Essential Facts about Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

alcohol addiction
alcohol addiction

Whatever your choice in alcohol, unless you don’t know how alcohol could hurt you. Alcohol addiction is the most serious public health problem. Before you start alcohol consumption, you need to know some facts about alcohol addiction and how it affects our life. 

Most of the people who consume alcohol don’t binge drink and do not have physical glitches related to alcoholism and maybe it never cultivates a problem with alcohol addiction.

But, before your next drink, everyone should consider these facts about alcohol addiction and its possessions on your health.

  • Mind-altering ingredients in alcoholic drinks – All alcoholic beverages consist of some amount of intoxicating ingredient that is produced from yeast, sugars, and starches from grains, vegetables, and plans. When you consume alcohol in moderation, your liver can contentedly metabolize alcohol from any of these beverages. But heavy consumption of alcohol overwhelms your liver. And excess alcohol circulates through the brain and every other organ that makes you drunk.
  • Alcohol controls your brain – When you drink alcohol frequently, your brain may take this as a new environment and control your brain and nerve cell connections. When you stop drinking, some of these changes may problematic throughout lives.
  • Effects of alcohol on men and women are different – Survey proves alcohol affects men and women differently. Both metabolize alcohol differently because of enzymes, hormones, and the body’s ratio of muscle to fat and water concentration. Women take in more alcohol and they metabolize it slower. They are also more likely to suffer from long-term alcohol damage. Men are more likely to consume excessively while simultaneously engaging in high-risk behavior, which results in a higher rate of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations.  
  • Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are not the same – “Alcohol abuse” refers to drinking in a way that causes harm to a person’s health. Examples include not fulfilling your responsibilities at home or work, continuing to drink even though it is causing problems in relationships, and having legal problems (such as driving under the influence charge).

Alcohol is the most addictive substance in the United States. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, roughly half of adults have a history of alcoholism or problem drinking. More than seven million children live with parents who drink too much.

While alcoholism is characterized by brain changes that cause obsessive or compulsive behaviors. Many experts consider alcoholism a chronic or lifelong disease.

High Risk of death due to alcohol – Excessive drinking is the most common reason for an increased ratio of other diseases, like many types of cancers including mouth, colon, rectal, and stomach cancers.  

Binge drinking can lead to death – Binge drinking is drinking more than four drinks per woman and five for men in two hours.

Drinking alcohol can cause you to stop breathing. “Alcohol can be used as a sedative and almost all sedatives are capable of doing this in high enough doses.

Other serious health issues that can be caused by binge drinking like vomiting (which can lead to choking), seizures, and unconsciousness. Even though you are unconscious, your stomach, intestines, and liver can continue to produce alcohol in your bloodstream. This could increase your blood alcohol level even further.

How to Recover from Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction recovery is possible before it’s too late. But an individual must realize that alcohol addiction is a serious issue. Gratitude Lodge is a luxurious addiction rehab center near me in Long Beach and Newport Beach, California, which helps you in alcohol detox and addiction recovery where you can learn to live a sober and healthy life. Contact us today!


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