Discord Marketing Services: A Comprehensive Guide 


Everyone familiar with NFTs would have heard of Discord and Discord Channels. Discord is the social platform that spearheads the industry’s foray into Web 3.0. 

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social platform, Discord brings a lot of peculiarities and special features to the table. Discord, in its essence, is a communication and community platform. The platform enables brands to build a loyal community of like-minded people to grow further. 

They can also reach out to Discord marketing services to go mainstream and incorporate their objectives. 

Understanding Discord

Reports suggest that Discord has more than 150 million monthly users initiating 4 billion conversations every minute. This demographic consists of everyone from local soccer clubs to established blockchain companies. 

Most importantly, Discord is a free-to-use platform with access to bots and other integrations. However, you can also more perks with the Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic options. 

Both Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic give you more customization options such as an animated avatar, 3D logo, Vanity URL, unique stickers, and professional account identities. 

Using Discord For Business

Discord has many marketing applications. But, the best reason to use Discord for marketing is the ability to reach your target audience with minimal infrastructure. You can simply create a community for your brand and engage with them through streams, events, collaboration, giveaways, consumer support, and crowd-sourced content. 

Ideally, you can also create unique roles for your community and upgrade the role for each member based on their involvement in the server. This activity will help you create new evangelists for your brand without much effort or investment. 

Marketing Activities within Discord

It is best to work with Discord Marketing services when you are going to use Discord to market your brand. Their expertise will allow you to implement the best strategies and scale the results accordingly. 


Studies show that online users spend around 495 billion hours watching live streaming. The native streaming function of Discord allows you to stream video content with ease. You can also invest in Discord Nitro for better streaming quality. You can schedule a live streaming event on a regular basis to educate viewers about an upcoming NFT project. Brands may also bring thought leaders from other industries for a far greater reach. 


The event feature in Discord is another excellent asset for brands looking to make their project a successful one. You can schedule events and have a remainder set to get members to attend the event. It is essential to figure out the timings your members are most active and schedule meetings accordingly. These events are the perfect way to have organized communications within your server. 


You should also join other NFT communities on Discord to coordinate big events. Make sure to engage with these communities by sharing your server link. Some servers will also have a separate shilling channel to promote other NFT projects. Brands must make sure of such resources to draw a big crowd for their events. 


One of the effective ways to engage with your server members is hosting giveaways. This activity gives exclusive access to early members and investors, creating a sense of collective effort. Giveaways can also make your project stand out from others, as it creates hype and attention. 

Consumer Support

When hosting a community server, your members are going to ask different questions constantly. Hence, you need to have a team of moderators to respond to their queries directly. Ideally, you can even have a dedicated support channel created to answer questions. Promptly responding to queries will create a good impression for your brand and help members invest in the project more. 

Choosing a Discord marketing Service


When you hire Discord marketing services, you have to pay for the moderation, management, and creative tasks. Therefore, decide on a budget beforehand and ask for an estimate from different agencies. You have to the most expensive and least-expensive options and try to settle for the most reasonable one. 


Since the Discord server is going to be the front face of your NFT project, you must demand full transparency from the agency. Ask the marketing service for a full list of strategies, tasks, moderator names, and other resources. You should avoid working with an agency unwilling to share these details. 


Make sure to hire a credible agency with many years of experience. One way to do this is by evaluating their track record. The past performance of a discord marketing service will help compare different options and make an informed decision. 

To Conclude

Discord is the primary asset of every NFT brand. And you need the services of Discord marketing services to spread the word about your project and build a community of loyal followers to grow exponentially. 



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