Easy beach hopping in Dubai with a rental car

Easy beach hopping in Dubai with a rental car
Easy beach hopping in Dubai with a rental car

Connected by seven emirates, Dubai is a premium travel destination for many. It is an urban area that is very attractive and attracts young people from all over the world with an emerging economy. With a diverse culture like the UAE, there is plenty to explore here, mainly museums, art galleries, folk music, and other attractions. The beach will continue to be the most sought-after spot in the UAE, at least for young people.

Known by many names such as Russian Beach, Open Beach, and Jumeirah Open Beach, it is free in all regions. Originally, the beach was often used by the Russians, hence the name. Joggers will not be disappointed to see the Aficionado beach track. The track can be used for cycling and roller skating like other beach activities. Nearby malls provide all the refreshments you need, such as cafeterias and restaurants. A car rental service in Dubai is the top choice for young people to travel to the beach because of the myriad benefits of their facilities.

The next beach to hit is Kite Beach and as the name implies

People gather here for kitesurfing. Some people refer to it as Wollongong Beach because it is located just behind Wollongong. You will love the serene atmosphere at the exhibition here and the long walk on the beach is incredibly satisfying. There aren’t many benefits to using it here, so it’s advisable to carry your essentials. This is a convenient place for a group of excited youngsters driving around Dubai for car rental in Dubai is an easy process where you can choose from a lot of options.

Traveling between tough guys around your own age works best when renting a car when you’re splitting up most of the expenses like rent Cullinan Dubai and fuel charges. Private rental cars, especially in the unknown and in new countries, have an increased amount of security. The rash zones can be ruled in an ideal car and you can visit most of the Dubai zones.

Also, the provocative turret goes to the beach which is very close to Dragon Beach. The vast expanse of the beach leads to the famous Burj Al Arab. Its location makes it extremely popular and its long stretch makes it even more attractive. Playing volleyball and football with your companions can be enjoyed as it becomes easier to navigate the wide expanses of Burj Beach. Enjoy Dubai and its beaches in the comfort of your rental car, getting anywhere you want easily.

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6 Realizes the aspect of NRIs in Dubai

Dubai is popular not only because of its tall structure and architecture but also because of many other reasons.  And some think it is the vision of the leaders that played a key role in its development. Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest tower, Palm Jumeirah a man-made island, Emirates Airlines – the best airline in the world, Dubai Airport – Dubai Metro launched and biennial mall – the world’s largest mall All important sight milestones have been successfully planned and executed, and Over the years, which have claimed futile perseverance and enduring character, Dubai’s leaders have certainly proved it. 

These achievements are admirable in this turbulent time when it is difficult to practice what you preach. And without fail, this city continues to negotiate.

Everything in Dubai is done in a great style – big, big, number 1, the world’s best

Unique, tall, very high-quality goal-setting goal. No stone has been left untouched and the rulers are ready to work hard, sacrifice, and invest what is needed to be world-class.

 During my stay I have noticed that most of my Indian friends, colleagues, acquaintances and clients have appreciated these six aspects of Dubai:

Easy beach hopping in Dubai with a rental car
Easy beach hopping in Dubai with a rental car
  1. Lifestyle – The life of this growing emirate is great and the best part about it is that an ordinary person can live a high standard of living, which is a distant dream in many countries.
  2. Food – At the time of Khaleej, there were 202 different nationalities living in Dubai. This means that there is more opportunity to experience multi-ethnic cultures, traditions, values, and customs. Of course, you can’t miss a plethora of delicious food. Most of the world-famous cuisine can be easily stored here in the case of Indian food like Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, French, English, Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian, etc. – Kerala, Andhra, Mughlai, Mangalorean, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujarati, etc.
  3. Car-Driving the car of your dreams is not a big deal here. At any time in the parking lots, you will find more luxury than mid-range cars. And these dazzling automobiles driv by all sections of the population, including the working class.

4) Architecture – Its modern architecture is invincible and reflects the ambitions, vision, and goals of the city.

  1. The cost of living here is not very expensive compare to other big cities in the world. Anyone with a middle income can easily save money every month. A labor-class expatriate who can only dream of luxury in his own country can easily find it in this desert.
Tax. Duty-free income – Income tax-free, along with other fees

which increases your surplus income by at least 35% compared to your own country.

Dubai is modern, flexible, opportunistic, open, and accepting. It invites everything that seems appropriate for its development, to acquire new technology, to invest in advanced infrastructure, and to recruit the best manpower from anywhere. Here I believe that it is better to buy a wheel than to reinvent it and that no one is smart enough to suck in the pit of being aboriginal.

There are many more reasons why people like this beautiful place and of course like others it also has certain limitations that eas disperse with plenty of opportunities to present the land.

Celebrate Ramadan in Dubai this year!

Don’t miss any opportunity to fly to Dubai and visit the city during Ramadan. Why? It is the most important month in Islam, so the city is alive and well with various religious and recreational ceremonies, festivals, and world-famous ‘Emirati hospitality.

One of the most important times in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan usu celebrate in July and August, and the moon mark towards the end of Ramadan. This year the city will celebrate this most awaited festival season from about 21/22 July 2012 to 20/21 August 2012.

Celebrating Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islamic values

To observe Ramadan, people “fast” from dawn to dusk. That is, they do not drink, eat, smoke, or have sex during daylight hours. I believe that fasting teaches humility and empathy for the less fortunate. At sunset, people break their fast by eating dates and juice or just drinking plain water.

During Ramadan, mosques in Dubai provide dates and water so that people can break their fast together before prayers. Later in the night, they have a grand dish called ‘Iftar’ which is available in most food shops and restaurants! The three-day-long ‘Eid-ul-Fitr festival at the end of Ramadan – followed by a public holiday when people celebrate the end of a month-long fast with their family and friends and enjoy a sumptuous feast together!

To emphasize the spiritual aspect of the event, various organizations, along with other government department partners, organize their family-oriented events and activities inspired by the holy month.

Since Dubai is a strict follower of Islam and Islamic law

Except for traditional music, no other music play in Dubai during Ramadan. Nightclubs close; No music allowed in pubs and bars and no concerts or music festivals during Ramadan. However, children, pregnant women, the very elderly or the chronically ill elderly, and those who travel more than 14 miles a day do not expect to fast during Ramadan. People expect to dress modestly during this holy month. Women expect to avoid tight and revealing clothing.

Follow the law to pay homage to the Islamic faith and the rich Arab culture while you are in Dubai during Ramadan. Staying in Dubai hotels near the city center will enable you to tour the city and enjoy the true meaning of an Islamic city that is happy to mingle with your holidays in Dubai!

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