Easy At Home Waxing Tips For Men


Are you fed up with shaving every couple of days to maintain your legs smooth? Perhaps you should consider trying waxing at home for men to get rid of unwanted  hair. Waxing is an easy and effective way to ensure that you are hair-free for more time than shaving.

However, going to the salon every couple of weeks to wax it professionally is costly. What’s the most cost-effective solution? DIY waxing!

It could be a daunting job for someone who has never done waxing at home. If you stick to these tips to wax at home, you’ll be an expert with flawless, smooth skin within a matter of minutes.


Preparing yourself for an at-home waxing begins just a few days before the date you are scheduled to wax. For three to four days prior to the date, you intend to wax, apply scrubs for your body exfoliation on all areas you’re planning to wax.

Exfoliation can remove the dead skin you intend to wax, which will help the wax to stick properly on the skin. This also ensures that the skin is smooth and allows hair to shed much more easily after waxing.


A few days prior to waxing, it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential to healthy skin. However, it’s even more crucial to plan your waxing at home for men.

Drinking plenty of water can ensure that your skin doesn’t get too dry and can increase the appearance of your face. This allows hair to fall out of your skin, which makes the process of waxing much less uncomfortable.

Numb Up

Once you’ve spent some time preparing, you’re ready to begin waxing! However, the process of waxing is always met with a bit of pain, but most people feel that this is manageable even if they don’t implement steps to lessen the pain.

However, if you’re worried about how badly it could cause pain, or you’ve already had the services of a professional before, and you’re not comfortable dealing with pain, there are several ways to make it painless.

To begin, you should take an over-the-counter pain alleviator. Aloevera is the best choice; however, Tylenol or Ibuprofen is also effective. Beware of Aspirin as it’s a blood thinner, and it can increase the risk of bleeding after or during the wax. Ibuprofen is also a blood thinner; however, not nearly as much Aspirin and is, therefore, an ideal choice to use before waxing.


Another alternative for alleviating pain is to apply numbing creams, lotion or other home remedies on your skin. The creams, lotions, and remedies at home stop signals for pain from reaching the brain. Make sure you remove the numbing cream and wash the skin before applying the wax.


It is also possible to use cold compresses or an Ice pack to the area to help numb the skin. However, be aware that cold can enlarge pores, making it more difficult for hair to escape from the pores.


Keep It Clean

If you are getting waxed in a salon, you need to adhere to certain hygiene guidelines to minimize the risk of infection and ensure safety. If you’re waxing at home, it is essential to adhere to similar hygiene guidelines to make sure your skin remains healthy.

If hair is taken off the skin, it opens a tiny hole in the skin through which germs may enter, leading to an infection. It’s, therefore, crucial to making sure that your nails and skin are clean before and after your waxing at home.

First, clean the area where you plan to wax using an antibacterial soap that is moisturizing and moisturizing. This will ensure that your skin is free of any germs.

Wash your hands using antibacterial soap and get them underneath your nails. If your nails and hands are dirty, the chance of developing an infection due to waxing is more likely. To protect yourself, you should consider wearing gloves.

Apply In The Direction Of Growth And Peel Against It 

After the skin has been prepped and cleaned, you can start applying the wax! Many kinds of wax are available; however, none of them is superior to another, and it’s all about your preference.

Soft wax is available in the form of a thick liquid that must be warmed prior to application. It’s then applied to the skin with a spatula made of wood. Once it’s dried in the pores, it’s removed using wax strips.

Hard wax is a solid material that must be melted prior to use. Once it’s melted, it can be directly applied to the skin. Then, when it is hardened again, it can be removed away from the skin instead of using wax strips.

If you apply a hard or soft wax, use the wax in the same direction of your hair growth. That means you should apply the wax downward instead of an upward motion on your arms and legs.

If you’re ready to be removed, ensure that you’re peeling it away with the direction of the grain. Therefore, pull upwards towards your body rather than downwards and away from your body.

When you rub and remove the wax using the hair’s grain, it will be more difficult to remove, making waxing difficult.

Soothe The Skin

After you’ve shaved your skin, it will always appear irritated. There are various ways to help soothe skin irritation after you’ve done waxing for men at home.

Following the waxing process, it is good to apply cold compresses on the area you have waxed to help reduce swelling and ease the pain.

After applying to the compressed cold, apply a moisturizing lotion containing lavender oil to replenish moisture and calm your skin.

Protect Your Work

Making your wax at home last longer is all about good skincare.You should exfoliate once or twice every week. Each day, apply moisturizers that contain at minimum SPF 15 sunscreen. Avoid tanning that is artificial or natural to avoid irritation of the skin. Ensure to wash your skin thoroughly using lukewarm water instead of boiling water each time you sweat to avoid irritation and keep your skin fresh and clean.

If you adhere to these guidelines for skincare and your skin will remain soft and healthy for a few weeks following every wax.

More Home Waxing Tips

Waxing at home for men is an excellent way to eliminate hair and have flawless, radiant skin without paying salon fees. Utilizing these tips at home will ensure you achieve the results you desire effortlessly and quickly. If you are still not confident about performing the waxing at home proces on your own, book an appointment with Swagmee salon at home services for men and enjoy a painless or professional experience.


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