Do Pumps Have Heels?

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Pumps have been around for many years now. They were originally meant to be worn by men. Over time, women began wearing them too, and as we know them today, pumps are considered rather important in every women’s footwear collection. Pumps are known for their comfort and practicality. It is in such qualities of the pumps that they are universally accepted and never see a decline in their popularity. 

Pumps are lightweight and easy-to-wear shoes that hold the shoe from all the sides, leaving them exposed. In the U.K., the term pumps are used to refer to flats with the features mentioned earlier. In the U.S., however, pumps can have a few inches of heels. They are made from different kinds of materials, but classic patent leather remains the most common one that is still in use. Pumps are versatile footwear. They can be worn both at formal as well as informal events, with dresses, skirts, jeans and even trousers. 

Pumps usually do have heels, among other characteristic qualities. However, they are limited to a certain length only. 

1. The kind of pumps

The shoes have a low cut and usually do not include any kind of fastening like buckles or straps. This feature of the pumps also makes it easy for the wearer to slip their foot in and out without worrying about finding a place to sit or fix it often if it doesn’t sit correctly on the foot. 

2. Occasion appropriate 

Since pumps are so versatile, you can easily style them for formal as well as casual wear. The primary build of the pumps can contribute to the everyday aspect of the attire. The heel of the pumps can conveniently take it up a notch and suit your dress better to the formal requirements of the occasion.

3. The aesthetics of the footwear

Pumps make for great footwear because they can have a neat and tidy finish. The diversity when it comes to the design allows it to be worn on multiple occasions. You will find interesting cutwork styles and stones, among many other designs that will let you create an outfit you want. 

4. The history 

The pump shoes were initially designed for men. Over time, women began wearing it due to the comfort it offered. Another version of pumps was born in the form of ballet flats. A 2-inch heel with a pump was introduced in the early 1800s. Pump shoes commonly have a rounded toe and vary in the length of the heel. Pump shoes can also have peep toes or pointed toes as well. 

5. Ease of accessibility

Pump shoes do not have any straps or buckles. You can simply slide on your foot, and you are ready to go. It saves you the hassle of tieing or buckling up your shoes. What makes it great is that despite not having any fastenings on it, the shoe is still able to hold down the foot and give it the grip without having to compromise on its comfort. 

6. That is not all

Pumps are a great footwear option. In fact, it’s a choice of women all across the globe. They provide style and functionality, which rightfully makes it essential for the ladies. But there is a catch. Wearing pump shoes for too long causes stress on your joints. If your pumps are not the right size, they can lead to many foot conditions like blisters, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, and other similar concerns. Because most of your weight falls directly onto the toe area, your feet can hurt for several hours after taking them off. 

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