Different Types Of Street Art You Need To Know


Street art is the simplest artform in its concept and expression. It has been used to understand and give significance to the art. Artists are performing remarkable jobs using a variety of colors and messages which are making positive impacts on people. 

Using various street art styles, they are determined to share their talent with the number of audiences. There are a number of street artists for hire, helping to create a great transformation all around the public spaces. 

So, if you want amazing artwork in your city, keep reading the article to know about different types of street art and how they work. 

Various Styles Of Street art Everyone Should Know


Whether you are wandering near the street or traveling to another city, you will definitely see graffiti art almost everywhere. This artwork is the act of sketching or painting pictures or texts on the walls. It helps to make a huge modification of the dull places into something colorful. 

Graffiti has several types such as Tagging, 3d Signage, Wildstyle, blockbuster, etc. The main purpose of this art is to provide a platform for the artists to show their skills. Empty and dull walls or buildings act as a huge canvas to paint. Painting your masterwork in several places and having a number of crowds to see it can be a huge achievement. 

Besides this, artists are utilizing graffiti along with murals to convey messages about political, social, and cultural matters. If you want to have a look, just search graffiti murals near me and find the great artwork performed skillfully. 


It is one of the visual forms of art that functions in 3D structure. Generally, there are two types of sculpture: traditional and contemporary. The street artists perform the traditional artwork using marble, clay, metals, and wood. On the other hand, contemporary make use of plastic, textile fabric, glass pieces, etc. 

Besides this, the procedure of sculpture making includes modeling, engraving, or joining. Artists use a variety of colors to make the artwork appealing and interesting. Mostly this art style is linked with historical, social, and religious beliefs.

Spray Paint Mural

It is a type of art in which street artists use spray paint cans directly on the wall surface. This is a unique artwork which mostly consists of scenery of cities, pyramids, or nature scenes. In addition, you can also see the single color painting or multi-color paintings where one hue fades away from the other. 

This artwork usually covers the whole wall of the space which makes it look attractive. 

Sticker Art

It is a quick and effective form of art which is also famous as sticker bombing or tagging. In this style, street artists use stickers and display them on the walls to convey the messages. 

It’s an interesting artform as artists can stick the stickers anywhere or even distribute them to people so that they can post wherever they wish. Since this art circulates so easily and is applicable to any space, it’s typically used to give information that is very important to share instantly. Such as reopening of new restaurants, job vacancies, etc.

Poster Art

This style might seem easy to perform but it requires a considerable amount of work to make the posters. It needs accuracy and detailed work. Firstly the street artists paint the poster on the paper and then paste them onto the suitable wall surfaces. Typically, this form of art is both textual and graphical-based. 

Generally, this art technique is most profitable for advertising purposes, but it also makes the public areas delightful. Therefore, it is informative as well as appealing also. 

Summing Up

So, these are the varieties of street art that are easily accessible to people. It gives many benefits to the society and people living there. Along with beautifying the different areas, it also spreads good influential messages. 

So, if you want any of art styles in your city, it’ll be promising to hire talented street artists to get the captivating artwork done. 


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