Family Activities That’ll Enhance Love, Learning, and Growth


The more time we spend with family, the closer we tend to become. Given today’s hectic lifestyles, bonding with one another sometimes feels impossible. It can be advantageous to have designated activities where the sole focus is being together. Some fall into a rut and begin repeatedly selecting the same pursuits. Exploring unfamiliar interests removes us from our comfort zones and forces us to see the world and others in new and enlightening ways. If you’ve been struggling to come up with unique ideas that your brood ought to enjoy, here are a few worth considering.

Research Family Ancestry

The more we learn about where we come from, the better we understand each other and ourselves. It wasn’t that long ago that our ability to piece together the past was far more limited. We relied on pictures and stories to paint an ancestral picture. Today, technology makes the discovery of information concerning family trees much simpler. Jump online as a familial unit and sign up with a service that unearths facts about bloodlines. Combing through the 1950 census records, for instance, has the potential to uncover revelations thought to be lost forever. Discover valuable nuggets of information, such as who lived at specific residences, their occupations, and what they earned.

Some tools also supply general information about specific eras, such as how much items used to cost. Put both classes of data into a scrapbook for posterity. Children thrive on the artistic challenges of designing page layouts and accenting borders with visual touches. Let them handle these responsibilities while you helm the tasks of intense research and mounting fragile photos. Once complete, you’ll have a keepsake that can be proudly displayed forever, providing a loving reminder of everything you’ve dug up. Future generations will be thankful for your having put together this unique keepsake.

Share what you’ve learned with friends and acquaintances. Your tale may spur them to undertake a similar project. Once they do, invite them over for dinner, during which they may reciprocate by sharing their ancestry with you.

Try Escape Rooms

Are you familiar with this modern craze? If not, perhaps it’s time you opened your mind to it. Anyone who craves puzzles is likely to become a fan. Small groups are put into elaborately designed spaces and given a time limit to find their way out. Although participants are locked inside, this is only to enhance the theatricality. Staffers are watching, listening, and in constant contact, so it’s easy to get out if you experience an emergency.

With a fictional premise established, the clock begins ticking. Players must start exploring the environment. As they begin looking and touching, clues are likely to reveal themselves. If none are detected, hints may be requested or will suddenly appear. Participants sometimes need to unlock a box using a set code. A hidden key might grant access to an otherwise inaccessible room. These are only a handful of examples of what you might encounter. Cooperation is an essential ingredient, making this an ideal team-building exercise.

Though often pricey, you’ll likely find the cost of admission worthwhile. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in.

Explore Unusual Museums

If you’re under the impression that museums only display dry history and artwork that’s centuries old, think again. There are all sorts of galleries devoted to unusual topics. For example, the Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts, shines a light on the classic children’s author. Offbeat exhibits include the International Spy Museum in Washington, The Santa Claus Museum in Columbus, Texas, and the Military Aviation Museum in Vermont which has many affordable places to stay such as westin richmond. Whatever interests your offspring, it’s likely there’s a spot they’ll want to check out. When your destination is far away, plan a weekend getaway, with your visit to the museum as the centerpiece of the voyage.

Exhibitors are often mindful that many of their guests are juveniles. They take extra pains to accommodate younger attendees, crafting particular elements to reach little minds. Museums these days are also significantly more interactive than in the past. Kids adore putting their hands all over the touchscreens they now commonly offer. Particular galleries rent portable listening devices that serve as virtual guides. After inputting numbers that appear in specific locations, an audio clip plays, giving insight into what the guest is seeing. Some of these gadgets have parallel audio tours aimed at youth. Parents can listen to both should they wish, granting an opportunity for adults and children to discuss what they’re learning.

Of course, zoos and aquariums are natural standbys. Before heading out the door, confirm that the institution where you’re heading will be open when you arrive. Bring snacks and toys to smooth over cranky moments.

Enjoy Creative Exercise

America suffers from an obesity epidemic. One aspect of solving the problem involves exercise. Squeezing aerobic activity into one’s schedule can be as tricky as carving out hours for family time. Combining the two makes it easier to achieve both. Kids need to become healthier, as well. The opportunity to spend time with parents is often enough of an incentive to get them moving.

There are plenty of choices apart from traditional workout sessions. Explore out-of-the-box ideas, such as throwing an indoor dance party. Enhance the dance floor with multicolored lights and a fog machine. Create a playlist of age-appropriate music in advance, or tune into your favorite kid-friendly internet radio station. Serve healthy snacks, like a vegetable tray with low-fat dressing, to refill bellies after boogying down.

Learning karate, having a hula hoop competition, and tossing the Frisbee around are alternatives to sweaty gyms that’ll get children exercising without their noticing. Don’t forget the excitement of white water rafting, the joy of bowling, the laughs that come with playing hide and seek, or the wonder inherent in nature hikes.

For extra satisfaction, have everyone wear watches that record health data. Once the activity is complete, compare heartbeats per minute and congratulate whoever claims the record.

Adopt a Loving Pet

A growing body of research shows that being around animals is good for the mind, body, and soul. Inviting an animal into your family blesses you with these advantages. Boys and girls are usually thrilled with the notion of owning a puppy or kitten. Stipulate that they must agree to handle related chores, such as feeding and bathing. Tasking kids with these types of responsibilities helps prepare them for adulthood.

Teaching dogs fun tricks is a project the entire clan can get behind. With everyone taking turns incentivizing the desired behavior, it’ll be no time before Fido is performing impressive stunts. Pet ownership, however, isn’t limited to kitties and doggies. Reptiles offer a world of possibilities, including chameleons, bearded dragons, and snakes. When it comes to insects, there are tarantulas, scorpions, and praying mantids. Research the proper way to care for the creature you want before bringing one home.

Set aside funds ahead of bringing a nonhuman family member into your home. You’ll need enough cash to handle the cost of food, veterinary treatments, and other essentials.

Families have endless options for spending time together and strengthening their bonds. Many cost little and are low on commitment. Begin scheduling activities at regular intervals, and note the positive impact of your newfound engagement. In due time, everyone will begin looking forward to these special moments.


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