El Al Airlines Customer Services Phone Number

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El Al Airlines Limited, also referred to as El Al Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, is the flag carrier of Israel. It operates scheduled services to over 65 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America from its main hub at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv and two secondary hubs at Sde Dov Airport, near the city of Rishon LeZion and Herzliya Airport, north of Tel Aviv. It employs 4,555 people worldwide, with a fleet of 40 Boeing aircraft and another 3 leased from El Al Airlines Customer Services Cargo Wing.

Pre-call Planning

What Kind of Information Will You Need? If you don’t know what information you need before your conversation, it can become a frustrating back-and-forth where you ask for too much and get nothing useful. So make sure to give yourself ample time to do research so that when you speak with your contact at El Al Airlines, you are prepared with all of the facts about your flight. What Next? The two most important things for preparing for a El Al Airlines Phone call with El Al Customer Service Number are: · How long will it take me to get from point A to point B? · When I want to leave from point A and arrive at point B, is there an available flight that fits my schedule?

Call 1 El Al Phone Number (Live chat)

If you want to contact El Al Airways customer Service but you’re not sure if they have a live chat feature, just call them and ask. This can give you an idea of what it’s like to reach out to them, and if their support team is helpful in handling issues. Depending on how quickly they reply, you can even get an idea of how fast their average response time is. Keep in mind that average response times are subject to change depending on when you reach out to them (during peak hours or off-peak). If there isn’t any way for you to contact El Al Phone Number, skip ahead to Step 2 below.

Call 2 El Al Contact Number (Twitter direct message)

Social media is a good way to directly contact the El Al Customer Service team, according to its Twitter profile. To reach a representative via direct message on Twitter, send @ElAl an inbox message with your question or complaint and you should get a response within 12 hours, El Al states on its El Al Airlines Official Site. If you don’t get one right away (or it takes longer than that), be patient and give it time; if your problem can’t wait for an answer, try another method of contact. Don’t forget to follow your airline’s Twitter account so you’ll have easy access to these messages in case you need them later.

Call 3 (El Al Customer service Number)

This number can help you with all sorts of El Al Customer Service concerns. You can reach them at any time during their open hours, which are: Monday-Friday 9 am – 4 pm, and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm. During those times they’ll be able to assist you with questions like: I bought my ticket online, but now I’m stuck in New York and don’t have a flight to Israel. Can I get a refund? Is there an after-hours number where I can reach someone right away? And many more…


El Al is an airline that takes pride in their flying experience and they want to ensure you enjoy your flight, so they provide a El Al Customer Service Number that can help answer any questions you may have. Customers who are having difficulty with their flights can call into the El Al Customer Service line for assistance. You will receive courteous answers to your questions and if you need extra help, representatives will get on the phone with you until your issue is resolved. If a representative cannot resolve your issue over the phone, they will send someone to speak with you in person. If there is something wrong with your ticketing or boarding process, representatives will try and assist with any issues and make sure everything runs smoothly before take off.


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