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Adolescents are very tense and worried about their future and career. They want to accomplish their studies from the best colleges and universities to ensure the best curriculum for their academics. Studying in top-notch colleges gives scholars a guarantee of their bright careers. It will help them to get the best knowledge, guidance, and experience in their respective departments. Students encounter a lot of struggle throughout their academic life to complete certification in the interested domain. Certain obstacles aid learners to enhance the abilities that will assist them to survive in the worst situations as well. The primary hurdle faced by them is to choose the right domain for their academics. They have to select a subject of their curiosity and interest.

A large number of students prefer to study nursing in their academics. According to the latest analysis, there are around 3.6 million nurses and midwives in Australia. Nursing is a domain that teaches individuals how to take care of their patients physically, emotionally, and mentally. They come to learn about several abilities like communication, teamwork, networking, and critical thinking. These skills will help the nurses in the future to serve their patients with certainty. Students who want to study nursing courses need to qualify for at least one science subject and two additional domains in their higher education. In this article, we are going to consider the basics of nursing courses in Australia.

List of Some Australian Universities that Provide Nursing Courses

Numerous institutions in Australia offer nursing courses to students. These universities provide scholars with three-year full-time and six-year part-time courses. The expense of the course is approximately 20,000-35,000 AUD per year, including course fees, equipment, and study material. The popular demand of these universities for students to get enrolled in their program is that they need to score a minimum of 75% marks in their senior secondary education. It needs to include at least one science subject and two additional subjects for eligibility concerning the nursing curriculum. Here is a list of some top Australian universities that provide students with top-notch nursing curriculum from experienced and skilled professors:

  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • Griffith University
  • University of Queensland
  • Deakin University
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Adelaide
  • Australian Catholic University

These are some top universities of Australia that deliver the best nursing courses to students. So that scholars can complete their education with proper guidance and advice. Consequently, universities provide students with nursing courses at various levels such as graduation, post-graduation, doctorate, and certification courses. These levels of curriculum help learners to get more expertise and skills in the same profession. Each of these colleges has an additional criterion to confirm the enrolment of learners in the program. Scholars have to clear this criterion to get admission to their desired universities. This criterion includes entrance exams, interviews, and knowledge tests that depend on each institution.

Additional Benefits of Studying Nursing in Australia

Every student dreams of studying in a specific college or university. Studying at Australian University is the aim of every aspirant. Australia delivers the students with the utmost courses in nursing. Scholars experience so many things during their college life. They have to maintain a balance between professional and college life. Australian Institutions accommodate their learners with some additional opportunities. In this section, we are going to read some benefits of Nursing courses in various Australian universities:

  • The institutions design their curriculum globally to offer the scholars the best expertise in this field. They assure their students to provide them with the proper certification and specialization in nursing.
  • Several universities train their students with clinical experience as well. This practice will help them to understand the subject more precisely and provide them with a proper direction.
  • There is always a shortage of nurses and midwives in Australia. That opens new doors for nursing students with great opportunities and a bright future.
  • They prepare their students to encounter the worst situations and do their best to get out of them.

How to Become a Registered Nurse in Australia?

There are two types of nurses in Australia, enrolled nurses and registered nurses. Enrolled nurses need to register themselves with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to become registered nurses. Enrolled nurses carry the diploma in nursing while the registered nurses carry the bachelor’s degree of the same. The salary of a registered nurse is higher than the salary of an enrolled nurse. Let us see the entire process of becoming a registered nurse:

  • Students need to enroll themselves in nursing courses to get the expertise in this course. To start with ease, they can take admission in Bachelor in Nursing.
  • Now, they need to apply for the National Police Check and work with the Children Association. It will help them to get their practice done to start their clinical training.
  • After completing the practice, they need to focus on their studies and complete the program with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, they can get expertise and certification for their future opportunities.
  • Once the student gets done with their course, they need to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. In the end, they will receive a certificate of registration.

Role of Nurses in the Health Department

Nurses play a crucial role in our lives as they help everyone to keep themselves healthy and fit. They take care of each patient in every aspect, such as mentally, physically, and medically. Nurses assist doctors by performing several jobs in hospitals and clinics. Nurses know how to handle the victim physically, psychologically, and emotionally. They have several abilities like critical thinking, a positive attitude, and patience. Hence, they can provide a comfort level to the patients. Consequently, nurses need to comfort the patients with a positive environment for a speedy recovery. In this section, we are going to discuss some responsibilities of nurses in their workplace:

  • They perform the oral check-up of their patients.
  • They take care of all the physical and emotional needs of the patients.
  • They maintain the medical history.
  • They provide them with medication and treatment plans.
  • They also listen to the emotional and physical needs of their patients.

Problems Faced by Nursing Students

Nursing students need to complete their certification with good grades as they want the best opportunities in their future. Therefore, they need to draft several assignments in their academic years. These assessments help them to get more knowledge about various techniques, methods, and medicines. It also assists them in enhancing their abilities and attaining more skills. But, students are unable to do these assignments as they have to complete practical work as well. Professors assign several tasks to the scholars that are based on every topic of the entire curriculum. Students get nightmares when they come to know about these assessments.

They lack several abilities such as research skills, thinking expertise, and writing skills. Students are unable to find an appropriate topic for their assignments. They also get confused regarding the university guidelines and fail to understand them properly. Scholars are unable to perceive the medical terminology properly. Therefore, they fail to outline the assessments and are unable to score perfect grades in their academics. Hence, they avail themselves of assignment writing services to obtain an A+ grade in their finals. It will aid them to get relaxed from enormous assignments.

Troubles Faced by Students During the Nursing Profession

Becoming a nursing student is not an easy task for everyone. It needs tremendous efforts, concentration, dedication, and enthusiasm to become a nurse with excellent knowledge. A nurse has to have good learning about every piece of equipment, medicine, and medical terms. They have to keep their mind attentive and awake throughout their work time to help the patients. Sometimes, nurses have to stay up for straight 15 to 16 hours. It becomes the most hectic part of their work as they also suffer from several health hazards like insomnia and sleeplessness. Apart from that, they have to keep themselves calm and quiet to handle the patients very comfortably. Nurses pay their complete attention and focus to the patients to gain experience and knowledge from clinical practice.


Nursing is a very in-demand profession as there is always a shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry. Therefore, there is a high requirement for nurses in the healthcare department. Students provide their 100% energy and enthusiasm during the entire course duration. But, scholars are incapable of doing that as they put their whole energy into clinical practice. Therefore, they get anxious about their theoretical knowledge and assignments. Students need to achieve the best grades in their final results. Hence, they avail themselves of the best Nursing Assignment Help services. Over the internet, several websites provide students with the best assignment writing services in every subject. But, scholars select EssayCorp for their assistance in writing top-notch assignments. We deliver high-quality assessments within the given timeline at very affordable prices. Since 2012, EssayCorp has been presenting students with the best Assignment Help Australia. We provide scholars with 24*7 professional assistance via WhatsApp or mail.

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