Don’t Make These ADU Mistakes

ADU mistakes

Don’t Make These ADU Mistakes

When building your first ADU, you will face multiple obstacles. Being aware of them ahead of time can greatly save you time and money. That’s why we’ve put together a few ADU mistakes many people make when building their ADU to help you learn from them.

Creating A Noisy Home

Sound separation is imperative in small spaces since sounds are amplified when they have nowhere to go. Many people don’t provide enough sound separation between the different rooms in their ADU, and as a result, create a very noisy home for their future occupants.

Use an acoustically insulated wall to soundproof your loudest rooms such as the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Not Having Enough Space In The Kitchen

Kitchens are on the ADU essentials list. However, they tend to come with a lot of larger appliances that take up a lot of space. The biggest problem that tends to arise for people is that they plan too small of a kitchen to accommodate all the necessary appliances.

To avoid this, you should pick out your appliances before designing the kitchen to ensure that they will fit. Remember, your occupant will need things such as:

  • An oven
  • A refrigerator
  • Possibly a microwave

A big tip for you is to buy the smallest appliances possible to make sure they don’t take up to much space.

Not Blocking Enough of The Walls

Since space is so limited, storage becomes a big issue for many occupants. A way to help with creating more storage areas is to put up cabinets and shelves within the ADU. This saves on floor space while still offering room for occupants to put things.

The problem that arises here is that individuals do not provide enough wall blocking to accommodate hanging things on the wall. It is better to error on the side of too much wall blocking, rather than not enough.

Not Providing Enough Windows

Don’t try to save money by not putting in enough windows. This will result in a dark living environment that not many people will find enticing. It will also end up increasing your electricity bill because there won’t be enough natural light to offset the need for artificial light.

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