Exploring Trending Western Wear for Women in Contemporary Fashion


Fashion trends evolve with time, offering a variety of styles and colors. For women who want the contemporary flair of Western wear, the scenario is ever changing, presenting opportunities to express individuality and confidence.

Today’s Western fashion is a sassy fusion of classic elements with modern silhouettes and playful details. Let’s explore the hottest trend galloping its way into the spotlight: Western clothes for women with a contemporary twist.

Denim Done Different: Beyond the Blue Jeans

Denim remains a cornerstone of Western style. But it’s evolving beyond the classic blue jeans. Think high waisted flares with a subtle bootcut. It’s perfect for pairing with tucked in blouses or cute crop tops.

For a bolder statement, try denim skirts with a frayed hem, or go all in with a Canadian tuxedo – a denim on denim combo that’s both trendy and effortlessly cool.

Denim Inspiration

Channel your inner fashion icon with a denim jumpsuit. Or pair a high waisted denim skirt with a flowy floral blouse for a chic yet casual brunch look.

Boot Scootin’ Boots: A Must Have for Every Cowgirl

A western ensemble is incomplete without the perfect pair of boots. Go for sleek ankle booties with a Western inspired pointed toe or subtle embroidery. Knee high boots with a slight slouch are another hot pick, adding a touch of edgy sophistication to dresses or skirts.

Boot Inspiration

You can also rock a pair of snakeskin ankle boots with a flowy midi dress. For a more classic vibe, go for knee high boots and a tailored blazer dress.

Top it Off in Style: A Roundup of Trendy Tops

When it comes to tops, go for textures and patterns that evoke a Western spirit. Here are some hot picks:

  • Western Shirts

Classic snap button Western shirts in chambray or denim are a must have. Play with proportions – try a relaxed fit for a casual look, or tuck a fitted shirt into high waisted jeans for a more polished vibe.

  • Graphic Tees

Give your Western look a playful twist with a graphic tee featuring vintage inspired Western imagery or bandanas.

  • Cropped Tops

Show a little midriff with a cute cropped top in a fun western print or a flowy, bohemian style.

Create unique looks that reflect your individuality and confidence. With these hot picks, you can rule Western fashion, turn heads, and make a statement wherever you go. In case you want to buy tops for women online, check out The United Colors of Benetton collection.

Choose Graphic Tees This Time!

Western wear isn’t just about rugged denim and boots. It’s also about embracing your playful side. Graphic tees featuring vintage inspired Western motifs, bandanas with playful prints, or statement belts with concho details are all fantastic ways to add a touch of Western whimsy to your everyday outfits.

Mix and match! Pair this vintage inspired desert scene tee with a cute midi skirt and ankle boots, or channel your inner rockstar with a graphic tee, ripped denim shorts, and a cool leather jacket. Let them do the work!

The Finishing Touches

The right accessories can elevate your Western look. Think of statement hats like fedoras or wide brimmed sun hats in neutral tones. For a touch of boho chic, add a layered turquoise necklace or a pair of vintage inspired earrings.

Don’t forget your trusty belt. A chunky concho belt or a plain leather strap with a statement buckle can add the finishing touch.

Accessory Inspiration

Make a bold statement the Western way. Pair a loud broad hat and layered necklace with a flowy maxi dress for a show stopping look. Go for a more minimalist approach with a simple leather belt and statement earrings to add a touch of West Coast to your outfit.

Go For Benetton Clothing: Your One Stop Shop for Modern Western Fashion

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. Go for the United Colors of Benetton collection. It offers a curated selection of contemporary Western clothes that allows you to flaunt summer wear in style.

They have everything you need to create a look that’s uniquely you. Head to your nearest UCB store or browse its online collection today and discover the world of modern Western fashion.


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