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Farmtrac 60

Farmtrac is a tractor manufacturing unit by the prestigious escort group, the pioneer company. It is the leading agricultural automobile company and has been ruling the market for the last 60 years. Their benchmark is the quality of the tractors manufactured by them. Farmtrac is one of the three baby companies by Escort Group. The company is made truly for the Indian customer base, the reason being just like the diversity in India, they have a vast variety in tractors in both terms of pricing as well as horsepower. The price range is set in such a manner that it covers all levels of the agricultural automobile market, the most basic model starts from just 4,00,000 lakh and the price range goes up to 12,50,000 lakh Rs. And in terms of horsepower, the range starts from 22 hp and goes up to 80 hp, providing a tractor for all area levels of fields.


We know that you may have been having confusion regarding the exact tractor you want to buy from the company farmtrac, therefore we have made a list of the top 7 tractors by farmtrac along with their prices features and horsepower, to reduce your confusion and help you in making the right choice. 


List of top 7 tractors by Farmtrac:


  1. Farmtrac  6055:


Starting the list with the ultimate ace of the full-length tractor range, Farmtrac 6055 which comes with a PTO Hp of 51HP along with 5000 hours or a 5-year warranty by the most reliable company in India Farmtrac. It can lift up to 2500 kg of weight, has a wheel drive of 2WD and the engine has an RPM of 2200. The clutch-type of Farmtrac 6055 is an independent type. Forward and reverse speed is 2.4 – 34.3 kmph and 3.4 – 15.5 kmph respectively. It is suitable for heavy-duty tasks and goes well on large farm fields, along with this it can be very useful for both on and off-road activities.


HP: 60HP


Price: Starts from Rs.7,80,000 lakh and goes up to 8,10,000 lakh


Lifting Capacity: 2500 Kg


Gearbox: 20


  1. Farmtrac 60 power Maxx:


The Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 work vehicle in India 2022 is the most popular and generally perceived in the field of information and sound farm vehicles. Farmtrac work vehicles address a wide scope of farm trucks with elite execution and fantastic productivity. The productivity of the Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 motor in this work vehicle is 55 hp. what’s more, PTO hp as N.A. The work vehicle has 16F + 4R pinion wheels and oil brakes.


The Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 in India is a superior presentation and strong work vehicle with oil shower slows down that can forestall crashes and mishaps. The work vehicle is strong and adaptable in numerous applications. It has a retractable organization association for a smooth and quick activity. It has strong 16F + 4R gearboxes to increment motor power. The Farmtrac 60 price in India in 2022 will be between Rs.8,68,000 to Rs.9,42,000. It is not difficult to utilize and has awesome productivity. The Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 in India is likewise great in 2021, better execution is normal in 2022. The motor can produce 2000 rpm.


HP: 55 HP


Price: Starting from Rs 8,20,000 lakh and goes up to  Rs.9,50,000 lakh


Lifting Capacity: 2500 KG


Gearbox: 20 16 Forward AND 4 Reverse


  1. Farmtrac  45 smart:


Next up we have the ace of the smart tractors, Farmtrac 45 smart, with a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years. The brakes installed in this tractor is Multi-plate oil immersion disc brakes which are the latest technology kind that can prevent any sort of accident and ensure the safety of its users and drivers. Plus the fact that this tractor is filled with much appreciated high and latest, it has 10 gearboxes 8 forward + 2 reverse. Can lift up to 18000 kg. If you are looking for a kind of tractor which is a money-saver as well as filled with the latest features.


HP: 48


Price: starts from Rs.6,30,000 lakh goes to Rs. 6,65,000 lakh.


Lifting Capacity: 1800 kg


Gearbox: 10, 8 forward and 2 reverse


  1. Farmtrac 50 PowerMaxxt20:


Next up we have Farmtrac 50 EPI Power Maxx which comes with a superb kmph forward seed and oil-immersed brakes which are installed as a surety for safety on road and preventing any sort of accident on roads providing a great deal of control to the driver, the steering type is smooth balanced and power steering, can hold 60-litre fuel which will ensure long working hours on the farm without any disturbance so that you can work on your farm peacefully without any worry. If you are looking for a kind of tractor that can solve all your major farming needs as well as transportation needs all at once Farmtrac 50 EPI Power Maxx is made just for you and is the answer for all of your concerns.


HP: 50HP


Price: Starts from Rs.6,50,000 and goes up to Rs. 6,90,000


Lifting Capacity: 1800 kg


Gearbox: 8 forward plus 2 reverse


  1. Farmtrac 50 power Maxx:


The all-rounder value for money Farmtrac 50 power Maxx is the best tractor packed with the latest features strong and yet stylish body it comes with the famous farmtrac company assurance and engines are known for their fuel efficiency, which is achieved because the tractor is light weighted but is strong built quality. It has the most famous and popular steering type, balanced powered steering type, oil-immersed brakes which is best when it comes to safety because the oil-immersed brakes make the functioning of the tractor smooth while ensuring safety, preventing any sort of accident both on the field as well as on the road both at the same time.


HP: 50HP


Price: starts from Rs. 7,00,000 lakh and goes up to Rs.8,00,000


Lifting Capacity: 1800kg


Gearbox: 10


  1. Farmtrac 6080 x pro:


Another pioneer tractor from Farmtrac is the Farmtrac 6080 x pro the ultimate pro of tractors with a massive horsepower of 80HP, 4 cylinders providing huge fuel capacity, a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years. The Multi-plate Oil immersed disc brakes to ensure safety and smooth functioning of the tractor on any land surface, any kind of land. Has a massive number of 24 gearboxes 12 on the front and 12 on the back.


HP: 80


Price: starts from 11,70,000 lakh and goes up to 12,50,000 lakh


Lifting Capacity: 2500 kg


Gearbox: 24 12 forward 12 reverse


  1. Farmtrac Champion XP 44:


Last but definitely not the least Farmtrac Champion xp 44 is a 44 hp tractor which can hold up to 1800 kg of weight has options when it comes to the clutch which is dual or single clutch, 10 gears 8 forward and 2 reverse. It is suitable for all your heavy-duty tasks on the field as well as loading stuff and transportation from one place to another and is a total value of money product.


HP: 44hp


Price: 6,10,000 lakh onwards.


Lifting Capacity: 1800 kg


Gearbox: 10



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