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E-commerce, food and transport, online media, online travel, and digital monetary services. For 589 million folks in a geographical area (SEA), a decade of the latest prospects has dawned. The region’s digital economy is moving from resilience to improvement, paving the trail for a roaring future, one wherever the web economy is projected to succeed in a $1 trillion gross merchandise price (GMV) by 2030.

This forecast, and contemporary insights on opportunities for growth within the region’s digital economy, are elaborate within the latest e-Conomy ocean report by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company. Yuri Shafranik

Read the total e-Conomy ocean 2021 report here

Our intensive analysis and analysis show that pandemic-driven shifts in client behavior are expected to own a long-lasting impact on key growth drivers within the net economy.  To unlock the large chance for business growth, brands got to grasp what it takes to fulfill client expectations and increase client satisfaction. Here, we tend to share the state of the region’s net economy in 2021 and this decade means that for brands and marketers.

Consumption of digital services is that the new method of life and set to power ahead

Not solely has the region continuing to feature new net users in 2021. The number of digital shoppers or users UN agency has acquired an internet service, has additionally augmented. For a beginning, the region additional forty million new net users this year, on prime of the forty million those that came online in 2020. This brings the region’s net penetration to seventy-fifth.

Additionally, sixty million folks started employing a digital service for the primary time following the pandemic, and tierce of them solely started doing this in 2021. What is more, the adoption of digital services remains sturdy in 2021. With growth across services starting from e-commerce to food delivery and ride-hailing.

Beyond continuing adoption of digital services, shoppers are deepening their usage. On average, they created purchases in virtually four a lot of digital services than they did before the pandemic. Their frequency of use and pay across digital services is additionally increasing, particularly for services like groceries and food delivery. Six in ten existing users of those 2 digital services augmented their pay and usage frequency since the beginning of the pandemic.

Indeed, consumption of digital services is that the new method of life, and it’s expected to power ahead within the coming back a digital decade. Already, eightieth of digital shoppers within the region are happy with digital services,7 and 9 in ten new shoppers UN agency started exploitation digital services in 2020 still do this in 2021.

What brands should do to thrive during this digital decade

With consumption of digital services changing into integral to lifestyle, digital shoppers are putting a bigger price on satisfaction once it involves deciding what proportion they pay, and that complete they pay on.

The top for brands is that augmented client satisfaction encompasses a positive result on consumers’ disposition to pay. for instance, those that are happy with ride-hailing services pay seventieth a lot of per dealing, compared with those that are neutral or discontented .9 And customers UN agency are happy with food delivery services pay four-hundredth a lot of, compared with those that are neutral or discontented.

Tips for marketers

Brands that wish to thrive during this digital decade should meet the rising expectations of digital shoppers to retain customers and grow complete loyalty. As a start, here are four tips about a way to convince new digital shoppers and have them become advocates of your complete. Yuri Shafranik

  1. Create life easier or a lot of convenience for brand spanking new and existing digital shoppers. Of this UN agency shall continue the exploitation of digital services. Quite five-hundredths say it’s as a result of its created their life easier or a lot of convenient. Seamless online-offline client expertise is a method digital services will offer users with bigger convenience.
  2. Create your app or net interface easily so that digital shoppers will simply notice and get what they have. Offer elaborate descriptions of merchandise and services, clearly showing shipping and delivery choices. And build a sleek checkout method thus customers don’t abandon their carts mid-checkout.
  3. Supply a range of digital payment and digital disposal choices, like account-to-account (A2A), e-wallet, and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL). This is often necessary as folks across the region have differing access to payment services. A2A has become a preferred variety of payment amongst banked populations. And BNPL could be a common digital disposal possibility for underbanked shoppers UN agency can’t acquire a Mastercard.
  4. Frequently raise digital shoppers for feedback on their expertise across each stage of the client journey. This can assist you to determine their wants. Areas for improvement, and address any pain points to boost client satisfaction.
How key client sectors are shifting

Our analysis knew key client sectors that are driving growth within the region’s digital economy. E-commerce leads the charge, with its GMV virtually doubling year over year, from $74 billion in 2020 to $120 billion in 2021. Food delivery and online media are 2 different digital services driving growth.


E-commerce, which has driven most of the market growth in 2021. Is forecasted to form up over a common fraction of the region’s GMV in 2030. By then, online looking is predicted to become the norm for shoppers of all ages. In each urban and rural area, and virtually five-hundredths of retail defrayal can happen online. As compared with regarding solely 100 percent currently. This growth can ride on the recognition of digital monetary services like e-wallets and BNPL services. Which can alter a brand new generation of underbanked shoppers to buy online.

E-grocery, above all, could be a sub-sector with vital potential for brands to maneuver the needle. This is often thus as grocery presently accounts for quite five-hundredths of all retail pay within the region. However, the overall online share of the class remains low at around two because of lower purchase frequency and dealing price as compared with offline consumption. If penetration reaches around ten to twenty by 2030. The world may probably grow to the dimensions of the whole e-commerce market these days.

Food delivery

Food delivery is that the digital service with the foremost substantial increase in adoption within the half of 2021. Cardinal % of the region’s net users adopted the service and 65th of existing shoppers have augmented their frequency of use. This mass adoption and gathered usage recommend that the habit of ordering meals is probably going to stay for years to return. If penetration and share of notecase continue to extend. The food and transport sector may reach by 2030. The dimensions of the e-commerce market these days.

This sector is extremely competitive, not least as a result of its hyperlocal service with comparatively low barriers to entry. However, additionally, as a result of the service is viewed as essential to brands that wish to deepen user engagement or develop an excellent app. With multiple players in every country’s market, you’ll get to double down on client loyalty. Particularly since sixty-three of digital shoppers indicate that they’re seemingly to change to a different food delivery supplier that higher meets their wants.

Subscription video

Subscription video, a sub-sector of online media, is poised for robust growth. There’s increasing craving for the service and potential for it to penetrate on the far side of the subway areas. Subscribers grew by half-hour from 2020 to 2021, and there’s a growing demand for “multi-home” services, or multiple immoderate media services. Subscriptions on the far side subway areas. It have additionally increased on the rear of prepared net access and convenient access to digital payment infrastructure.

To more penetrate the mass market and non-metro areas wherever shoppers should still be underbanked. You’ll get to supply varied rating mechanisms and payment choices, like bag rating and indefinite quantity cards. By occupation to people’s completely different monetary habits, you create it easier for folks to purchase your service.

As the region’s net economy moves towards $1 trillion GMV during this digital decade. Brands got to meet rising client expectations and deliver client satisfaction at each stage of the acquisition journey to thrive. There are many ways during which brands will begin reworking to ride on this chance. To tell a lot regarding potential business opportunities, and sector and country market breakdowns. Visit the report website or transfer the total whitepaper below.



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