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Custom candy boxes
Custom candy boxes

My father loves getting custom candy boxes for family members and friends whenever he goes for a world tour. As kids, we used to gather around the table and guess candy names inside these boxes. Today, my kids get as excited as we used to when my father returns from his tours. I am blessed to live across the lane from my parents’ home. As a single mother, it was a blessing for me. I can work and put in extra hours at the office without having to worry about my kids. Last night, my daughter Bess had to work on a project of listing down the favorite candies and candys from around the world. I asked her to recall the candies she had eaten from custom candy boxes before researching the same online. I wanted her to work on her recollection skills, and she did wonderfully.

Custom candy printed boxes my father bought for his family and friends were as eye-candy as the candys inside them. They were made of sturdy cardboard. I still use some boxes to store important documents of my kids in these boxes. They remind me of the yummy candys inside every time I look at them and make me crave more. The optical illusions created on these custom candy printed boxes using the Spot UV were eye-catching. The areas treated with Spot UV and the designs created with it remain visible even at night. So, we could figure out where the boxes were in the kitchen without turning on the lights. Many nights I have shared candies with my siblings under the dining table after sneaking into the kitchen.

What is inside the custom candy packaging boxes

These custom candy packaging boxes had special candy and candys from various regions of the world. Some included;

  1. Name of candy – White Rabbit

Country of origin – China
These are milk flavored toffee which are hard at first but turn extremely soft after sucking on them for a while. The first printed packaging of the candy had a Mickey Mouse instead of a rabbit.  The design was edited later.

  1. Name of candy – KitKat flavors

Country of origin – Japan

Japan provides more than three hundred flavors to its customers. Some flavors include;

  1. Apple
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Cherry blossom
  4. Green tea
  5. Pudding
  6. Sake
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Wasabi, etc.


  1. Name of candy – Rice candy

Country of origin – Japan

It has a hint of lime taste and is wrapped in an edible rice paper

  1. Name of candy – tamarind candy

Country of origin- Thailand

These candy, sour and savory candies are mouthwatering and readily available in Thailand. It tastes somewhat like a caramelized pear but not completely as it is sour and slightly chilly as well.

Apart from the mentioned candys chocolate mushrooms from Japan, flavored almonds from South Korea, and Mozart kugel from Austria is also very popular. They come in mesmerizing candy packaging boxes. The packaging industry all over the world has improved its game. Today the candy packaging boxes are cardboard-based and more beautiful than they were before.

Order the perfect custom candy boxes

It is good to get rid of plastic-based custom candy boxes and switch to cardboard-based custom boxes. It helps improve the health of our planet and save lives. Such options are ideal for green companies. If you are a candys and candies brand, check out the customized boxes at ClipnBox. This California-based company offers high-quality at affordable rates for business entities of all sizes. Confirm your orders at the soonest to enjoy further discounts.

Explore affordable, attractive and customizable custom candy boxes with ClipnBox today. Confirm orders NOW for great discounts and free shipping right away.

Expert custom cereal boxes manufacturer in the USA

We at ClipnBox, are a revered USA-based custom cereal boxes manufacturer. We know that more than half the population in America loves to eat cereal for breakfast. There are countless brands in cereals that target different potential customers. Because of this reason, packaging should be;

Attractive for the targeted potential markets
Unique to differentiate one brand from countless others

I used this packaging in packing various items including;

Cereal flakes
Chocolate bars and much more

It is important that the brands establish a powerful brand identity with their target market to compete in the mainstream markets online and offline and create memories in their mind. Printing brand identity elements like;

Brand name
Visual content
Slogan etc.

on these boxes will help strengthen this memory. This will lead to instant brand recollection.

So, what if you are a local brand? We provide cereal packaging solutions that come at par with the quality of large companies. Don’t forget to share the eye-candy pics of our cereal boxes online to tantalize the tastebuds of your potential buyers.

So what, if you know little about packaging and printing? We are here to guide you through;

Selecting the best stocks
Choosing the optimal color codes
Picking out the best layout
Creating the best visual content
Using the premium finishes and addons

Use options like EMBOSSING on all sizes of your cereal boxes, even the mini cereal boxes to make custom printed cereal boxes more attractive and flaunt your product boxes to your customers and knock out competitors.

Did you know that the seventh of March is the official National Cereal Day? Americans eat more than a hundred and sixty bowls/person annually. That, tells a lot about its popularity. Most of us opt for this breakfast because it is convenient. Cereal was also a favorite of our ancestors eight thousand years ago. Of course, they did not come in cereal printed boxes back then. But be careful of what you consume and how much you consume. Most cereal brands targeting children are full of sugar. According to one study, this industry uses more than eight hundred and sixteen pounds of sugar annually. Someone did not always call cereals. They were called granular and were invented in 1863 in America. Puffed cereal came much later around the twentieth century.

Importance of custom printed cereal boxes
We understand that cereal box packaging for a brand is
Its corporate reputation reflection to the world
It shows the quality of products
It shows the position of the brand in the industry
They associated it with your dedication to your business

The visual content and creative themes used on these boxes help in targeting the potential markets. Popular characters from children’s comics, books cartoons, and movies, etc. are printed on various printed cereal boxes targeting them. They kept these boxes on the shelves that are at the eye-level of kids.

Meanwhile, the cereal that is targeting weight-conscious customers has measuring tape, weighing scales, or other related visual elements printed on their boxes.

Cereal boxes with toy images and puzzles!

Successful packaging for cereals requires brand identity plus product information. We print vital nutritional facts and figures in a clear window. The selection of effective toy images and puzzles is crucial to convenience and ease of reading for potential buyers.

We printed the ingredient lists on packaging boxes for cereal so that if a buyer is allergic to any ingredient; they identify it and switch to another variant or option. Ideally, information on cereal boxes includes;

Company information (website, postal address, etc.)
Brand and/or corporate social media accounts
The brief storyline of characters printed (optional)
Promotional codes and discounts
Ingredients’ list
Net weight
Expiry date, etc.
Mobius Loop to notify that the material used is recycled

All brands offer space-efficient layouts in boxes for cereals as they have to be stored in cabinets. It makes stacking and storage easier. Some cereal custom boxes have a durable exterior featuring a thick frame to make them waterproof. A flap rectangular design with a sealed top and bottom flaps is ideal for these boxes. It enables quick packaging.

Cereal packaging helps;

Ensure safe shelf display shelf on shelves
Protect product from temperature extremities, dust, moisture and, etc.
Customers to identify their favorite brands in cereals and remember it
Strengthen brand loyalty

Use customization tools to make these products appear attractive and transform them into a marketing tool for your company. WE assure you we will find the best customization options for your cereal brand in your budget. No one understands cereal packaging better than us. So make the right choice NOW!

Reasons to buy Cereal boxes from ClipnBox

We offer just the right material for cereal packaging. Our extensive range of customized boxes for cereals is the key to building a strong brand identity for a business entity of any size. We guide our clients at every step of processing about the best choices in material, printing, designing, layouts, and add-ons. Our team of experts works around the clock to conclude your orders in minimum response time offering free design support. We leave no stone unturned and provide precision against every order, which makes ClipnBox a popular choice for customized cereal packaging box. We value every customer and offer free shipping against confirmed orders.

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