Do Possums Eat Chickens? Here’s How to Protect Your Poultry


Do Possums Eat Chickens? Here’s How to Protect Your Poultry

Do possums eat chickens Truly? Whether you see the opossum as a good friend or a monster, discovering one in your poultry cage is never ever an enjoyable experience. Although the marsupial is an easy pet, it’s likewise opportunistic and might be a danger to your smaller-sized hens, and their eggs.

Standing concerning the height of a domestic feline, possums have actually been described as having a “head like a swine … tail like a rat … of the amplitude of a cat.” These marsupials originated in South America however their versatile diet regimen and also ability to bring to life as much as 20 young each time have made them versatile to a large range of environments.
With long, directed faces as well as round, hairless ears, possums are in some cases mistaken for rats. Not only is the possum no rodent, but it’s also not averse to the occasional rat treat, need to such a possibility emerge. Along with the occasional rodent, possums will gladly feed on grain, fruits, and also a variety of plants.
Possums are also partial to frogs and roadkill — both of which supply them with much-needed calcium. Watch on your pet food too– possums will put right into anything from hen mash to pet dog food if it’s very easy sufficient to access. One last point– the American opossum is not like the Australian possum. They’re not also relevant! but do possums kill chickens really?
With their strong, sharp teeth, possums are definitely efficient in attacking as well as eating hens.

Basic response? Yes, they do.

They take pleasure in a different diet as well as will happily take advantage of young chicks and also take eggs. While uncommon, it has been known for possums to take on mature chickens, which are typically also huge as well as daunting for the typical possum.
It is generally thought that, given access and chance, a possum will help himself to as lots of poultry eggs as he can stand in a solitary resting. Scientific researches as well as field experiments state or else. Andi Cockcroft executed a collection of area experiments previously this year, overlooking nibbles of bread as well as chicken eggs rubbed with syrup.
While the possums chewed enthusiastically on the bread as well as licked off the syrup, they really did not try to break or eat any one of the eggs. Research is all well and also good, however, there are lots of people around who will certainly demonstrate catching possums in the act of consuming hen eggs. Either way, the very best method is to be careful and protect your eggs as fervently as you do your chickens.
Possums could be a little a pest in some scenarios, yet they additionally bring advantages to the yard farm or homestead. Not just do these potential insects take part in pest management themselves, hunting down and eliminating roaches, rats, as well as computer mice, they likewise help to maintain tick populaces in control. A single possum can eliminate about 5,000 ticks in a season, damaging 95% of those that try to eat them, and over 90% of those it finds on the ground.
Although some fear for their feline buddies, believing they can become possum victims, instances of a possum eliminating a cat are very scarce. It’s even more likely your cat will certainly frighten the possum into surrendering than your possum having the final say.

Do possums eat chickens?

Normally too passive to be social climbers, when it concerns scaling physical structures, the possum remains in a league of its own. Efficient in climbing concrete wall surfaces along with fencings, possums are some of the animal kingdom’s most steadfast mountain climbers.
Possums have solid hind feet and are blessed with an opposable digit that makes climbing a wind. A prehensile tail makes them as experienced in a tree as monkeys are, possums are more established than nearly any other tiny animal when it concerns climbing up smooth surfaces. Possums can climb high trees with significant ability as well as are equally proficient at getting into attics and roofing.
They allow fans of dark, ground-level dens but rarely dig their own, depending rather on the obsolete burrows of other animals, like skunks and also raccoons. Possums choose to burrow on open fields and also close to water. Their slim hair supplies little insulation, so they line their dens with a completely dry yard and also other soft materials to keep out the cold.
Possums will certainly utilize the crawl space under a house, or even an attic room or smoke shaft. To make their residences, which is much from ideal given their capacity to bring condition.
In lots of locations, it’s illegal to harm or kill a possum so finding non-lethal types of protection is the only way to go. Proper cage safety and security are crucial, specifically as possums can squeeze via some surprisingly little spaces to get.
Possums will not come into your chicken coop with blazing guns or samurai swords. They’ll probably be pretty sneaky about their nocturnal invasion, leaving little proof behind. You can, however, recognize a possum strike by looking out for these indications:

  • Easily identifiable impacts– with their clawless opposable thumbs on the hind feet, there’s no mistaking the possum’s footprint;
  • Possum droppings are relatively large and also similar to dog feces. Extra spherical than rat droppings, possum feces often tend to be around two inches long as well as around 3/4 of an inch broad;
  • Noticeable bite marks on the bird’s neck, upper leg, or bust;
  • Partial remains of their kill;
  • Baby chicks missing;
  • Eggs missing or damaged coverings visible.
    How to keep possums away from chickens
    How to keep away from Possum Killing Chickens
    1. Electric Fence
    2. Motion Activated Lights
    3. Unique Predator Lighting
    4. Obtain Your Animals to Safeguard Your Chicken
    5. Ultrasonic Possum Repellent
    6. Get Your Possum Professionally Eliminated
    7. Cans with Ammonia-Soaked Dust cloths
    8. Garlic
    9. Leave the Radio On
    Coop Protection and also a Little Ingenuity
As possums are outstanding mountain climbers, wire mesh fences do little to discourage them.  And for possums eating chickens Below are some ways you can shield your hens from marsupials!
An electric fence wire around the top of the fencing, about three inches from the fence itself will certainly suffice. A lot of predators are discouraged by an electrical shock– as we are when we touch an electrical fence!
Motion-activated lights in your lawn or around your cage are superb deterrents versus nighttime predators yet. If that seems like also a hefty financial investment. You could festoon your poultry coop with economical Christmas lights rather.
You can obtain evening lights that are particularly made to prevent killers in the evening. Essentially, it imitates a larger killer’s eyes which terrifies smaller-sized predators like marsupials away.
Not all canines see chickens as a free meal so, if you have pet dogs who live gladly in the yard, placed their kennels or beds near the poultry cage. They’ll quickly raise the alarm system if a possum comes as well close!
Guinea chickens are remarkably efficient at securing chickens, as are donkeys and alpacas.
Possibly the easiest remedy, nonetheless, is to get a medium-sized fowl to shield your flock. Displays of hostility from a Rhode Island Red or Disallowed Rock will be more than enough to frighten off the boldest possum.
This solution is a trial-and-error sort of possum repellent. Some people have reported excellent success with ultrasonic repellent, while others aren’t persuaded at all.
Your local band of possums from targeting your group, it’s time to contact the specialists.
Wild animal services use humane catches to capture the possum before relocating it. This isn’t always the most effective service. While moving is stressful for the possum and can be deadly, defense is far better than cure.
Many people promote the use of ammonia to keep possums at bay.
Garlic is a much more natural alternative and also has the included advantage of keeping bloodsuckers.
You might try leaving a radio playing in your hen cage overnight. The noise must be enough to prevent the possum from keeping your chickens awake all night.
Just ensure it’s a weatherproof radio, appropriate for outside use!
Removing a possum who’s located your stockpile of hen eggs is never misting likely to be straightforward. And to stop them from accessing your chicken coop in the top place is much more effective.
Cage safety and security as well as a little resourcefulness can go along. It will ensure you have a unified relationship with your neighborhood possums. Now I have told everything about possums and do opossums kill chickens Really?


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