxury, no matter how small it is. The pergola and outdoor couch put up next to this tiny pool have us completely smitten.

  • Tiny round pool

One of the favourite tiny pool designs is a circular pool. The design immediately conjures up images of a soothing hot tub, and because everyone is facing one another, it encourages social interaction. 

The DCLA yard’s tiny round pool is the ideal place to cool yourself on any hot summer day by not taking up too much room.

The river rock walkways and untreated wood patio furniture contrast with the utilitarian shape and cement of the building. The end effect is a serene and refreshing location for some light sunbathing.


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