ETA certificate, How to get it easily?

ETA certificate

WPC Certificate or ETA certificate, which is the license to import wireless equipment in India,  doesn’t have an easy process to get. However, with time and knowledge, we have come up with certain techniques. You can employ them to grease the wheels of the internal legal mechanism and get the ETA certificate on time.

When you’re going through the below mentioned process to acquire the equipment type approval, remember that no step can be taken without the aid of the experts. So, if you face any trouble along the way, stow away your shame and ask for help.  You’ll receive more help than you probably need, your process of getting WPC certificate for import will succeed.

What is the WPC License or ETA certificate?

Before we start, let’s clear some confusion right from the get go. The terms WPC certificate, WPC License, ETA approval, Equipment Type Approval, and WPC import license are the same. All of them are words used for a particular license that allows you to get import wireless products working within licensed and delicensed bands.

WPC or the Wireless Planning Commission is responsible for issuing the WPC certification in India. But, it only does so after running RF testing or Radio Frequency test on the product. Once it has surmised that the product is in good condition and works within the parameters that Department of Telecommunication has set, only then the product is allowed to be imported in India.

Now, let’s discuss the tips that you might be so anxious to read.

Tip 1: Know about the licensed and the delicensed bands of frequencies

There are two types of frequency bands in which the wireless products work. One is the licensed band. The products within the licensed bands are restrictive, and they are reserved for special military grade equipment. Thus, WPC import license for products working in licensed frequency bands is especially hard to get.

As for the de-licensed bands, the process is made easy. While the certification is important here, one needs to merely self certify that there product is working in delicensed bands to get the WPC eta approval.

Tip 2: Know about the products that don’t require equipment type approval

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when applying for the license is not knowing whether the guidelines apply on their product. You should know that it’s not your product that’s getting certified, it’s the frequency. In the following cases, you enjoy equipment type approval exemption:

  1. The product is working under a frequency that has already been approved by the WPC. So, keep checking the WPC eta list before you apply for the license.
  2. The product is manufactured in India.

So, if your product works within an approved frequency, or it’s being manufactured within the country, you won’t need registration for it.

Tip 3: Consult with a good place to get the RF testing of the product

There are two levels of Radio Frequency Tests done on the equipment that needs WPC ETA approval. As an applicant, it’s your job to clear the first level of certification. You need to contact an NABL accredited lab. There aren’t many labs with the said accreditation which makes it easy for you to find one. Go online and find a list. Getting your product RF tested by an accredited lab does two things for you:

  1. It makes the WPC readily accept your application.
  2. It enhances the chances of getting the WPC approval in the first try.

Tip 4: Get the documents ready from the very start to get ETA Certificate

WPC Certificate Full form of Wireless Planning Commission giving you the certificate. And it would only “give” you the certificate if you have the right documents ready. These documents that we speak off are as follows:

  1. Radio Frequency Test Report
  2. Product’s complete description
  3. Online Fee receipt
  4. Letter that authorizes the Authorized Indian Representative to file the application.
  5. A signed Undertaking
  6. Indian OEM’s COI
  7. PAN Card copy of the Indian OEM.

Final Tip: Get in touch with the consultants

I am sure that you might have gotten tired of hearing the same, but you need an expert’s aid when filing for ETA certificate. People have a hard time grasping that requirement – making them waste years and years and years to get certification.

If you want to turn those years into months, then take a moment of your time and get in touch with a good consultant. You can also ask for VNO License, ISP Licenses and much more.


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