Enjoy a romantic weekend in Charleston.

Enjoy a romantic weekend in Charleston.
Enjoy a romantic weekend in Charleston.

Vacations are not only to enjoy with the family, but it’s a time to create an unbreakable bond with your partner. It’s the time when you are away from home & regular boring life. People often try to find some amazing locations, but sometimes there are hardly any options. 

Moreover, this city based in the southern part of California offers some unique & charming vibes for the outsiders. It’s quite famous for the city’s harbor, museum & various other things. You will probably get an unusual experience while being in this place. The place always provides something new to the tourists from different parts of the world. 

Some fun activities to do in Charleston :

  • Tea plantation:

Well, you can start the tour by visiting this place & which is the only tea plantation in North America. To be precise, the whole farm is scattered over 127 acres of land & full of tea shrubs. Moreover, there is a shop inside where people can sip tea & enjoy the ultimate taste.

Jetblue Change Flight desk provides affordable flights & serves for a memorable trip. On the other side, there is a guided tour that lets you witness the process of tea making. For your kind information, there is a single plant used to make green, black & oolong tea. However, this is quite a distinctive way to capture the greenery from all around. 

  1. Angel Oak:

Now, as you leave this place, the people can find a big tree which is over 300 years. The circumference is about 25 ft with shade across 17,000 sq km. You can spend some quality time here. However, people hardly get this kind of opportunity in their daily life. 

While moving, various other things are worth exploring. While spending some time playing hide & seek with the sun while sitting under the massive tree is amazing. However, it proves to be an appropriate location for the couples to have a great time. 

  1. Middleton place: 

The next thing to enhance the romantic weekend is this location 30 minutes from the district. Here, the grounds & homes are national landmarks as these are the oldest gardens in the US. You can take a walk in these gardens & these are among the FUN THINGS TO DO IN CHARLESTON SC ON A ROMANTIC WEEKEND as this is something new & extraordinary. 

Moreover, people can get to witness some live views & various events are organized at the same place. Perhaps, these things are quite fun while traveling with the partner & enjoy these moments. However, the lively atmosphere & great enthusiasm somehow energizes you. 

  1. Waterfront park:

Welcome to this 12 acres of great green space with the beautiful fountains& Cooper river. It’s a quite famous park where you can pay anytime visit with the other person. As they say, to enjoy a romantic trip there is a huge impact of the place & surroundings. 

However, along with the pier, you can find a series of swings & lots more surprises are going on inside. You may not get this kind of unbelievable aura somewhere else. So, don’t miss these chances & spend some time during the trip. 

  1. Battery park & Rainbow:

You’re mistaken if you think this is it, as there is yet to be more. For the visitors, it’s quite hard to identify the battery park & White point garden. Let’s return to the point; while visiting here, there are phenomenal views. To land here, visit the Jetblue Airlines Cancellation Policy to enjoy a budget-friendly journey. 

However, calling it a battery is due to its defensive sea wall. 

People will love these things that make you feel benign in a world of magic. Although, this place always assures something unique whenever the tourists are here. These are the ways to enjoy some unforgettable moments you may not get in the future. 


  1. City market:

Markets are a place full of shops & people purchasing several kinds of products. Here, you get to see local artisans & admire their talents to understand and learn about various new things. You can visit numerous shops, selling products with different tastes & styles followed by the designs. It’s a great place to enjoy between the crowd & walk with each other. 

People can explore various other things that can be part of the sweet memories. You’re never going to forget these things. Although, while moving forward there & during the weekends, the story is something else. This city market promises to make each & every moment worth remembering. 

  1. Farmer’s market:

Some other things are among the FUN THINGS TO DO IN CHARLESTON SC ON A ROMANTIC WEEKEND. If you wish to hang up with the locals & try to understand the whole place, you need to come here. However, it’s quite open in April & November on Saturdays; it’s a treat. Visitors from various parts of the world are always welcome.

Well, there is lots of stuff for shopping, such as fried peanuts and gawked at the most colorful veggies. Apart from these, people can try to check out various other things worth using. Multiple spots are quite more interesting & offer some unique stuff. 

  1. Fort Sumter:

It’s a civil war sea fort representing various memories inspired by the war period. You may have read about several things, but sometimes the reality is beyond the imagination. There are several facts you’re unaware of & other information that is quite essential. However, you can get discounted tickets & can easily explore the whole area. 

Most people often love to know about past events to enhance their knowledge. Sometimes, this information can be quite helpful in any situation. In each step, people will experience something unique as this place has been known for years for its essence & memories. 

9.Mongolia plantation & garden:

It’s the most visited plantation by the majority of the visitors. People have a dream to be in these kinds of venues comprising multiple essential items. However, benign in these locations helps to understand the natural beauty. While moving here, you’ll get across various more attractive things. These are among the FUN THINGS TO DO IN CHARLESTON SC ON A ROMANTIC WEEKEND.

You can explore this massive green space with your partner, making your trip worth remembering. On the other hand, people can also learn about the multiple plantation techniques. So, without wasting more time, come here & relax. 

  1. Board sunset cruise:

Watching the live sunset with your partner can offer you an amazing time during the trip. These wonderful surprises from nature often make you feel quite refreshed & happy. On the other hand, moving between the ocean thus transforms tge whole moment. People usually seek these kinds of activities to spend time with someone special. 

It’s not just about the glass; you can also enjoy a delicious dinner from $50-$ 60 per head. People can sit in one place and enjoy the great offerings. Moreover, to uplift the moment, there are drinks available with an hour on water& that cost about $ 45-55 per head. 

  1. Enjoy Symphony:

Apart from all, the couples can also enjoy the great symphony orchestra at the Gillard center. Well, if you love some classical tunes spending an evening at this place is not a bad idea. The prices depend on the day & time, as they range from $25-150 per seat. 

Some may feel bored, while hearing these melodious tunes feels more amazing. Moreover, it teaches about various shades of music & quite attracts a massive audience. The overall aura is quite awesome & helps to enjoy properly. Once try to spend time at this palce, you’ll like it. So, immediately reserve the seats & fly to Charleston to enjoy this time. 



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