Fascinating Finance-Generating Mobile App Ideas 2021


Rapid change has affected the world. Mobile apps are gaining prominence as users seek speed, simplicity, and convenience. The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has forced people toward doorstep delivery. The Mobile App Development Company Newyork seizes this opportunity to provide on-demand apps to their customers. The below-mentioned paragraph offers some numeric figures to justify such app demands.

A 2020 review by Statista has revealed that the apps can generate a revenue of 188.9 billion USD through in-app advertisements and app stores. Therefore, these on-demand apps shoot the business economy with goodwill for the community. Statistics prove that a single on-demand service was used by 86.5 million Americans. The on-demand app development sector obtained service from 45 million US citizens. The on-demand services collect about $57.6 billion of revenue from 22.4 million users each year.

Mobile Apps That Are On-Demand

Traveling Apps That Are On-Demand

Traveling apps came into the spotlight with service providers like Airbnb and Uber. Everyone prefers to reach on time in this rapid living era. Hence both, the logistics and transportation industries seized this opportunity to succeed in their profession. Taxi transport apps like Uber, Careem, or Lyft are some of the on-demand travel apps. With a vast diversity within the travel industry, the traveling apps are being opted by buses, e-scooters, and even bicycles. Thus, individuals who prefer or need to travel distances can use these apps to meet their requirements at cheaper rates. The travel apps like Uber can provide the user with GPS navigation, live traffic feed, ride reschedules, hassle-and-cost-free ride cancellation, etc.

Apps For Medicine Delivery

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced normal human life toward indoor imprisonment. The character of the virus has left society with no choice but to avoid closure. But, this “problem” has opened up new doors for app developers to use their skillsets. Sick people cannot afford proper medication in these turbulent times. Thus, new prescription delivery start-ups have emerged to tackle this difficult situation. For instance, the prescription delivery apps like the Uber for medicine app helps people to purchase and obtain the medicines they need. Hence, sick patients can still receive their vital medications and essential treatments despite the prevailing pandemic.

Apps To Support On-Demand Fashion Needs

Office works can be unpredictable and can keep one busy from purchasing a dress for the spouse. Fortunately, fashion apps can help to deal with this situation in a peaceful manner. They can help to place final-minute orders from their one-stop fashion destination. The eCommerce app development sector like Amazon can provide a range of fashion trends to choose from for their customers. According to Statista, about 42% of the shoppers prefer to shop over the Internet and the number appears to be growing. The inclusion of additional features like push notifications, shopping cart, and payment system can also help to improve the app.

Apps To Offer On-Demand Health Services

The gradual passage of time foresees individuals become increasingly health-conscious. However, their busy schedules keep them from attending meditation sessions or visiting the gym. But, since their smartphones are their constant companion, the health apps can benefit the users. Aspirants can also hope to develop apps that provide doctor consultation. These apps can also help to purchase medication or offer detailed information on diseases. App developers can also design meditation apps or apps that deal with the health and fitness regime. These health app business concepts can not only generate higher revenue but can popularize the brand identity.

Apps That Offer On-Demand Plumbing Services

A plumbing app can be a fresh and new addition in the app stores since there are hardly any. These apps can replace contacting plumbers over phone calls or gathering paper invoices. As a fresh addition to the app store, the plumbing apps can gain high demand from the customers. These apps can be designed to measure and calculate the water flow strength or provide information on the pipes. The plumbing service apps can also test the various systems and offer optimum results. The on-demand plumbing services app can also help to fetch a plumber and even rate their work on the app.

Apps To Offer On-Demand Mechanics Requirements

There has been an increase in the demand for car repair apps in recent times. Cars are a valuable travel medium as people visit various destinations with their vehicles. But, there are locations where obtaining a car mechanic can be hard, not to mention impossible. Hence, the on-demand mechanics app can prove to be a handy savior in these unwelcome circumstances.

Apps That Provide On-Demand Plant Delivery Services

Various scientific evidence suggests that houseplants do not just eradicate unhealthy toxins but can also decrease stress. Rather, workplaces and offices that contain plants revealed a 15% increase in productivity. But purchasing the proper plant to suit the office or residence can be troublesome mainly in urban locations. Hence, such a need has skyrocketed the demand for websites and apps that sell plants. These online stores contain a vast range of plant species to choose from for customers. Thus, the demand for on-demand plant delivery services is growing. Read also Polar UK London Legal And General

Apps That Meet On-Demand Beauty Needs

According to statistical data, a woman spends a whopping $3756 a year to meet their beauty requirements. An owner of a fairly operating beauty business service can opt to choose an app. Doing so can enable them to earn higher profits and a business executive can obtain a profit-promising business model. The modern-day working women have less time to spend over salons to decorate themselves. Hence, an on-demand beauty app can help to meet their requirement from the comfort of their home.

Apps That Help To Meet House Cleaning Requirements

The present families are busy in their professions and regular chores that they lack the time to clean their house. In such circumstances, the house cleaning apps can help to meet the demand of their customers. Irrespective of the person/s dwelling like children or elders, these house-cleaning services are reliable. The workers are expert professionals (yes, even in-house cleaning) and they provide quality service.

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Apps That Offer Dog-Walking Services

Dogs can be a great addition to any family as long as they do not need to be taken for long walks. The regular busy schedules of most people make them question whether or not they should have a pet. The dog walking service app is about to change all of that. Reports indicate that about 63.4 million Americans own a dog that can increase with time. The dog-walking app services can meet the needs of their customers.

Apps To Offer On-Demand Laundry Services

According to the statistical data provided by Statista, the laundry care business will earn a profit of $76,300 million in the year 2020 with an expected annual growth rate of 4%. The present lifestyle and the work culture are increasing the importance of these on-demand services.

Apps That Provide On-Demand Video Streaming

The advent of video streaming started with Amazon Prime and Netflix that has been growing ever since. As per Statista, by 2021, video streaming services are expected to generate $71,237 million. With simple internet connectivity and a periodic subscription, people can enjoy their favorite shows anytime and anywhere. These video streaming apps enable the subscribers to list their favorites and download them. The subscribing viewers can enjoy them according to their convenience.

Mobile App in E-learning That Are On-Demand

The e-learning apps can help students to study in these lockdown periods. These e-learning resources have changed the face of education and have also formed a market demand.

Mobile App That Facilitate On-Demand Flight Booking

The on-demand flight booking app can enable the user to skip over travel agent expenses. They can book their flight tickets from anywhere and anytime through an internet connection.

Apps That Offer On-Demand Ride-Sharing Features

People who travel long distances can avoid lengthy queues with a ride-sharing app. These ride-sharing apps directly connect the user with the client. Hence, they can discuss the transportation rates over direct phone calls.

Apps that facilitate on-demand doctor booking

The on-demand doctor booking app can help the user to connect with a professional health practitioner. The user or patient can use live videos, voice calls or even phone calls to communicate their issues with the doctor. The doctors can interact with their patients over direct communication and prescribe medications.

Payment wallet mobile app on-demand

Start-up firms can opt for payment wallet on-demand services that guarantee user security among other unique features. These apps can enable their users to undergo financial transactions over their smart devices.

Car wash mobile app on demand

Every car owner has to schedule their car washing tenures now and then as their vehicle needs them. An on-demand car wash app can enable the owners to fix a time over their smartphones.

E-learning Mobile App On-Demand 

The present Covid-19 situation has placed students behind locked doors. So, how can they complete their syllabus? The e-learning apps can prove to be a probable solution to this problem. Education digitization is crucial in this pandemic situation. These e-learning apps have placed a market demand while improving the education delivery system. Certain additional features can also be added into the e-learning app like video calls, hiring of tutors, and tutorial video uploads.

App owners can hire full-time developers to meet the vast and ever-growing needs of their customers.


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