Eliminating The Ant Menace

Eliminating The Ant Menace

Are you the one who is done with seeing ant trails everywhere in their house? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Here you will find everything you need to know about ant infestation. Ants are small but annoying insects. One of the main characteristics of ants is, they are very resilient and can stay anywhere on the earth except oceans. Because of being suitable for every habitat it is very tough to deal with them. Most of the time you try to eliminate ants on your own, you may have seen success in this but only for a few days, right? Today we will try to gather some knowledge about why you need professional ant control services in Brisbane to exterminate ants from your house. But before that let’s know some interesting facts about ants.

Some Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants can enter your home even through a small crevice. In search of food and water, they enter your residence through small holes around doors or windows.

Ants may get attracted to your green plants and hence they may find a home in your garden or around the roots of your indoor plants.

Your leaking pipes may provide a good moist environment to ants. They love staying around filthy pipes.

They release a chemical known as pheromones that attract other ants and that is how they form scent trails. They always move in a row to save themselves from any danger.

Why Should You Not Deal With Ants On Your Own?

Although ant infestation is not something very unusual in households. But at the same time, no one likes ant trails in and around their house. They roam around your kitchen countertops, dining area, bathroom, and as well as in your garden. Ant infestations become more irritating when it bites you with their needle-like stings. An ant’s bite can trigger allergic reactions in many people. Ants are very much able to contaminate your food as well. 

Therefore it is very important to get rid of these small creatures as soon as possible. There are ample amounts of home remedies that are available to eliminate ants from your house, they can be very beneficial depending on the severity of ant infestations. However, you must know dealing with ants with homemade DIYs may not be the ultimate treatment. Because you can only kill ants that are visible to you. When it comes to professional treatment against ants, pest control services in Brisbane make sure they eliminate all the ants from your house whether they are visible or hidden.

What To Do Before The Arrival Of Ant Control Services?

Getting rid of ants can be a very hassling process. Therefore pest control services usually ask you to do certain things before they arrive at your place. In case you fail to prepare your house for treatment it could lead to re-infestation and also makes treatment unsafe. Let’s discuss those steps briefly.


It is very essential to clean kitchen racks, food crumbs and sweep floors. Make sure you do not leave any food source for ants, it will make baits less effective if you fail to do so.


You must keep all the edibles in pest-proof containers. Tightly packed jars will not invite any ant near them.

Empty your bins 

Trash-filled bins can lure ants in and around them. If you fail to empty your bins it may become a permanent home for ants.

Get Ready To Explain Everything To The Pest Controllers

This step is very obvious, you must be prepared with each detail about the ant’s infestation in your house. You should be able to tell them about the corners where you see ants trails most commonly.

How Do Ant Control Services In Brisbane Eliminate Ant Infestations?

Once you have explained everything to ant controllers, the rest should be left on them. They will start doing their job as soon as they arrive at your home. They will start with proper inspection of your house to see all the traces of ants and end with eliminating them from each corner. You may need to be patient throughout the process. However, it is important to have a little bit of an idea about what exterminators will do inside your house. Let us discuss the same.

Identifying The Cause And Species Of Ants Involved

Ant exterminators always prefer to identify the cause of the infestation. They dig deep into it and reach to the reason for ant’s infestation in your house. Their first job will be to remove the cause and to make your home free from re-infestation. Identifying the species of the ants can be very helpful to plan treatment and what type of bait will be more suitable for their termination. You must know there are more than a hundred species of ants.

Evaluation Of The Type Of Ant Infestation

To make a treatment plan it is very important to evaluate the type of ant infestations that is there inside your house. Ant exterminators need to gather as much information as they can about their client’s family. It is very important to know every bit of the client before planning any treatment against ant’s infestation to avoid any adverse effects. For example, the treatment that is used to eliminate ant hills can be dangerous for kids, pets, and old age individuals living in the house.

Administration Of Appropriate Treatment 

After so much inspection and evaluation, ant control services in Brisbane finally start treatment. Treatment can be in the form of baits as well as in the form of an organic insecticidal spray. However, bait treatment is the most effective and commonly used treatment by exterminators. In this process, they use scout ants to wipe out their whole colony. Scout ants roam around in search of food that is when they consume baits assuming them as food. Once they take the bait they get poisoned and when they go back to their nest they infect and kill other ants as well.


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