Everything You Need To Know About Load Management

Line up of five elecric power meters on red electrical panels

Load controllers are effective in load management. Load management is defined as the active control of electric power consumption. It is also known as DSM or demand-side management. It refers to controlling the consumption of electricity based on financial signals from the market. Management of load is an important part of the concept of small grids whereby existing infrastructure is typically equipped with control technologies and intelligent monitoring.

Load shifting

Load shifting is a flexible control measure and it is mostly found in industrial processes. It refers to load scaling up or down depending on the external pricing signals. Electricity usage during peak load periods is shifted to periods when demand and the prices are low. Load shifting doesn’t result in less electricity use than what was originally planned. The only thing that changes is that power is used at a different time.

Using load controllers America to shift the load makes the load profiles of consumers to align with the volatile production of electricity at renewable energy plants. Load shifting can reduce the energy costs of a company. This type of load management is still new and it requires consumers to shift their approach both intellectually and technically since processes that need power are given a new operating parameter.

Load shedding

This is another aspect of controlling loads and it involves targeted reduction of electricity consumption. Businesses in The United States of America that operate with constant load profiles scale down production that would not be compensated in such a scenario. On the other hand, businesses with discontinuous operations can make up for reduced production caused by shedding of load at a later time.

The preventive or direct measures that involve malfunctions or technical faults is what is known as internal load shedding. It is done to protect load consuming processes against overheating or wear and tear. Load controllers are very useful in such cases.


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