Energize a Stagnant Job Search – 7 Career Tips for Job Hunting

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For job-seekers who have been seeking an employment opportunity for months or longer and the entire job hunt process can seem somewhat old-fashioned. A lot of time is used on jobs search sites and search engines for jobs like CareerBuilder.com, Dice.com, and Monster.com frequently resulting in little feedback. It can be disappointing to spend months without finding work. It is inevitable that you start to doubt your the direction you are taking, your professional abilities, knowledge, qualifications and even your education. However, you’re not the only one. In times of high unemployment an unresponsive job market may give an appearance that suggests a hunt which becomes stagnant.

In this seven-part series, we’ll provide strategies for job searching and suggestions to help you reenergize your job search and boost your confidence in your career.

1.) Part-Time Jobs A Temporary Job or even volunteering

Look for short-term temporary, part-time or even short-term work in your chosen field is a great method to gain entry into the doors. Even if there doesn’t appear to be any full-time job openings in the near future Part-time work or temporary work are a means by which employers can get know your personality and work ethic. If you are offered a job be available or a new position established, then you’re more likely to be hired than the other candidates seeking the same position. You’ll have more than just a resume to showcase the company.

2.) Develop your Personal Brand

If someone was to search for your name on the web what would they find? Most likely, hiring you is a major investment for any company or business. Particularly during difficult economic times and an employment driven job market, employers are becoming more selective with the people they hire.

Spend a few minutes and look up yourself on the internet to discover what your digital footprint looks like. Do you have a connection with someone who could lead to the possibility of a job or issue with your online profile?

Make use of your branding to show your employer know what you can do as well as the reasons why they should employ you, and why you’re a good candidate for them to invest in. If you are aware, your personal brand is the representation of your professional and personal life in the way they are displayed on the internet. Your personal brand needs to be honest and authentic But you also desire to make your appearance appealing for your employer. Your personal brand must reflect your qualifications as well as your education and your career objectives.

Find out what appears when you do Google. See what results show up in Google search as well as search results on Yahoo search. Being able to have a LinkedIn profile as well as profiles on other social networking websites can help you create an impression on the internet. Your profile must be professional and uniform. Make sure that your profile is consistent with the same career goals and objectives for each profile. Don’t mix social media and your professional image on the internet. It is essential for you to maintain your life private. This is a mistake that many individuals make when it comes to personal branding , which could result in them not getting picked for the next job or chance.

3) Change of Career or Branching out to New Industries

Diversify your search for work and explore new areas of employment you might have not considered when you were pursuing your job strategies. Choose a field of study that you are interested in, or any field of work and assess if your talents and abilities can translate into new opportunities for employment.

This isn’t to suggest that you should submit your application for every job that comes up. Actually it is the reverse. Pick a field in which you could benefit from your professional experience. The best way to do this is to study a smaller geographical area and find out the employers in this area. Find out what employers in the region’s jobs are and what job descriptions they’re seeking and then compare these qualifications with your resume. Transitioning into a different field may seem daunting, but revising your resume for a career change and cover letter will rapidly expand your options for employment.

Review your strengths. If you’re not comfortable with people, don’t apply for personnel positions. If you don’t have an the ability for mathematics, don’t submit applications for accounting or engineering positions. Select a career or industry area that you believe you could achieve success in and narrow on your job search within the area you’re interested in. Maybe you aren’t finding your dream job because you’re straddling numerous career options. You might have missed an opportunity when you wasted your time applying for jobs that don’t suit your needs. If your job search continues to drag on it can be tempting to to be everywhere but keep your focus on your credentials and capabilities.

Make sure you are realistic in the kinds of jobs that you’re seeking. In most cases, when making the transition to the job market of a different location, you’ll be being considered for lower-level jobs than you do in the field you are currently working in. It may appear as if you’re taking a step backwards but showing future employers that you’re capable of accepting new challenges, and possess the vision and ability to grow your knowledge across different industries can be an asset.

4.) Use Career Counseling and Career Advice Services

Seek help. If months after months have passed without any offers of employment or job opportunities, you might require some assistance in your job search. It is not a good idea to find yourself in a position where financial obligations impede your ability to focus upon your search for a job.

Recent college graduates and alumni may use their school’s Career Services department. Beyond job listings and announcements several career services departments provide assistance with interview preparation as well as resume writing guidance. They can also help you decide on the right career option. These are services that can be beneficial for those who are thinking of making a career change or an opportunity to change careers. Many companies also look for students from particular colleges, universities, and specific departments or degree programs. Career advisors in school’s career services can help provide you with these companies.

Beyond the university or college career centers, you should take a look at the career placement services the area city or county offers. Contact the chamber of commerce of your town to start your search for these local services. Most offer these types of services free or for an affordable cost to residents of the area.

Based on your particular circumstance, think about hiring an expert career advisor (or career coach). The role of a career counselor is to assist you in figuring out precisely what you wish to achieve and guide you on the best ways to use your abilities and resources.

If you decide to hire a career counsellor, look up the services this career counseling service provides and what their latest rate of success in securing a job for candidates is. So, you’ll be aware of what you can anticipate as the end outcome. Can they assist you in finding the right career path, give you tips on writing your resume and preparation for interviews, as well as assistance with placement, and assist you on your way? Don’t be afraid to seek help when your job search seems getting a bit tedious. A career counselor as well as an outside career advisor will help you reenergize your job search.

5.) Is Your Resume the Career Objectives of your career

Review your resume and professional image. If your job search seems to be stagnant, you should take the time to go through your resume as well as your overall professional appearance. That includes your letter of cover and professional social media platforms like Linked-In, for instance, as well as your references from a professional perspective.

If potential employers have already viewed your resume, but you haven’t heard from them, then this could be the time to give your resume a second glance. Make sure your resume is free of typos, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. They are a major turnoff for any prospective employer.

Do you think that your online resume is able to meet the requirements of the 20-second test? Keep in mind the 20 second mark is typically the time that an employer spends perusing your resume. Within that period an employer will make a decision whether or not they will invite you to conduct an interview. If it’s been a long time since you were contacted to an interview, it could be a sign that your resume doesn’t satisfy the 20 second test. Certain resume writing modifications could be required. Make sure your resume looks appealing and that your resume’s qualifications such as education, experience, and education are properly arranged.

6) Utilizing only the top job Search Engines may limit your Career Opportunities

There are many different job search websites, and not all are all created in the same way. Finding the perfect job by using job search engines online can help you distribute your resume to a variety of organizations and recruitment centers. However there are a few differences, there are many different job search websites that are equally weighted in your field of professional work or industry.

Job sites with a lot of jobs such as Moster.com as well as CareerBuilder.com are great options to promote your resume’s abilities and experience. However, the chances of being noticed by these online job search websites are slim. Many career professionals and job candidates are updating and posting their resumes every day in a competition for jobs, you should not be too specific regarding your career goals might not lead to you landing the job you want.

It is worth your time to investigate which are the top job search websites, specifically tailored to your career or industry goals. If you are in the field of one that is based on medical science you should look for websites that concentrate on nursing jobs or medical job opportunities. Find out more about your career options and look for part-time work opportunities to be a part of an company or an organization.

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Make sure you are focused and specific when you are searching for a job and ensure that you’re looking everywhere. Be careful not to limit yourself to just the top job sites could be disastrous. A lot of jobs you’re looking for might not be found on most common and well-known employment search sites. Therefore, you should look at lesser-known job search sites and also on specific industry sites. Look through your local newspaper every day particularly on Sunday editions. Sometimes, a job posting could be published on just single day within the paper.

Be sure to check your professional social networks and be on the lookout for any mentions of jobs openings. You may be missing out on some great opportunities if you limit your search to a single place. If you’re unemployed make sure you inform anyone you know that you’re looking. People talk, and word spreads. The cousin of your friend’s friend could be working in an Human Resources department in a company that is looking to hire. You might be amazed at with the next job. However you go about it, don’t look around until you have found what you’re looking for.

7) Revisit your Long Term Career Choices

What career-long strategies have you thought about throughout your professional life. Sometimes, we become at ease and a bit comfortable in the field we choose after having completed certain educational and work prerequisites for experience. However, with time, we may lose the security of our jobs if our capabilities aren’t kept updated or kept up-to-date changing with the economy, technological developments and company restructuring.

If you are in a position in which there don’t seem to be any opportunities in your field of expertise then you might consider changing your career. Change is good however when you speak of changing careers, many people think that this means more formal education or training, significant shifts in their schedules, or even resuming from the beginning. Although any career change could require some training or some new knowledge on the job switching careers can be easier than one might think.

Consider what similar industries or other professions use your skills. Get career advice and take a few tests to identify the areas you aren’t aware of which require your skills. A career counselor can assist you make this choice and offer you details about particular careers. If you don’t have a career advisor You might want to look into which companies in your community hires professionals with your expertise. You can also write down all the things you enjoyed about your previous job. Look for positions that possess those traits. It is also possible to consider the things you didn’t like about your current job and search for positions that do not include those traits. Consider taking a credible personal or career test, and then think about possible jobs that match your particular personality.

The most ineffective thing you can do is to not take action, particularly in the event that you notice important changes happening in your field of work that could affect your job prospects. be affected. An active approach could help you gain access to new avenues and open up new opportunities in your career.

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