Different ways to Reset QuickBooks Password

Reset QuickBooks Password
Reset QuickBooks Password

QuickBooks is a well-recognized bookkeeping software that handles the financial tasks for many small & medium-sized businesses. It has helped its users to expand their business and increase their profits. It generates a lot of data during the accounting process. This business data is crucial and needs to be protected from unwanted elements. One way to do it is to use a strong password for your QuickBooks known to authorised users only. If you think your password is not confidential anymore, or you forgot your password and got locked out of your account, read the blog to know various methods you can use to Reset QuickBooks Password.

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Importance of Password in QuickBooks

There are many safety measures to protect the user’s data in QuickBooks. The first responsibility as a user is to set a strong password to ensure the data is protected from anyone accessing your data without your approval. You are recommended to reset your password after regular time spans to maintain confidentiality. It is also possible that you lost or misplaced your password and got locked out of the software. You don’t need to worry because we have listed different methods that you can use to reset your password in QuickBooks.

Requirements for resetting the password

Some of the things that are required to use the methods are below. Make sure you have these things handy when needed during the update-

  1. The License number of QuickBooks Version, registered phone number, and ZIP code. You can find your license number by pressing F2 in your QuickBooks to reveal the product information.
  2. The registered email in your QuickBooks was used while setting up QuickBooks on this computer.
  3. Credentials of the Administrator account.


The easy methods to reset your password in QuickBooks are mentioned below-

Method 1-

Firstly, you need to figure out the account you want to reset the password for. We have described some of the points to differentiate between the Admin and User accounts-

  1. Admin-
    • While logging in to your QuickBooks Desktop, if your company name is already mentioned and you fill in your password
    • If you already have a user assigned as Admin.
  2. Users-
    1. If you have to fill in your username and password while logging in. You can easily reset your password by logging in through the Admin account.

Reset Password for Administrator Account

These are the steps for QuickBooks 2019 and earlier versions-

  1. Go to the login window and click on the Forgot Password option below the username & password fields.
  2. Fill in the License number of your QuickBooks product.
  3. Enter all the other details like Name, Email address, phone number & ZIP Code.
  4. Click Ok and go to the Customer Account Management Portal(CAMPS) and get the verification code sent in the email.
  5. Follow all the onscreen instructions provided to create a new password.

Follow the steps for QuickBooks 2020 and updated versions.

  1. Click on the Forgot my password option in the login window.
  2. Select the registered email in QuickBooks from the list provided and click Next.
  3. Open your Emails and search for the Token sent by QuickBooks that’ll be used to reset the password.
  4. Enter the token and follow the instructions.

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Password reset for the user account

Log in with your Admin account and refer to the steps for resetting the password for a user account-

  1. Click on the Company option and select Set up users and passwords.
  2. Select Set up users and fill in your Admin password if asked.
  3. Select the user account from the list.
  4. Create a new strong password for your QuickBooks.
  5. Click on Next twice and then select Finish.

This way, you’ll change your password in the user account.

Method –

QuickBooks offers an Automated Password Reset Tool that can be used to reset your QuickBooks admin password. You should have the QuickBooks product’s License number and the registered email where you’ll receive the token used to reset your password. Refer to the steps below to use the tool and reset your password-

  1. Download the Automated Password Reset Tool for your QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Fill in the QuickBooks version you use, your QB product’s License number and other business details as required by the software.
  3. Make sure the information you fill in is accurate and matches the details used while setting up QuickBooks. After verifying the data is correct, click on Submit.
  4. Click on Agree and Accept in the license agreement window.
  5. An Automatic download will start on your computer; click on Download now if it doesn’t.
  6. Start installing the file that was recently downloaded on your computer.
  7. After complete installation, the file with extension .exe is the Automated Password Reset Tool.
  8. Open the application and enter the token number sent to your email by QuickBooks. Check the spam folder for the email too.
  9. Click on the QuickBooks Desktop Product.
  10. Select the Browse for company file option and locate your company file.
  11. Create a new password and then click Reset password.

If you don’t want these issues to occur in your QuickBooks, you can remove your QuickBooks password. Follow the steps to remove the password from your QuickBooks.

  1. Open QuickBooks on your computer.
  2. Click on the Company option available in the menu.
  3. Select Change QuickBooks password in the drop-down list.
  4. Fill in the new password you just created with the Password reset tool.
  5. Don’t fill anything in the Password, confirm password & Challenge question fields; let them remain empty.
  6. Finally, click Ok.

This method will remove the password from your QuickBooks, but this can be risky for your business. You are not advised to do this because it increases the chances of your data getting tampered with or stolen by an unauthorized person.


We explained the benefits of using a password in your QuickBooks and the different methods you can use to Reset QuickBooks Password on your computer. We hope the methods were easy enough for you to use and that you were able to reset your password successfully.

For further assistance in this issue, reach our QB support team at 1.855.738.2784.

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