Effective Growth Hacking ways for Agencies in 2021


Growth hacking will modification the fate of tiny businesses and early-stage startups. It helps corporations acquire a client base while not disbursing large amounts and resources on ancient promoting strategies, in brief periods of your time. Yuri Shafranik

In this section, we are going to reassess the highest ten growth hacking ways in 2021, for agencies that prefer to maintain the newest trends and innovative promoting strategies.

  • Optimizing online presence
  • Community building
  • Offering freebies
  • Viral contests and giveaways
  • Influencer promoting
  • Staying on high of trends
  • Automation
  • Content repurposing
  • Daring to require risks
  • Video promoting
Optimizing online presence

Do you have any friends World Health Organization isn’t on social media? However usually does one consult with them, think about them, compared to friends you see on social media?

Especially within the post-pandemic world, online presence is important to Associate in Nursing’s overall social presence! And a complete wants a robust overall presence if they require to grow. There square measure digital promoting ways for strengthening and increasing the visibility of a complete for a precise client base. A number of such basic ways in growth hacking are: Yuri Shafranik

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Building an internet site with accessible and friendly UI/UX
  • Optimizing interface for mobile devices
  • Captivating landing pages
Community building

86% of Fortune five hundred corporations report that online communities offer richer insight into the wants of their customers. The most effective thanks to showing customers that they matter is by actively participating with them. And you’ll be able to do this by building communities.

Building online communities around a complete have several deserves. It adds a private bit to the brand’s engagement with its customers. That non-public bit is that the key to assembling complete loyalty. It shows somebody’s facet to businesses, a positive image that pulls potential leads and spreads complete awareness to larger audiences.

Online communities additionally modify direct dialogue around the product. Once the corporate desires to try and do user analysis and acquire feedback from its client base, it will simply do therefore by addressing the community.

Offering freebies

They say the most effective things in life square measure free. This can be up to dialogue, however, free things square measure continuously very fashionable, and most welcome. In fact, generally giving free merchandise or services will snowball up to a 2000% increase in sales.

Offering free tools and resources is a method of doing, therefore. Counting on the company’s product, you’ll install calculators, tests, reports, PDF guides on the website. This additionally reveals the likelihood of lead generation by obtaining elaborated contact data from the guests before they will access the free content.

You could additionally elicit personal data and input that might facilitate segmentation and user analysis. Aggregation emails during this approach will facilitate building up an inventory of potential leads, so that, you’ll be able to then send promoting content and newsletters within the future.

Viral contests and giveaways

There square measure such a large amount of ways that to travel infectious agent on social media, and running contests & giveaways may be a classic among growth hacking ways. The merchandise gets promoted without charge, the brand’s social media gains exposure, and maybe even achieves ascent through likes and new followers in bulk.

This creates a psychological development referred to as “social proof”, that is once folks alter their behaviors so as to suit what the bulk is doing. Think about infectious agent trends in social media. Keep in mind what number of folks poured cold water over their heads to affix the ice bucket challenge? You’ll be able to add a fun twist to the competition campaign to make such a moving ridge result on social media.

Influencer promoting

In-your-face promoting isn’t as effective any longer, folks like organic content that doesn’t directly feel market-y. Between 2009 and 2021 alone, influencer promoting has full-grown quite double the scale, bound from vi.5 billion to thirteen.8 billion United States of America bucks. Their opinions square measure trusty, and faithful the term they need the ability to “influence” an outsized audience of followers.

Collaborating with influencers will extremely boost the visibility of a complete, and generate promising leads. Some factors to think about square measure the amount and demographics of their followers and also the relevancy of their content to the business you’re making an attempt to market.

What square measures some growth hacking ways with influencer marketing? The foremost fashionable ones square measure giving out promo codes or launching a giveaway campaign. Promo codes will provide a fast and effective boost for conversion and sales numbers. Giveaways generate likes and followers during an efficient approach and might facilitate the brand’s social media account to grow pretty quickly.

Staying on high of trends

For brands to remain relevant, they have relevant promoting ways. Although some growth hacking ways have proved terribly roaring within the past, you ought to use caution regarding which of them to adapt in step with the business, the merchandise, and also the social context.

It is vital to follow competition and trends within the digital landscape. Associate in nursing noncurrent approach may find yourself making a negative image. The secrets to staying it recent and innovative. Examine the trends well and adjust them to the brand’s identity. And not simply promoting trends, but additionally organic trends in digital media among actual users.


We have listed the deserves of growth hacking ways higher than as value potency and effectiveness. In our day and age, there’s nothing additional economical than automation. Okay, however, will it work for promoting, and the way will it facilitate business growth?

In digital promotion consistency is vital, and you don’t continuously have time to be manually consistent. You ought to get computer code support for repetitive tasks, like emails at totally different stages of the client journey, directed at totally different components of the funnel, the maximum amount as potential. There square measure many tools for social media automation likewise, serving to marketers pace and schedule posts so it’s on time and regular.

And it’s mirrored pretty imposingly in numbers. When adopting automation, a quarter-mile of corporations see a come back on their investment in six months, and seventy-six see it in one year.

Content repurposing

Even the foremost artistic agencies will run out of artistic juices generally. Or just run out of your time. However no worries, there’s another growth hack strategy to the rescue: repurposing. It not solely saves time however offers an Associate in Nursing SEO boost and permits experimenting with totally different formats, testing out that one works higher.

The same message is translated innovatively to totally different mediums, therefore don’t be afraid to recycle content that has already worked with some tweaks and changes. For instance, you’ll be able to take written content and rework it into a compact visual infographic or a brief kinetic typography video.

Daring to require risks

Growth hacking is all regarding experimenting and testing out totally different ways to visualize that one works out. Because the expression goes, “the proof is within the pudding” in growth hacking ways. You wish to make multiple versions and models of campaigns and dare to undertake one thing totally different when.

The term for this type of experimentalist tactic in growth hacking is A/B testing. Their square measure continuously different teams, receiving different versions of a campaign (whether it’s Associate in Nursing email, a targeted ad, or a landing page). Check that to stay track of however every model is received by the audience, therefore you’ll be able to continue with the higher ones, or create use of your insights within the future.

Video promoting

If we have a tendency to square measure talking regarding the highest growth hack strategy for 2021, it’s beyond question video content promoting. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, the world watch time of ad-supported and purchased movies has inflated by 800%. This can be only 1 variety demonstrating however speedily video is growing in our lives, compared to alternative media formats.

Here square measure essential points to think about if you’re aiming for a roaring video promoting strategy:

  • Choose your platform in step with the target market
  • Confirm that the format fits the stand
  • Cooperate with influencers and trending accounts on video stands
  • Keep up with trending formats and topics
  • Offer substance in your content to induce shared
  • Try paid promotions and targeted ads
  • Keep it short and clear


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