Drug testing & 10 myths about passing drug tests


In most cases, those who require a group policy through an employer do not undergo a drug testing or physical.

When covering the number of people, insurance companies adjust group premiums to account for many risk factors, including recreational drug use.

Insurance companies are more likely to require drug testing if a person applies for an individual private policy. There is a good chance that if testing is not required, a higher premium will be charged to mitigate risk. If you are being charged a higher fee and you have not been tested, you can request one to see if this could lower your premium. However, this is rarely done.

What are the legal ramifications of testing?

Doctors often schedule appointments at applicants’ homes within days of applying for the policy. This is done so applicants do not have time to remove drugs or alcohol from their systems. Some may think that over-the-counter wash kits or niacin tablet overload will clean your system, but it’s almost impossible to achieve a modern drug kit with false negatives covering dilution or residue of the drug.

A failed drug test will generally result in one of two things: loss of a job or an increase in insurance premiums. Generally, there are no legal consequences, except when a drug test does not harm others.

If they don’t get a drug test, people often worry about being turned over to the police. Drug test results are considered private and, in most cases, it is illegal for insurance companies to disclose the results to a third party. Insurance companies are generally not interested in your legal matters and, more importantly, they don’t like suing themselves. They are only interested in making money.

The baseline

People who use drugs, even recreationally, tend to have a higher risk of disease than those who do not. Insurance companies will take all possible steps to ensure that their clients are at the lowest risk possible, ensuring that their tables remain up-to-date and that they do not overpay for policies.

Some believe that taking drug tests is an invasion of privacy. As always, the best way to achieve the lowest premium and stay in the best possible health is to avoid illegal and / or recreational drugs altogether.

Insurance companies have the right to require drug tests for health insurance and life insurance policies, but not all require these tests. It is common to have blood tests and urine samples tested for prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol. Any sign of abuse could lead to higher premiums or even denial of coverage.

Group or individual policy

In most cases, those who join a group policy through an employer are not subject to drug testing or a physical exam. With the number of people covered, insurance companies adjust group premiums to account for many risk factors, including recreational drug use. The chances of insurance companies requiring drug testing are greatly increased if a person applies for an individual private policy.

Legal ramifications

Doctors often schedule appointments at applicants’ homes within a couple of days of applying for the policy so applicants don’t have time to get drugs or alcohol out of their systems. Often times, people worry that they will become police officers as a result of failing a drug test.  Insurance companies are not interested in your legal matters and, more importantly, they do not like to be sued themselves.

There is little argument that those who use drugs, even recreationally, are at greater risk of disease than those who do not. Insurance companies are taking every possible measure to keep their clients as low as possible. Some believe it is an invasion of privacy to undergo drug tests.

Given a chance, drug testing is one thing that many, if not all, of us would like to avoid.  Drug testing can also be required of anyone – if you are an athlete or when you have plans to adopt a child. In today’s age, when government scrutiny has increased considerably, more people are required to have their urine inspected.

The main goal in a drug test is to have a negative result. This dreaded test can come in various forms.They can look for traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabidinol – the active ingredient in cannabis, which gives it its narcotic and psychoactive effects) in urine, hair, blood, etc. However, the urine test is considered the most common. Although this is considered to be the cheapest and easiest, others may find it unpleasant. But when you have no other choice, what can you do?

The fear of positive results is inevitable whenever one has to undergo a drug test. This is the reason why many people prepare the best way possible to ensure that they will not be in trouble. There are several things that people have done to pass drug tests. But if you think you know everything, you must have seen some of the most popular myths.

10 Myths About Drug Testing

Drinking lots of water before a test makes THC undetectable .

Sure, your friends may tell you to “drink a lot of water before you urinate.” But this is more of a warning.  Most drug tests today track the level of creatinine, a by-product of the digestion process. When urine is diluted, creatinine is diluted as well, a caveat that is likely to lead to more extensive testing.

Exercising before a drug test helps to the best results .

This might be useful only for smokers (especially heavy smokers) who have a few weeks before the drug test. When you have enough time to diet, detox and exercise, then you can be saved in the urine test. But when there is very little time to prepare for pop quizzes, this is just a myth.

Home remedies will increase the chances of passing.

When you Google “home remedies to pass drug tests” you will get hundreds of results: cranberry juice, gelatin, niacin, and so many others. But these methods are simply based on personal stories and are not strong enough to guarantee that it will happen.

Secondhand smoke will make you fail the test.

As long as you don’t smoke like a chimney, it is not possible to inhale enough smoke that you will fail the test. Passive inhalation will not bring enough THC into the system to register a positive result. There is no need to fear when someone lights a cigarette.

Mouthwash will beat a drug test oral exam

Although there may be a lot of truth to it, you can’t use any mouthwash from the grocery store. A special detox rinse that is made specifically for this test will do the trick.   So be sure to guarantee it is that.

A saliva  test(drug) will not detected weed

Definitely in a saliva drug test or also known as a spit drug test or a swab test in the mouth, the herb can be detected. The test is becoming more and more popular because it is so easy and inexpensive. This is administered by the police or employers to detect the use of marijuana.   This can also be implemented at any time, making it very easy to do random drug testing. The worst thing is that the results are immediate and accurate.

Antibiotics do not cause a +ve drug test.

There are some classes of antibiotics that can cross-react in the opioid test. For example, quinolones can cause a positive test, but confirmation by some methods such as LC / MS / MS or GC / MS will be negative.

Marijuana use can be detected by comparing THC levels in consecutive samples .

The use of THC alone does not detect recurrent marijuana use. This is because the drug concentration may be different from the amount of water in the samples. To determine the recurrent, the THC / Creatinine ratios of the samples must be compared. When the proportion has increased in the second sample, a new use has probably occurred.

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Poppy seeds will not cause a false positive opioid result.

Truth: poppy seeds can cause positive results depending on the cut used for a positive test. If it is at a cutoff level of 2000 ng / ml, it is unlikely.

Food and beauty products that contain hemp seeds will not test positive for THC.

Hemp seed products contain traces of non-psychoactive THC. At the same time, given the amount of use, some positive results can occur in people using this product. People should avoid using this product while they are involved in a drug test.
But since you may never get away with it, you just have to be positive that you will get negative results. On the other hand, it would be helpful if you are aware of the above drug testing myths and know the real truth behind them.

Insurance companies have the right to request drug tests on life and health insurance policies, but it is very rare for them to do so. However, if the insurance company finds any signs of drug abuse, it can result in higher premiums or even open care final expense plans.



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