Discussing the 8 key pieces of office furniture that every office needs to make a wonderful workspace

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Introduction – Have you ever wondered how many hours of one’s life do they spend in their workspace? Nearly 35% of your life is spent inside the walls and cubicles of your office. This insight calls for the ultimate need of choosing your office furniture / office desks mindfully. Correct furniture settings will efficiently create a better workspace environment. This will enable the people working in the office to do their job with a more positive approach.

Why do you need new office furniture?

Your office furniture is the one important element that can make or break the look of your office. The office chairsoffice tables etc. not only just need to be convenient to use but also should provide your office space with a sharp, edgy and professional look. Your employees are going to spend a substantial amount of time of the day on those office chairs and office table. Therefore, comfort is of primary importance.

The workspace must have an easy-going, comfortable set-up. It is the responsibility of the higher authorities of any office to make their offices well equipped. If you are pondering over giving your office a whole new makeover by changing or adding new furniture you have come to the right. Here are some of the key pieces that are absolute must-haves for any office.

Comfortable yet stylish looking chairs –

The first important thing that comes to mind while talking about office furniture and office chairs. Chairs are the most used ones. Your employees are going to spend the most amount of time sitting on these chairs. For that, you must make comfort a priority while choosing your office chairs. An uncomfortable sitting chair can lead to several back and shoulder problems.

A good quality office chair will help in keeping a good posture. Also choosing premium quality hair will last for longer periods. Working for long hours can be tiring and you may need to rest your hands and head now and then. A spacious chair with broad hand rests will be helpful in that case.

Chairs can be of different shapes and sizes. you can choose one according to your requirement. An executive suite will need a high quality fancy looking chair whereas smaller yet comfortable chairs are ideal for the waiting room.

An office cannot do with a desk –

Is it possible to imagine an office without desks? Office desks are needed for every possible task in the office. From keeping your documents to computers you just need a desk. While selecting any office desk makes sure you go for a wider top office desk. A wider top desk will allow you to rest your hands comfortable even after keeping all kinds of stuff. You are supposed to keep files, documents as well as a computer on your desk. For that having an ample amount of space is quite necessary. Desks with drawers in them come in handy.

Always keep that in mind while looking for office desks.  Even if some design does not come with drawers in them you can customise them by adding drawers according to your own needs. For keeping small stuff like pens, notebooks or other stationeries drawers are the lifesavers. You may also try experimenting by choosing different colour variations of office desks. Do not compromise on the material. Just like a good quality chair, a good quality desk will also help in maintaining a good posture. For the executive, the room opts for a large wooden desk that will add to the extravaganza of the executive room. For cubicles opt for smaller yet good quality desks.

Adequate storage space –

Storage spaces in the office are needed to serve various purposes. They can be used for storing different files and documents for personal use items. The workers at the office bring a lot of personal use items with them like water bottles, some clothing, bags or lunch boxes etc. that they would like to keep inside cupboards.

Stainless steel cabinets are the best option for offices. They are usually quite spacious and sturdy. Adding enough storage units to your office will give out the Impression that you care for your employee’s security.

Utility racks or shelves:

Not everything you can keep closed inside cabinets. There is also stuff that needs to be kept organised on a rack. It will make your office space clutter-free and give you a more polished look. These shelves can be used for keeping different books or files arranged nicely.

Such shelves can be utilised to enhance the aesthetics of the workspace as nicely. They can be used for placing several beautiful artefacts and showpieces or can be used to showcase your company’s achievements.

Having a whiteboard or smart board is necessary:

For conducting the boardroom meetings, a whiteboard or smart board is a must-have. Your set goals tend to have a greater impact when put down in black and white. For making a meeting successful to convey the message to the employees efficiently you must need a whiteboard and a marker.

On the other hand, if you want to level up you can get a smart board to move instead of a whiteboard. This will make your office space edgy and digitally advanced. Using whiteboards or smart boards in a meeting can give a clear idea of your company’s goals to its workers.

Emphasise on creating a cosy living space –

People in your office working for long hours deserve to have breaks. To make their breaks relaxing and enjoyable adequately furnished living area is needed. They should comprise comfortable couches and sofas. This will allow the employees to enjoy their coffee breaks. This is the place where the workers of the company get a chance to bond with each other over a cup of coffee.

Comfortable waiting room furniture –

The waiting room is used for the people coming from outside. They can have a primary impression of the company just by observing the interiors and furnishings of the waiting room. A piece of tastefully coordinated office furniture, therefore, is necessary to have in the waiting room.

Well furnished Conference room –

If your company has a conference room on the office premises, try to furnish them as impressively as you can. A tastefully designed conference room make sure to add up to your company’s impression in front of the people coming to visit from outside.


After all the above discussions we have made it very clear that the impact the right office furniture makes to boost the image of your workspace is undeniable. It is applicable for both the employees and the clients who visit your office quite frequently. Hopefully next time this article will be of immense help when you’re considering changing your existing office furniture.



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