Different Types Of Visitor Visas For Travelling to Australia?

Different Types of Visitor Visas for Travelling to Australia?

Australia is a globally recognized tourism center that attracts visitors from all around the world to its land. Not just its scenic beauty, the country is also rich in offering higher standards of living and business opportunities, making it a place everyone wants to visit in their lifetime. If you’d prefer to visit Australia for holiday, to see family or friends, you need to apply for a visitor visa Australia that permits you to remain in Australia for the respective time duration. As a visitor, the type of visa you need is parallel to the intention of your visit, duration, and country passport. The Australian Government has offered three types of Visitor Visas for its applicants. We have listed complete information of all three types of visitor visas so that you can understand what visa type goes exactly as per your needs.

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

This tourist visa 600 permits its holders to visit Australia for three, six, or a year. Visitor Visa Subclass 600 has five streams like Tourism, Business Visitor, Sponsored Family, Sponsored family, and the Frequent Traveler.

Tourism Stream

This stream is intended for applicants to visit Australia as a tourist.

Business Visitor Stream

This stream is for applicants who wish to visit Australia for a short business visit. For showcasing true intentions, applicants need to showcase business reasons to visit Australia.

Note: Activities like buying or selling goods and services to local Australian citizens are not allowed under this visa stream.

Supported Family Stream Visitor Visa

For this stream, applicants must have one family member who is an Australian Citizen or Australia Permanent Resident.

Approved Destination Stream

With this stream, residents of China can who want to travel to Australia accompanied by a Travel Agent.

Frequent Traveler Stream

This stream takes into account applicants of the People’s Republic of China who aim for making a trip to Australia for any short-term tourism, meeting family and friends, or any business purpose. This stream can be applied online through biometric identifiers in the Australian Visa Application Center in China.

This visitor visa subclass 600 application can be granted for 10 years. An individual can stay for the duration of three months in Australia with a single visit and 12 months in a 24 months time interval.

Application amount for visitor visa 600 can be from $145 to $365 which primarily depends on applicants applying from Australia or outside.

The Visa Processing time can be a week up to a month.

Electronic Travel Authority or ETA Subclass 601

This Eta Subclass 601 allows applicants to enter Australia for a duration of up to three months in a single time to come in terms of tourism or business. Applicants are also allowed to study for three weeks with this visa. The validity of this visa is 12 months which permits an applicant to travel to Australia for an unlimited time

Applicants holding passports from Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, United States can lodge their ETA application online.

The service fee is $20.

The average processing time is less than 24H but can take up to 2 weeks.

E-visitor Visa Subclass 651

The e-visitor subclass 651 permits people to visit Australia for business purposes and stay in Australia for as long as 3 months a year. An eVisitor visa is electronic, it can be obtained through travel agents, airline agencies, and Australian border agencies. Applicants need to be outside Australia while applying for this visa type.

With this E- visitor 651, an applicant can

  • Enter Australia for three months in a single visit from the duration the eVisitor is approved.
  • Study in Australia for three months.
  • Go for business visitor activities
  • Visit family or friends
  • This E-visitor Visa (subclass 651) is free.

What Will Be The Common Requirements For All These Three Visitor Visas?

Although all these three visitor visas have slight differences, there are some common eligibility criteria for all these visitor visas.

  • An applicant needs to show that he/she is traveling to Australia for the sake of traveling and no other purpose.
  • Applicant must be having its health insurance, as he/she will not be covered under Australia’s national health scheme.
  • Applicant must not be having any criminal conviction under his/her name and possess no debt to the Australian Government.
  • If an applicant applies while in Australia, he/she must be in Australia when the visa is approved.
  • If an applicant applies outside Australia, he/she must be out from Australia when the visa is approved.

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