End all your Skilled Nursing Facilities Billing Worries with Sunknowledge Support

skilled nursing facilities billing
skilled nursing facilities billing

For the last two years, skilled nursing facilities had to undergo a lot of up and down due to the pandemic situation. With thousands of employees ending up leaving their jobs in nursing home facilities, it questioned the future of the healthcare industry.

Working in SNFs in fact made staff face extreme hardship and frequent burnout because of the vulnerabilities of their patient population and the demand of the situation – resulting in staff leaving their jobs. In fact, today the staffing issues at skilled nursing facilities are threatening the lives of many patients.

Overburdened, underpaid with frequent burnout, and thousands of skilled nursing facility employees quitting their jobs; healthcare practices today need a strong support system for their billing operation. Catering to the rising volume and billing requirement at the same time be a cost-effective solution, 97% of providers are looking for seamless RCM organization.

Furthermore, with CMS releasing a proposal to a skilled nursing facility (SNF ) Prospective Payment System (PPS) rule for the fiscal year 2023 including a reduction in Medicare payments for SNFs, along with several changes to ICD-10 code mappings and coding guidelines will only make skilled nursing facilities billing further difficult for many; leaving providers worried.

This is where Sunknowledge comes into action.

Sunknowledge revises your skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) billing:

With a complete understanding of the present industry mandates, new codes, UB -04 forms, and various payers’ requirements, Sunknowledge has been delivering outstanding RCM solutions for many leading names for more than a decade. Taking care of every aspect of both pre and post skilled nursing facilities billing operations, Sunknowledge further cut down your unnecessary expenses; saving you tons of money.

Offering complete services at only $7 per hour, with a team of dedicated resources working to improve your skilled nursing facility (SNFs) ROI, Sunknowledge experts further reduces your chances of errors and claims rejections.

Ensuring time and accurate claims submission to constant follow-up and efficient data management; we in do it all. So what are you waiting for? Call Sunknowledge and improve your collection in no time as we are definitely worth a try.


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