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Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms and is often considered the king of social media networks. It has a huge user base, as it registers around 1.84 billion daily users. Facebook has even changed the marketing scenario for businesses. Marketers and brands focus more on social media marketing, with Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. Businesses embed Facebook feed on their website to enhance their brand awareness and strengthen their social media presence. 

By embedding Facebook feed on your website, you attract customers’ attention and make your website more lively and vibrant. 

Embed Facebook feed on your website can help to attract traffic to the website. It has big advantages as it also provides social proof to the new users and helps you win your new customers’ trust.

In this blog, we will be discussing the Facebook feed and seven best examples of using the Facebook feed on your website.

Starting from the basics, let’s start with knowing about the Facebook Feed.

About Facebook Feed

A Facebook feed refers to the content that we see when we log in to our Facebook accounts. The feed can be anything; it can post pictures, videos, GIFs, text content, etc. 

The feeds visible on our account are usually user-generated content and are posts from our Facebook connections and the pages that we follow on our Facebook. These posts are usually in reverse chronological order.

facebook feeds

In other words, the latest post is visible on the top, and the content below are the posts created by people before that. The feed covers all the posts from the users and provides all updates made by users we follow.

By embedding the Facebook feed on your website, your visitors will be able to see all the latest updates about your business and will be able to see all the content without leaving the screen.

One of the most amazing tools available in the market that helps you showcase the feed on your website is Facebook Widget.

Facebook Widget is an excellent tool that helps you collect, curate, and customize the content and posts from your Facebook and display them on your website. Making your website more interactive and engaging and also adds charm to your website.

Now you have a basic knowledge of Facebook Feed, let us discuss 7 ways of embedding Facebook feed on your website.

Top 7 Examples of Embedding Facebook Feed on the Website

#1 Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form of Photos

A user gets attracted to the visual posts and content compared to text or written formats. The photo posts bring more engagement and vibrancy to the website.

Facebook provides you the option to post pictures, and by embedding Facebook feed on your website, you can display those pictures on your website.

Displaying pictures on the website is the best way to showcase your product, and eventually, it helps in enchasing sales for your business.

Photos and visual posts also make interaction with customers easy, and users can easily show trust in your brand and your product.

The feed provides a regular update, providing the user new posts as soon as some uploads the content on their social media and uses your tag, mention, or hashtag.

#2 Embedding Facebook Feeds in the Form on Videos

Visual content and posts are more appealing to the users compared to simple and plain text posts. Photos and pictures are an amazing way to increase interaction, but short and compelling videos effectively attract customers’ attention.

One of the major benefits of adding video content on your website is that the video tends to start as the customer visits the website, making the website more interesting and interactive.

By embedding video content on your website you can increase the interaction with the users and make the website more pleasing to the eye. The video engagement helps create brand awareness as more people tend to watch short videos, which builds a good connection with visitors.

#3 Embedding Facebook Feed in the Form of Reviews

A new customer will always look to read all the reviews regarding the product and business before making any purchase. The reviews provide a brief about the product and business to the customer, and hence, reviews are very important for a customer.

People often share their reviews and experiences with products and businesses over social media and especially on Facebook. By displaying those reviews on the website, you provide social proof, and the user gets a piece of knowledge about the product without leaving the screen.

The reviews often help businesses to win customers’ trust and build a strong relationship with the customer and business. 

#4 Embedding Facebook Feed in the form of Albums

A single photo content can create such miracles for the business in winning trust and enchasing brand awareness. Now, imagine the impact a business can create with the help of all photo albums. 

You can also categorize the albums into your different products giving the customer ease to go through these albums. It helps to build a good brand image and boosts the sales of the business.

#5 Embedding Facebook Feed in the form of Posts

Texts and written posts can also be interesting choices and can spark interest in the customers’ minds. A well-written material provides details about the product and the business. 

You can provide blogs and other written material to your customers by using the Facebook feed in the form of Posts, you can even ask questions or conduct a poll. It keeps the users engaged on the website and helps you make a good connection with the customers.

#6 Embedding Facebook Feed in the form of Sidebar Widget

Embedding Facebook Feed in the form of a sidebar widget is an effective way to promote your product or provide a quick update. It is an excellent method to grab the users’ attention as you can make your feed appear on each page of the website. 

The sidebar widget provides a great opportunity to provide brief details about the latest updates. Many brands use this tool to promote their limited-time sales and to promote their new product. It provides high exposure to the business and creates a great impact on the customers’ minds.

#7 Embedding Facebook Feed in the form of Slideshow

A slideshow layout is an interesting method to display your product and provide a little detail about your business. 

Slideshows are often taken as an extension to the sidebar widget, as you can project the slideshow on each page of your website. 

It makes your website a little more attractive and helps you build curiosity in your customer’s minds about your product and your business.

Awesome Benefits of using Facebook Feed on Your Website

Embedding Facebook on the website is an effective way to increase your sales and enhance your brand awareness; the feed also adds the following benefits for your website and business.

1. Makes your website engaging

In this digital world, the website works as a face for brands, so it is important to make your website stand out from the rest. It helps to create a good impression on the visitors. Facebook feed helps you make your website more attractive, and the regular updates on the feed keep the visitors engaged on the website and sparks some interest in their minds.

2. Decrease bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to when the visitors close the website window after visiting just a single page on your website. As mentioned above, the feed makes the website more attractive and engaging; it helps to decrease the bounce rate and increases website traffic. Website traffic is an important marketing tool for a business, as it helps to get a better rank on search engines.

3. Helps To Increase Facebook Followers

The Facebook feed embedded on the website links your business website and your Facebook business page. Hence, when a visitor visits your website, he gets a sneak of your Facebook page and has the option to follow your page to get all the latest updates and announcements. Brands nowadays pay more attention to their social media following as it is one the best way to measure their social media reputation.

4. Boosts User Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the excellent marketing tools for brands. As more users create content for their brand, the more recognition the brand gets. It often helps businesses to strengthen their social media presence. The Facebook feed on the website collects this user-generated content and displays them on your website. The user feels valued to get a feature on the website, motivating them to create more content. 


Facebook widget showcasing the Facebook feed is an amazing tool for your website. It makes your website appealing and provides social proof, and provides reviews to your customer. It helps customers in their buying decision and also helps you to establish brand awareness.

By embedding Facebook feed on your website you can get an edge over your competitors, and it helps you stand out from the crowd. The above examples are the best ways to use your Facebook widget. It increases your brand awareness and attracts more customers.


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