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What is the definition of an influencer? (influencer marketing Singapore)

A person who has acquired credibility in a given industry specialty is referred to as an influencer. A YouTube channel star, blogger, industry expert, or social activist can all be considered influencers.

Influencer marketing, to take it a step further, is an ecommerce approach that focuses on employing social influencers to spread your brand’s message to a bigger audience rather than promoting directly to them.

Instead, you employ influencers to contact these people on your behalf!

Social media marketing and content marketing are two more ecommerce methods that frequently work hand-in-hand with influencer marketing.

Influencers are a great method to add gasoline to the fire because social proof is spreading like wildfire on social media these days! Influencers wield enough social clout to persuade their big audiences to advocate, buy, and follow a brand they discuss or feature on their pages.

Why Do You Need Influencers in Your Business? (influencer marketing Singapore)

People care about social proof. Brands are having a hard time building solid trust with their target audiences these days. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of people prefer personal recommendations over brand recommendations, even if they don’t know the person.

For you, internet trust equals sales!

Nearly 40% of Twitter users claim they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer, according to Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram can have much larger figures!

People trust other people, therefore using influencer marketing to boost your company’s trust is a good idea. When you partner with an influencer, you not only gain access to their dedicated following, but you also gain access to an audience that already trusts them and, by implication, you!

Influencers can generate traffic to your website, improve your social media exposure, and sell your products to their “dedicated” fans.

It’s a symbiotic partnership with a lot of power! (influencer marketing Singapore)

One of the most efficient strategies to acquire clients is through influencer marketing. After all, today’s consumers are not the same as those who came before them. They want to make their own purchase decisions, free of your advertisements.

Rather, people want to hear about your company from someone they can trust.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful ecommerce approach to build trust in your brand, influencers could be the answer!

Basics of Influencer Ecommerce Strategy

Make sure you have a suitable plan in place before you pay or compensate someone to market your brand. When it comes to influencer marketing, there are three crucial steps to remember:

  • Identification of Influencers
  • Content That Matters and Its Dissemination
  • Performance

You’ll need to identify your audience, create specific goals, and specify how you’ll assess success along this process!


You’ll need to identify the major influencers in your target audience once you’ve determined who they are. To discover the “perfect fit,” you’ll need to be thoughtful with your ecommerce strategy.

For your ecommerce business, a “ideal influencer” will be someone who shares your brand’s tone, style, and mission. You’re not just paying someone to say “buy this”—you’re looking for someone who can develop significant content around your company’s goals.

You’ll want to discover an influencer who is popular on the correct platforms in addition to locating the proper influencer. Influencers can be found in a variety of venues, including social media and blogs.

The Internet and Social Media

You can use social media monitoring to locate influencers in the genre or area you’ve chosen for your ecommerce campaign. If you own a weighted blanket company, for example, you’ll want to discover a social media influencer who is:

  • In the fitness/health industry, it’s quite popular.
  • Posts a lot of fitness-related content.
  • Partner with retailers and locations where you’d like to offer your product.
  • Creates promotions and giveaways for followers.
  • Participates at fitness conferences.

If you’re reading through social media accounts, look at hashtags to see which ones your target audience is using.

You may uncover active influencers who are chatting to your target audience by listening into hashtags.

Once you’ve weeded out the influencers that appear to be a good fit for your brand, I recommend making a list of them so you can keep track of them. Make use of social media following apps such as Hootsuite.


Look for well-known bloggers in addition to social media influencers!

Bloggers are, without a doubt, some of the most well-known influencers. According to a Technorati research, 86 percent of influencers also run at least one blog. One of the advantages of targeting bloggers is that they are extremely active on a variety of social media platforms.

It’s like getting twice as much exposure!

Begin your search for popular bloggers for your brand by looking for blogs that cater to your target demographic. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential candidates, browse through their posts to see if they write about themes that are relevant to your target audience.

After you’ve compiled a list of contextually relevant bloggers, look into their SEO analytics and social media profiles to determine which ones will provide the most exposure for your target audience.


More than just having someone say “purchase this now” should be part of your ecommerce strategy.

Being overly blatant with influencer marketing is a common error made by ecommerce businesses. For example, suppose an influencer posts a snapshot of your product or service with the generic caption “check ’em out.”

I’m getting bored simply writing this! Please don’t go through with it…

The secret to successful influencer marketing is to create relevant content for your target audience. Your influencer marketing partnership’s content is what convinces people to trust your brand and buy from you.

But, in order to accomplish all of this, you’ll need exceptional content.

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