Different Types of Packaging Boxes for Product Marketing

Product Packaging Boxes
Product Packaging Boxes

Custom printed product boxes Anything that is sweet must also be cover in sweet. Be mindful that the beautiful covering adds elegance to your product. Psychology says that beautiful colors attract the human brain. So the smart sellers work hard to ensure the best packaging material for their products. An elegant packaging increases the value of the product. It entices the customers towards the product. A well-packed product brings excitement for the receivers. They wear a smile on their faces while unboxing their gift items and other luxury products.

Custom printed product boxes also help the marketers in promotion of their brand. These packaging boxes have meaningful information about the products. This information ensures the quality of product and credibility of the brand as a whole. All sorts of businesses such as food products, mobile phones, utensil industry, cosmetics, jewelry and automobiles etc. use high quality packaging boxes to keep their products safe and secure. These boxes also help the marketers to increase their sales. Thus the high quality product packaging is one of the key secrets of success for every business.

So it is very important for marketers to choose the right type of packaging for their product. It is equally crucial to select the good quality material to enhance the quality of the product.

Types of Packages boxes for the Product Marketing

There are several types of Custom printed product boxes in the market that you can consider when you are about to sell your product. These are as follows

Paperboard boxes

It is most similar to thick paper instead of cardboard. It’s a pocket friendly packaging choice for small products. The used in almost every market such as fast food packaging, medicine and display boxes in the super markets. It can be customizable in every shape and size. It can be cut, printed and folded in any way you want.

Corrugated Cardboard boxes

Corrugated boxes are also commonly called cardboard. It is widely used in shipping, and storing products. It is also used as food product boxes and retail packaging.  The pizza box that you receive in takeaway is the cardboard box as well. The corrugated part of cardboard box refers to the multilayered part that gives strength to the whole material. You can cut and mold them into any shape you want for the product. The cardboard boxes are flat- packs that are shaped into a carton by hand.

Cotton Bags

Cotton is a natural sustainable fiber that is use everywhere in our everyday lives. It is the world’s most consumed fiber. It is use in clothes, aprons, and hospitals. These days the eco-conscious marketers are also using cotton bags for packaging products. Cotton bags are widely available in every shop. So you can buy these cotton bags to keep your product safe.  The cotton bags are easily customizable. You can dye them. It is even easy to print anything to make your cotton bags more attractive for the customers.

Rigid Boxes

The rigid boxes are talk of the luxurious brands such as mobile phones, jewelry, cosmetics, garments and electronics. They are prefer by the popular brands for their durability, strength and reliability. The top notch brands such as Tiffany & Co. Jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoe, and the latest i-phones use these rigid boxes. The rigid boxes are made up of highly tough paperboard material. These materials make these boxes sturdy and reliable.  They are four times thicker than the normal paperboard. The material of the rigid box is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Thus the rigid box packaging doesn’t harm the environment.

Foil sealed Packaging

This packaging is used for the products like coffee, cheese and meat. The aluminum foil used in the packaging prevents the product from contamination. It maintains the freshness of the product.


Plastics are not considered eco-friendly by some of the eco-conscious marketers. However, it is still considered a popular choice for many eco-commerce marketers. The plastic boxes are stronger than paperboard boxes. They also preserve the products from contamination. The plastic boxes are thin and light weight. These are pocket-friendly and recyclable. There are five types of plastics used in the market.  These are polyethylene terephthalate (PET), High-Density Polyethylene, (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (P.S). These are use in the manufacturing of drinking bottles, bottle caps, cups and even auto-parts. The plastics are use as detergent containers and sandwich bags. Polystyrene plastics are also used in insulating packaging.


Jute is also called Burlap. It is very popular among the sustainable and eco-conscious brands because, these are recyclable and biodegradable. This is the cotton like material that can be dyed and printed on. It is less-expensive than cotton. It is use in the packaging of the agricultural products and the coffee sacks.

Air Bags

It is a great cushioning and protective packaging material. These are also known as the air cushioning, air packing bags, and air pouches respectively. These bags provide with a great help in the safe transportation of the products. The air cushions are made of 99% air and 1% P.E film. This air creates a good cushioning effect in the bag that can’t be compare with the traditional filling and other packaging material. The air bags can bear the pressure of 60 Kg. That’s why they protect the product during the violent sorting, collision and extrusions during the transportation process. These cushion pods are made from the HDPE (High-density polyethylene). Interestingly, these airbags are recyclable. They can be reuse for the packaging again.

Bubble Wraps

It is another popular form of an air bag. It’s also known as air cushioning material. It is make from polyethylene film. It is a plastic sheet of bubbles that is wrap around the items tightly. These are use to protect the precious products such as Laptop, computer and other devices. It also comes in different varieties and sizes. It provides with the resistance to moisture, dust, and vibration damage.

There is a wide variety of packaging boxes in the market. You can choose any material that is suitable for your product


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