Drift Hunters MAX – A Free Drifting Game To Play Anywhere


As far as car games go, the standards are set pretty high. Games like Forza and Gran Turismo have set the bar at a level of quality that is difficult for most retail games to attain.

However, those games require a separate purchase and a console to play them on. So if you’re looking for a game that can take on those more notable titles with absolutely no investment, then there is only one game you need to consider: Drift Hunters MAX.

This game is the crown jewel of the roster of awesome car games hosted by Drifted.com, and it is more than worth your time. Here are some of the things that make Drift Hunters MAX special.

Tons of Content

Drift Hunters MAX has no intention of wasting your time. There are hours of content to be enjoyed here with 37 cars, 12 tracks, and near-infinite customization possibilities.

Each of those 37 cars is modelled after real-life sports cars, so you will likely see a few familiar ones and maybe even a few favorites to boot! Each track is expertly crafted to provide maximum challenge and enjoyment without being visually dull.

Play Anywhere, Right Where You Left Off

With an intuitive account system, Drift Hunters MAX keeps track of all of your gameplay and keeps that information saved in the cloud, allowing you to play from any computer or web browser and continue your game.

This free account is the key to getting the most out of Drift Hunters MAX, and it only takes maybe 2 minutes to set up. You’ll never lose any of your unlocked cars, drift points, or individual tunings.

Console Quality Graphics

When Drifted.com approached developer Ilya Kaminetsky to produce Drift Hunters MAX, he jumped at the idea immediately, which allowed him to improve his previous work on the original Drift Hunters by order of magnitude.

Compared to that game, Drift Hunters MAX features a wide range of improvements, including wholly overhauled graphics and a brand new physics system. This work Ilya did is easy to see and feel because Drift Hunters MAX looks incredible from top to bottom, and the advanced physics of each car make the game both more fun and more challenging than the previous Drift Hunters.

Everything Comes Entirely Free – With NO Catches

You could expect these features and content to set you back at least $60, but Drift Hunters MAX comes in without a price tag. Drift Hunters MAX, a game exclusive to Drifted.com, is entirely free. All cars and drifting goodness can be completely free anywhere, from any browser.

All you need to do is visit Drifted.com, search for Drift Hunters MAX, make an account, and you’re good to go. No need to download a client or any extra software. The game was built in the Unity Engine, so everything runs entirely in your browser.


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