Features You Should Know About Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

The mobile app is one of the biggest reasons for the rapid growth in the eCommerce market. An eCommerce mobile apps make it easy for the store admin to sell and customers to buy the product.

The shopping app is considered a necessary extension for the website. Because it helps to increase the sales and revenue of the eCommerce store. Furthermore, it also helps the eCommerce merchant to improve the shopping experience of their customers.

The Magento 2 mobile app builder helps the store merchant to integrate the mobile app with your eCommerce store. The Magento 2 mobile app creator by Knowband consists of several features that help the store owner easily create mobile apps.

Magento 2 Mobile Apps Features

Easy to Use Admin Panel

The Magento 2 mobile app maker consists of an easy-to-use admin panel. The changes can be made with the help of a few mouse tweaks and drag and drop functionality. The store merchant can also easily change the look and feel of the Android and iOS app home screens by changing banners, images, logos, layouts, colors, fonts, etc.

Improved Checkout

The availability of an easy checkout option is very important for the end customers. Users want to experience a less complicated checkout process so that they can purchase with ease.

By removing the unnecessary details, the store admin can encourage customers to shop frequently from the Android and iOS apps. Moreover, the customer can save their details in the Magento 2 mobile app. So, they don’t have to enter the same information every time they come into the shopping app.

Multiple Payment And Shipping Methods

Safety and security are the priority of nearly all the customers who come to the mobile app. So, they don’t want to share their credit or debit card data with others. The Magento 2 mobile app maker takes care of that and provides a trustworthy transaction option to the users.

The Magento 2 eCommerce mobile app consists of popular payment gateways such as PayPal and COD. The Store admin can also add all the payment and shipping options available on the website by accessing the plugin backend.

Push Notifications

Once the users have seen the notification on their smartphone, they tend to react immediately. So, you need to regularly update your customers regarding new orders, sales, updates, or any other important events. The Magento 2 mobile app can also help you to regularly engage your customers in the shopping app.

Customer Interaction

The Magento 2 mobile app maker allows the store admin to easily interact with customers. The eCommerce merchant can answer users’ queries 24*7 by connecting them with WhatsApp and Zopim chat features.

Conclusion –

Now, you know various features from which your business can benefit. If you want to build your mobile app, you need to select a Magento 2 mobile app creator that can satisfy your customer’s needs. With Knowband, the Magento 2 mobile app builder, you can simply create an attractive Android and iOS app without learning coding skills.

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