Diwali gifting ideas for your most special clients

diwali gifting ideas toujours

With Diwali just around the corner, and that means that the season of gifting is upon us. Employers gift their employees, homeowners gift their house help, and friends and family exhange gifts during this auspicious time. With wealth and prosperity being at the centre of Diwali, how can businesses be left behind?

it’s time for businesses owners to think of luxury gifting, too. The reason behind this is two-fold. Most businesses gift their staff, vendors, and clients in the hopes of a long-lasting relationship with them. Businesses also gift their most valued clients thoughtful, expensive gifts in the hopes that the business relationship will continue for yet another year. After all, if a business relationship is a long one, that means more wealth for the business and business owner. 

Best Diwali Gifts For Clients in Mumbai

Well, thinking of some out-of-the-box ideas every year may not be easy, considering the thought and effort you have to put in. We all know that boxes of mithai, once eaten, are forgotten. And how many boxes of dry fruits would someone appreciate?

Selecting a gift is a process. It takes a lot – from knowing your clients to creating that lasting impression or offering a gift that expresses your gratitude. It’s time to set the right tone of gifting in order to nurture new and existing connections. Some of the gifting options that would suit your high-end clients are: 

Goodies of soap and other bathing products

Diwali is the time for luxurious indulgences. That includes  pampering and rejuvenating with bundles of organic products. Some of these are handcrafted soaps or artisanal soaps, body washes, scrubs, hand washes, and scented candles. Being mindful of gifting cruelty-free soaps can bring happiness to your clients if their business focusses on sustainability. Of course, don’t forgetting the traditional Indian cosmetic, Ubtan, which is typically used for bathing during Diwali. Gifting Ubtan can add value to the very essence of the festival. These bundles of aromatic goodness are high on aesthetics and exude an air of luxury. You can carefully curate a basket of personal care essentials and luxuries to suit the tastes of discerning clients. 

Coffee subscription box

Gifting a coffee subscription box is certainly a good idea for coffee lovers. Let’s face it, very few businesses and entrepreneurs begin their day or make it through one, without a cup of coffee. Choose a coffee subscription box that’s are packed with the world’s best coffee beans offering a delightful experience to the taste buds. Each person has their own preference when choosing the perfect cup of coffee. But these subscription boxes prompt coffee lovers to answer a quiz and curate new experiences based on their recommendations. A weekly or monthly subscription will offer new flavors and make a great gift to the coffee connoisseurs in your life. 

Fragrance gift sets

 Perfumes are great luxury offerings especially when they are sourced from an international brand. A miniature perfume set, with its many options to choose from, makes a style statement for perfume loving clients. Notes can range from warm to spicy, to anything in between. Their enriching scent complements the lifestyle of the discerning ones. An evocative fragrance, when chosen as part of the gift set this Diwali, can bring about a timeless union with your client. 

Grooming kit for men

It’s not always women who love to pamper themselves but men too would love to indulge in some self-care. Bring a glow on your client’s face during the festival of lights with a thoughtfully crafted ready-made shaving kit from luxe brands.

How about a five-blade German-engineered razor, shaving brush, pre-shave oil and shaving cream? Additionally, the kit can also include an aftershave balm, a bag, and razor cartridges. This will ensure your client gets a professional barbershop experience in the comfort of his home. A shaving kit is definitely a geat gift for your client to enjoy time and time again, especially if he is one that places importance on being perfectly groomed. 

Wellness and immunity-boosting kit 

Wellness is more than just getting rid of illnesses. It takes a conscious effort to reach its full potential. Knowing this, a wellness kit should not only include a yoga mat, essential oils, scented candles, face scrub, lip balm, body lotions, herbal teas and nutri-bars. It can also have a fitness watch tracker, masks, and sanitizers and perhaps a voucher to purchase fitness clothing. A kit like is the need of the hour, especially post Covid-19. Offering it as a Diwali gift will only remind your health-conscious network that you care for them. Power-pack your wellness kit with organic ingredients for holistic wellness, which benefits physical, mental, and emotional health. To bring good health, true happiness, and peace in your client’s life, a wellness and immunity kit makes a great gift.

Diwali Hampers

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without food and sweets. Rather than just being one among many, offering your client a box of Indian sweets, why not take it up a notch? If you’re based in Mumbai, Toujours has an array of premium Diwali hampers for you in Mumbai. These gorgeously crafted Diwali Celebration Baskets make your gifting experience a wonderful one. You can choose a small Cookie Hamper or a large, extravagant Diwali hamper containing sweet-and-savory items. These include Butter Croissants, Cheese Biscuits, Praline Chocolates, Cake Truffles, Tarts, Mini Diwali Cupcakes, Marzipan Crackers and more. Depending on your budget and the relationship you have with your client, choose a luxury Diwali hamper in Mumbai. You can also order bulk Diwali hampers that you can customize with your choice of goodies. Order premium Diwali Hampers in Mumbai online today!

In Conclusion

Make your gift convey utter warmth of love and appreciation. Customize your Diwali gifts perfectly for your client’s personal care, good health, or for them to share that delectable experience with their loved ones. Start establishing a relationship with your clients that goes beyond business. With a personalized message and your company logo embossed on the gift, your clients will feel cherished while also giving you brand recall.

This Diwali, let Toujours light up your life with exotic desserts, healthy delicacies, and endless happiness.


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