Emerging Trends of IT Staff Augmentation to Watch Out in 2022

Trends of IT Staff Augmentation
Trends of IT Staff Augmentation

Presently, it has become imperative for organizations to enhance their productivity and streamline their operations by utilizing technological advancements. With IT staff augmentation, organizations can effectively achieve this goal by outsourcing their non-core business functions, reducing the risk of potential disruptions and allowing them to focus on their core competencies. 

However, staying abreast of the emerging trends in IT staff augmentation is important to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. This blog will cover the ten emerging trends in IT staff augmentation that organizations need to watch out for in 2022.

IT Staff Augmentation: An Overview

In Simple Words, IT Staff Augmentation can be termed as “A form of outsourcing that uses temporary personnel to fill transient employment openings within your business. There are some key distinctions as well as some commonalities in project outsourcing.”

IT Staff Augmentation is hiring additional IT personnel to increase an organization’s workforce. The trend has been growing in popularity recently as businesses look for ways to improve their IT infrastructure without incurring the cost of full-time employees. IT staff augmentation will increase the demand for professionals with specialized skills.

Many businesses looking to outsource their IT services rely on IT staffing agencies, which employ talent with a wide range of skill sets and experience levels. Some IT staffing agencies provide experts trained specifically for large-scale projects, while others specialize in providing lower-level support personnel. 

Because they have access to diverse candidates from which they can draw staff members as needed, most staffing agencies can meet any business’s needs without becoming overburdened or requiring additional resources for administration and other overhead costs.

To determine whether Hiring IT Staff Augmentation is right for your business, first ask yourself what you’re looking to get out of it. IT professionals from staffing agencies can help with various tasks, from setting up new hardware and software systems to monitoring security systems and performing routine network maintenance. 

Once you decide which needs you’d like IT augmentation help, it’s time to identify whether outsourcing through a staffing agency or hiring permanent employees is your best option. Some companies have specific skills that are integral for their operations but are only needed periodically or during peak hours; others may require manpower when work is at its busiest. Whichever approach best fits your business’ goals, understand that IT staffing services generally come at a premium.

Why Are Businesses Turning Towards IT Staff Augmentation?

Source Businesses find themselves with more work than staff during peak times and have significantly less work during low season. This results in an inability to maximize their investment in employees at any given time. There are several reasons why businesses are turning towards IT staff augmentation:

  1. Buying or hiring an employee involves a lot of costs: The cost of buying an employee can be a big investment for smaller businesses, and thus small businesses find it easier to turn towards agency staff.
  2. One-time vs Recurring Costs: One-time costs tend to reduce over time as long as there is continuity between two occurrences, while recurring costs are usually small but accumulate over time.
  3. Short-term needs of the business: Short-term needs of the business might require IT staff augmentation. For example, some companies might need a social media manager who only operates during business hours; they will most likely not need them outside these hours because they do not operate on social media outside these hours. 
  4. Flexibility: Companies with projects that last for a short period, such as conferences, might want to consider IT staff augmentation rather than hiring someone full-time.

It is important to note that IT staff augmentation isn’t just about the one-time needs of the company. Businesses should also consider outsourcing IT services for repetitive tasks like software testing. For IT staffing agencies, it’s important to hire from reputable agencies to know what kind of people you’re getting for your business.

Which Roles Need Augmentation Support?

There are several roles within the IT field that may need augmentation support. These roles can include but are not limited to web developers, system administrators, network engineers, and database administrators. 

The demand for these positions is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. However, by using IT Staff Augmentation Services, you can be sure that you are getting the best candidates for the job.

Most employers are now looking for candidates who can think critically and have strong problem-solving skills. Most companies want staff members who can work in a team-oriented and individual environment. Candidates should have some experience with specific technologies before they join your company.

How Should Organizations Prepare For The Next Wave Of Staffing Change?

Advances in technology will drive the next wave of staffing changes. Organizations should prepare for this by investing in IT staff augmentation services. These services can help organizations keep up with the latest trends and technologies and provide the skills and expertise needed to support them. By doing so, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge. 

As businesses face an increasingly globalized economy, staffing needs are changing. And with emerging trends like cloud computing and virtualization, organizations need to be able to adapt quickly. This requires strategic business investments that cover new areas and provide a way for them to learn, grow and respond quickly and continuously. By investing in a people solution that offers.

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IT Staff Augmentation vs Outsourcing in 2022

IT staff augmentation is the process of appointing additional staff to supplement an organization’s existing information technology (IT) team. The augmenting company provides the new hires, who work alongside the client’s full-time employees.

This process allows organizations to retain internal knowledge and expertise while lowering costs by tapping into a broader talent pool. It also helps businesses increase their IT staff and streamline operations without sacrificing productivity.  

The type of IT staff augmentation used will depend on a business’s needs. Still, commonly seen areas include project work, application management, software development, system support, IT security and database administration.

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The Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services?

There are several benefits of IT Staff Augmentation services:

  • IT staff augmentation services are beneficial as you can get assistance when needed. 
  • It’s often quicker to augment your workforce with contractors than to hire full-time employees because they don’t have vacation time or sick days and are there when you need them. 
  • Additionally, staff augmentation saves companies money by not paying overtime since contractors work flexible hours and typically don’t work weekends or holidays (when other staffing costs are typically higher).
  • When scaling your business, contractors allow you to quickly bring on expertise without investing too much into them upfront. You can keep talent around as long as needed, only paying per hour when they’re doing work.
  • Working with IT staff augmentation services gives small-business owners the freedom to take care of other aspects of their company while their professionals take care of the day-to-day operations.


IT staff augmentation has become a popular way for businesses to get the IT support they need. This trend will only grow as more businesses realize the benefits of using IT staff augmentation services. If you wish to get IT Staff Augmentation Services, you can contact our team and get worthwhile results.


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