Egyptian Scarab History

Egyptian Scarab

The Egyptian Scarab is an ancient religious and cultural symbol and was one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egypt.

What is a Scarab?

The Egyptian Scarab, or “Scarabaeus sacer”, or “sacred scarab” as it is known today, is an ancient Egyptian amulet. These sculptures depicted various symbolisms relating to Egyptian society during Ancient Egypt.

An Ancient Egyptian Scarab (Baky’s Peep or BA, as it is sometimes called) features a small head, smaller than a poppy seed, with a set of large jaws and two piercing eyes. The upper jaw has a protrusion which represents a small thorax, while the lower jaw has a protrusion which represents a small abdomen. The common Egyptian Scarab depicts a tiny five-pointed star located in the middle of the thorax and abdomen, while the wings are shaped like crescent moons or roses.

History of the Scarab

The ancient Egyptians believed the scarab could bring about rain and crop yields, so they would keep them around for good luck.

The scarab was an important part of ancient Egyptian culture and history. Egyptologist John Wilson states that they “are of significance to the Egyptians because they are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and life.

Why were they Created?

Scarabs are amulets of ancient Egyptian origin, made from stone, bone, or metal and usually inscribed with a symbol representing the sun. The beetle of the family Scarabaeidae was viewed as a potent and capable creature and so it became associated with immortality and eternal life in ancient Egypt. But what else can we learn about the history of the scarab? Read on to find out more.

This post was created to educate readers on the origins of these amulets. They are one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egypt.

Possible Meanings of the Ancient Egyptian Scarab:

The scarab is sometimes depicted as the “god’s eye” and is the depiction of the sun god Ra.

How Were They Made?

Did you know that the scarab beetle is one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egyptian history, art, and culture? It was even adopted by the Greeks. The scarab beetle is the only insect mentioned in Egyptian literature. It also played an important role in Egyptian funerary practices. But do you know how it got this way? Read on to learn more about the history of this beloved creature and its importance to society.

They usually would also paint them with black or white drawings, like the one below.

An Epic History of the Egyptian Scarab:

One of the earliest forms of the Egyptian scarab is a scaraboid from the Neolithic period. It was around sharp or slightly cuneiform-shaped artifacts. It is found on the present-day islet of Santorini, the Greek island featured in the movie “Clash of the Titans”.

What Do Scarabs Symbolize?

There are many different theories behind the evolution of these symbols, but we can trace the origins to the Egyptian religion, and their creator, the goddess Hathor. Hathor was a fertility goddess, believed to be the mother goddess of the Egyptians. She was known as the “mother of the world” because she shared both male and female characteristics, and was associated with love and beauty. She was also the creator of the world and nurtured the sun god, Ra, and his creation. Ra created the world from the breath of the sun god, Ra.

One theory of how the scarab came to be is that it represented the life and rebirth of the sun god, Ra. They were also created by Ra to represent the abundance of all-natural resources.

The History of the Egyptian Scarab: What you need to know

The Egyptian Scarab is a beautiful and timeless piece of art. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the history of the scarab, what it symbolizes, and what you need to know when dealing with them.

The word “scarab” comes from an ancient Egyptian word meaning “to turn.”

The History of the Scarab

Before the Egyptians came up with the Egyptian symbol, the scarab was a sign of fertility in Babylonia, Sumeria, and Assyria. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptian scarab had a very different meaning.

The Egyptian Scarab symbolized prosperity. At the beginning of a new year, the new pharaoh was given a scarab symbolizing good fortune. When the new year turned to the next, the scarab would turn into a snake and be symbolically brought back to the owner. At the time, the Egyptians were very superstitious and believed that the scarab symbolized longevity, good fortune, and good health.

The Scarab God, also known as the God of Time, is not very well-known today. His name means “he who counts” or “He who has dominion.

What Does a Scarab Mean?

The scarab itself symbolizes a transformation. It began as an insect and in its most basic form, it is a simple insect. If you take one insect and put it in water it will transform into a living heart.

While most people refer to the scarab as a symbol of resurrection or change, it’s important to understand that the word “miracles” comes from the same word.

A scarab is a symbol of transformation and a symbol of one of the most important events in the Egyptian religion. The reason is that the scarab first started as an insect before transforming into a living heart.

Where Can I Find a Scarab?

Here are some places you can find a scarab for sale.

At a Judaica store: Several Judaica shops around the world specialize in selling scarabs.

: Several Judaica shops around the world specialize in selling scarabs. At a Judaica dealer: Judaica dealers will usually have several scarabs for sale at their stores, including live ones.

: Judaica dealers will usually have several scarabs for sale at their stores, including live ones. At a Judaica boutique: You’ll find scarabs at a Judaica boutique or consignment shop.

: You’ll find scarabs at a Judaica boutique or consignment shop. At a Judaica shop: The most commonly sold scarabs at Judaica shops are antique.

: The most commonly sold scarabs at Judaica shops are antique.

How Do I Care for My Scarab?

You can also “fill” your scarab with sand, dirt, or wet clay and place it on top of the scarab after the ceremony. In the past, people also used gunpowder to destroy the scarab.

Today, you can easily destroy your scarab by removing it from the statue’s head.

How To Preserve Your Scarab:

As mentioned before, there is no way to keep the Egyptian Scarab in good condition as it is delicate and irreplaceable.

For some, the thought of destroying the Egyptian Scarab is inconceivable. However, if it does happen to happen, remember that it is just an inanimate object. Remember that you did nothing wrong and this is simply how things go.


The scarab symbolizes the power of not allowing life’s obstacles to change the way you think or feel about life.

A scarab never stops trying to fulfill its purpose, no matter how hard it gets. A scarab never gives up because life will always make it have to. It is a symbol of the hustle and bustle of life, but also for perseverance and overcoming obstacles in life.

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The word “scarab” comes from the Greek “skeirarabein” which means “to turn.” Read on to learn more about these fascinating beetles, their significance to ancient Egyptians, and the cultural impact they make today.

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