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Our foot and its muscles have to bear excessive pain and stretch for the whole day. A study has shown around 70% of people are facing the problem of mild foot pains that make uneasiness while walking and standing. Many people ignore the mid pains in their feet and use pain-relieving medicines to get instant relief from foot pains. But no one knows these mild foot pain symptoms may give you indications of chronic foot problems soon. Among all kinds of foot disorders, one issue that is commonly seen in most cases is the ingrown toenail problem. You might have heard about this toenail issue, which is increasing day by day. Many people are facing this toenail problem and feel pain in foot nails that sometimes become chronic, if not treated on time. If you have been diagnosed with chronic ingrown toenails, you should consult the specialists for ingrown toenail treatment in your city soon.

What is Ingrown Toenail?

With an ingrown toenail, your nail edges start growing into the skin which can lead to pain, when nails grow long. Toenail problems can occur to anyone either male or female. Having toenail issues at early stages may give you mild pain. Hence, it needs an early diagnosis to reduce the issues soon. If the problem exceeds and does not get the care, it will lead to toenail problems in the chronic stage. In this case, you need to start treatment soon from flat foot specialists in the industry.

Causes of Ingrown Toenail

The ingrown toenail problem may encounter due to several reasons as follows:

  • Wearing uncomfortable footwear
  • Toenail inflammations
  • Redness and swelling in toenail
  • Cutting toenail short
  • Toenail injury
  • Improper hygiene of toenail
  • Curved toenail and more.

Thus above can be some prime reasons that can give you ingrown toenail issues that can give rise in the size of the toenail that can start giving pain, if not treated on time. So when you start seeing primary symptoms of ingrown toenail issues, you should consult the specialist for ingrown toenails in your city and start the early diagnoses and possible treatments soon. It is advised to get ingrown nail treatments from trusted and experienced toenail specialists.

Symptoms of Ingrown Toenail

The problem of the ingrown toenail will start gradually and give you a rise in the size of the toenail. The situation gets worst with time when the nail of your toe pinches your muscles of the toe. It will start giving you some mild pain in the beginning. Some common symptoms of ingrown toenail at an early stage are:

  • It will give mild pain
  • The skin next to the nail becomes hard and gets some swelling
  • Developing some fluid around the toe
  • Gives pain in the toe while walking

In case, your toenail problem has crossed the early stage and leads to the worst condition it will start giving symptoms such as:

  • Excessive pain in the toenail
  • Redness and swelling
  • Bleeding in toenail
  • Oozing pus
  • Extra growth of skin around the toe

If you start diagnosing such symptoms, you should not be late to consult an ingrown toenail treatment specialist and start treatment as soon as possible.

Complications of Ingrown Toenail

If you ignore early symptoms of an ingrown toenail, it will give toenail infection soon. Once it leads to a chronic stage, it will give you man complications like bleeding, excessive pain in the toe, foot ulcer or cancer, loss of blood from the toe, nerve sensitivity, and more. If you do not want to face such complications, you should not ignore the early symptoms of ingrown toenails and start treatments soon.

Treatments of Ingrown Toenail

To cure ingrown toenails, it is necessary to find its stage whether it is an early stage of toenail problem or has reached to chronic level. Hence, you need to start diagnoses of toenail problems soon under the supervision of an ingrown toenail treatment specialist. The specialist will recognize the symptoms of the toenail issues and will suggest the treatment accordingly.

Some ingrown toenail issues at an early stage can be prevented at home through precautionary steps:

  • Avoid trimming toenails too short
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Do not cut the toenail curve or zigzag. You should cut the toenail straight
  • Make sure, your toenail is not hard or thick, if seen, it needs surgical treatment

Toenail Treatments through Home Remedies and Casual Methods

You can prevent or treat ingrown toenails through home remedies or treatment methods.

  1. Soak Toenail in Soapy or Warm Water

If your ingrown toenail problem is at an early stage and has some swelling and mild pain, it can be treated by soaking the toenail in soapy or warm water. You can try this mode of treatment three times a day for 20 minutes. It will give you good relief from the pain and swelling of the toenail.

  1. Use Antibiotic Ointments 

In mild cases, the use of antibiotic ointments can also heal the pain in the toenail or reduce swelling. Also, it can work to remove inflammation in toenails using quality ointments named Polysporin, Bactroban, and Neosporin. You can use such ointments three two or three times a day to get rid of toenail pain and swelling. It is recommended to use antibiotics as per the prescription of your doctor.

  1. Wear Comfortable Footwear

The idea of reducing toenail pain or avoiding the situation can be possible by wearing comfortable footwear. Try to avoid wearing tight shoes and socks which can give an extra jerk and pressure to the toenail. You should wear footwear that remains easy to fit the foot and gives comfort while walking.

  1. Use a Toe Brace

You can also prevent toenail problems by providing protection to toenails using a toe brace. A toe brace is made of thin adhesive or a composite material that is glued on the top of the toe. These toe braces help in protecting the toenail and skin to get scratched or damaged.

  1. Soak Toe in Apple Cider Vinegar

You can soak your toe in apple cider vinegar to reduce the pain and swelling of your toe. The solution works as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-reliever. You can prepare this solution by adding apple cider vinegar to the water. After developing the solution, you should soak the toe for 20 minutes daily to get optimum results.

Thus, above are five standard home remedies or treatment methods to get rid of pain, swelling, and other flaws of ingrown toenail problems. The above methods of toenail prevention are applicable for mild or early-stage toenail issues. But chronic ingrown toenail problems may be severe and need surgical treatments. For this sort of treatment, you need to approach the best specialists for ingrown toenail in the industry. You will find the best toenail treatment specialists in Singapore. They have extensive knowledge about the causes of toenail and their treatments through non-invasive methods.

Toenail Treatment Specialists in Singapore

To get the non-invasive and painless toenail treatment, you should approach the clinics of ingrown toenail treatment specialists in Singapore. The specialists have vast experience in toenail pain, inflammations, and other risks. Moreover, they can treat chronic toenail problems with home remedies and non-surgical treatments that will give good results without any side-effect.

For more details about ingrown toenail treatments in Singapore, you may explore the websites of the leading toenail specialists and doctors. You can also fix the appointment online from their websites and get diagnosed for the symptoms of toenail issues at the earliest to remove the problem from scratch.

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