Exploring The Components Of Video Game Translation

video game translation

Video game translation services have become significant with a whopping number of more than 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. It further generated revenue of around $110 billion in the recent year. This number is only increasing with every passing day and getting bigger than ever. There are video games available globally, but many of these lack the components that are required in a game that has to be there to fetch more users and the public. A video game should have that global appeal to compel users to download it all over the world. Using professional gaming translation services, the optimization of apps and games is much easier and more convenient.

Components of video game translation 

The video game and gaming translation is quite technical and asks for a team with extraordinary expertise. Also, the translator should be competent enough to understand the technical process of how it works and what it requires.

Here are some of the technical factors that are important to go through for the video game translation companies so that they know the process and can track the progress of their project.

Video game dialogue translation

Video game dialogues are an integral part of video game translation services. A team of professional and competent translators can get through the translation of the video game dialogue professionally. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only a community of profound game testers can get the data and content skillfully. Additionally, translators not only need to be good and specialized in linguistics rather they have to analyze the game dialogue for semantic meaning, tone, and prose.

In-game buttons, menus, and tutorial

There is a lot of content that is available in-game and requires translation. The right localization team understands well that game development requires a lot more. A good user experience can further fetch more users making it possible to boost the download and sales eventually. Its grammar should also be impeccable. The translators understand well how the in-game menus, tutorials, and overlays are translated into the native language of targeted audiences.

Video game string translation

The video game should be developed and integrated in a way that it can handle the text, numbers, currency files, and graphics in an appropriate way. It should be according to the target masses where the game is being downloaded. The strings of the app or game have their separate function. These display elements of the user interface and make the information accessible during the functioning.

App and gaming description and translation

Gaming translation services include the content and translation of product details and descriptions. App production is a definition of a product that has been optimize by the app store. The right optimization on the app store can bring an enormous amount of organic traffic and a plethora of downloads for the mobile app. There are several components and elements that affect the success of the product. Moreover, product description is undoubtedly important of all.

SEO content and its translation

The localization of a video game is not easy. Translation of an app or video game is a hectic task. The right and effective localization of SEO content can make the video game a success overnight. For good optimization, it is important that the video game includes the terms, words, and behavior of the relevant target audience. It is always better to add the famous terms and keywords that are common in that particular region. This helps to reach more audiences and better optimization.

Advertising and marketing content translation

Advertising and marketing content is a primary part of the gaming translation. These are significant to create awareness and build a brand. It is also important for recognition across the globe, and particularly for the target audience. For the foreign audience, linguistic and cultural aspects are imperative to be understood well. It is always better to plan prior to the launch of a project so that the offensive comments or other embarrassing problems resolve.

User review translation

This is of foremost importance to know what users and gamers think of a video game or product. Many developers often ignore the fact and influence the feedback forms and messages hold. Users these days always go for reviews and feedback before making a purchase online. Hence, the users before downloading the video games go for the users’ reviews and find it an authentic and trustworthy option before spending their money on the product or game.

Audio files

Video games also contain main audio files that also require interpretation as per the language requirements of the target audiences. This is extremely technical. It requires the interpretation and placement of the audio files in the game. Besides that, it also involves the developers and their expertise. A game that is in the English language can not contain the files in the English language when being localized for the Chinese masses. It would need interpretation in Mandarin, so going for Chinese interpreters could be the best idea.

Final words

Gaming translation and mobile apps and other products are quite technical when it comes to translation and localization. The whole process has many steps that demand a competent and experienced team. The video game translation involves the translation of in-game buttons, audio files, advertising, and tutorial content that users always look for before downloading the game finally. Read More


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