Elliot Berard Reveals the Game Plan behind Various Online Courses


These days, many online courses can be seen with very attractive advertisements and claims of changing people’s lives!  However, what is the game plan behind all these courses? Are they really worth the money and time people may spend? 

Elliot Berard

Elliot Berard, is an entrepreneur, who has taken it upon himself to reveal the truth. He is an avid learner, who usually signs up for all these online courses so that he can identify whether that particular course is as rewarding as the advertisement has claimed. Although, it may not sound like a too thrilling hobby, Eliot enjoyed such self-education!

As a result, Elliot started a blog website ibuyireview.com, where he started writing about all those courses so that it can help the interested people who were attracted by the advertisement of the course provider.

People can now visit this website to know more about the complex e-Learning landscape to get a better picture before joining such courses. In this process, Elliot learned about different online courses just as a student, and thus he became a more knowledgeable person to review that specific program. 

Initially, Elliot had to really struggle a lot prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As he had to enroll in all those courses that had claimed a very successful career. All these had also cost him a lot, however, in this way he could find programs that were really useful.

Today, through his review clogs he has earned so much that now he can spend his time with his own family and can enjoy life by doing what he really enjoys doing.

Elliot wanted to assist the neighborhood businesses in making money since he had seen firsthand how hard they had to work to survive. He found the Local Marketing Vault, a program that revolutionized his way of life.

Local and small business companies can learn how to conduct targeted paid ads to create leads. Although no prior knowledge of the digital market is required to begin the course, it does teach everything from scratch to prevent students from becoming confused in the complex lingo.

Elliot had a poor experience booking a vacation. He took the initiative to assess Legendary Preferred Destinations’ membership outside of his comfort zone. The members are lured into resort credits because they can only use a certain number per excursion. 

Using resort credits will cost a family a lot of money so that everyone may have fun. The purpose of the presentation on how to spend resort credits is to persuade customers to buy the worst package.

Members quickly discover that the hotel food is horrible, the service is slow, the staff is irritated, the cleaning service is appalling, and the constant selling destroys the vacation atmosphere.

There is no way to terminate the legendary membership. Elliot believes it is preferable to make money online and take a holiday without utilizing resort credits.

Elliott also examined the marketing courses offered by Douglas James. He discovered that some entrepreneurs can benefit from the course. Since 2002, DJ has worked as a full-time digital marketer. DJ thinks that with the correct instruction, it is possible to make money from home. 

DJ launched a variety of courses, including those on SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and WordPress.

Douglas advises people to heed his words alone and earn money without working. According to his easy digital marketing techniques, he can get wealthy.

The problem is that he does not specify what work students must undertake in order to make money. He says he would reveal his success formula, but he never does. In DJ courses, Elliot discovered a lack of openness.

Elliott reviews the shows he purchases for his audience. It is beneficial for small business owners to enroll in the worthwhile and beneficial ones.

Who is Elliot Berard?

Elliot Berard is an entrepreneur having a wife and 2 pet cats. He can be considered a night owl who just cannot help, but keep signing up for certain new courses just to make sure that they are really worth their value.

Although, it is not any exciting hobby, however, he enjoys doing what he does, and enrolling in a certain new course is just one of them. After joining a few such courses, he figured out why not use this hobby in something very useful?

So, he started writing a blog about all those online courses where he had enrolled so far during his spare time.

In those blogs, he will mention how he lost his money by joining a certain online course that appears so attractive in the advertisement, but it is nothing but spam! However, occasionally he also came across certain courses that were really worth the diamond!

He was almost giving up writing his blogs and also his hobby of joining various online courses until he hit the jackpot! Now, he is on top of the world and drawing an online income of anything between 30 and 40K every month!

Initially, Eliot never thought that such a thing can really happen in his life. After he wrote a few reviews on those courses that he had enrolled he talked to a few of his friends about it. As a result, a few of them as well as a few other people also signed up.

Not only Elliot was able to talk to his friends about his hobby for which most of them even did not sign up, but he was able to track their success, as well.

Now, Elliot wonders what he achieved, was it just a fluke?

Sure enough, a few months later, all his friends who also enrolled started achieving a similar kind of revenue to what he was still enjoying, and that is when he learned that the program that he recommended was really a legitimate source of income. 

Local Marketing Vault

One of the courses named Local Marketing Vault got him to where he is now at present, and it truly outshines all other online courses that Elliot has tried so far.

It is quite simple, where one can learn how to generate leads for any small, local businesses just by making certain super simple funnels and then running highly-targeted paid ads.

Any business owner will be ready to pay because they actually do not have any time or even know how they can do it themselves. Therefore, not only can a person put money in his pocket, but he is also giving that business owner his time back and also helping him succeed in his business!

Here is the process:

  • One has to simply copy the website address and paste it, it is as simple as that! 
  • Then he has to add lead tracking software and again copy-paste.
  • After that just run paid ads for getting leads 
  • Obtain a client for taking the leads as most businesses are quite desperate for leads. In the training, one can learn how to find the right leads 

That is all one has to do, which can lead anyone to move to a beach house, as Elliot could! 

The best part of this course is that one need not be an expert in digital marketing to understand the content of this course. They will teach everything right from the ground up to ensure that the person signed up is not lost in a sea of confusing jargon.

Additionally, they provide a ton of examples and resources at every stage to make sure the procedure is user-friendly for the course participant. The course provides a vast library of training modules that will teach one all they need to know from scratch and remove all room for speculation.

There is no need to start from scratch because they even have numerous things done, such as ads, funnels, and tested templates. One only needs to follow the steps.

Any queries that anyone may have will also be addressed.

This course includes everything one might possibly need, including precise instructions on how to create an advertising campaign and sales funnel.

Additionally, there is a VIP Facebook group for the course where the founders are frequently present to answer queries, host coaching sessions, conduct twice-weekly Q&As, and give free, individualized, counseling to their students.

One needs to put some effort into this straightforward technique, but he has all the tools at his disposal to make it happen. Flowcharts, resources, individualized coaching, and a nearly 6,000-person support group.

When Elliot first saw this, he was completely stunned. When he first heard about it, he thought it sounded too good to be true, but after joining and seeing it firsthand, he realized it was true.

He gave up his flat and relocated to a beach property once he began earning a consistent income from this course. He no longer feels trapped and can pursue his goals and begin a new chapter in his life while taking in the beach views.

Some of the reviews of Elliot where he tells people not to join as they are nothing but a scam! For example:

AmazonProfits.co Reviews

Amazon profits present themselves as a scheme to make quick money. Even though they do not use those exact words, they do offer a lot of guarantees, which makes it challenging to believe the messaging presented on-site. 

There is also no way to identify the owner, hence there is no personal responsibility. Since nobody’s reputation is at risk, there is no motivation for them to try to maintain their legitimacy.

Personally, Elliot believes that in order to trust a course, a person must first be trusted. He needs to know that they at least have enough faith in their plan to approach him, present themselves, and reveal their true names.

This is not yet available on the website. Until someone enrolls in the training, no one is aware of where the funds are going or the true sponsor of the program.

If the Amazonprofits.co reviews are to be believed, the company was not going to last very long. It is terrible since there are some excellent, reputable training programs available in the field, and their creators genuinely care about what they teach.

However, these programs have a much easier time damaging the reputation of the actual ones than they do their own.

One simply needs to be constantly on the lookout for scams to live as an internet user, which entails evaluating every transaction as “guilty unless proven innocent.”

Second Income Center

Another swindle, Second Income Center will want the email address, card number, name, and location in exchange for the chance to make a lot of money using the home computer.

All they will provide is access to their site, where users can examine various offers to assist with working from home. 

Nothing of the sort, including training, promises, or connections to employers. Elliot has observed many individuals attempt to make money with some of the poorest arrangements, and it has never succeeded. The fact that the site is still active today genuinely still surprises him.

These offerings do not need to be excellent, genuine, or truly accessible. All they need to do is provide the landing page. These incentives frequently require additional purchases.

In essence, one can submit his information to their platform to have his money ground via their associate mill. When they are through, someone might have a little cash, but it is unlikely to be the $1,500 each week they claim.

A risk-free money-back guarantee is allegedly offered by Second Income Center. This ought to allay any concerns one may have concerning the program.

After all, if it is genuine, nobody will require their money back. One can just get his money back if it is a fraud or does not work, right? 

On the website, there is no mention of their money-back guarantee. There is no way to get the money back without filing a chargeback with the bank, there is no way to contact their support team, and there is no way to contact their staff.

Chargebacks are challenging for sites to win with banks because all they need to show is that the customer received the item they ordered.

They are pressuring someone to buy access to something he does not even understand with the limited information on their landing page and the credit card form right there winning the case with the bank will be simple.

Not to add that there is a deadline for filing a complaint with a business.


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