Different Types of Concrete Cutting Equipment

phoenix concrete cutting solutions
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Concrete cutting is a process that involves cutting and drilling on concrete under a controlled environment. In concrete cutting, the experts use specialized equipment such as high-tech saws to perform cutting on concrete with accuracy and precision. The use of high-tech saws ensure precision, and when professional do the work, you can ensure minimal errors.

In the past, concrete cutting was performed with the use of equipment such as jackhammers. However, the machinery used in the past used to leave everything dusty and filthy.

In the modern-day, cutting techniques have changed thanks to high-tech and advanced equipment. The latest machinery provides a smooth and attractive finish on concrete, asphalt, steel, and rock.

Concrete cutters will frequently be selected by the utilization of one-of-a-kind diamond blade specs to fit the various textile types and strengths.

The appropriate diamond noted blade cuts more quickly and required significantly less water to provide a swish finish.

Modern concrete companies such as phoenix concrete cutting solutions use high-tech tools for concrete-cutting operations.

If you are planning to hire a concrete company to do concrete work for you, make sure to take services from a company that employs cutting-edge methods.

Because if they do not use the latest equipment and tools, the end result will not be of good quality or worth your money.

If you are new to concrete cutting and want to get started right away, you will need more than just equipment, blades, and skills. In reality, one of the determining elements is how to conduct this cut and what you employ to do the task efficiently.

You can always contact the experts such as phoenix concrete cutting solutions company for efficient concrete cutting services.

Use of a Concrete Saw

Hard materials such as concrete, tiles, asphalt, bricks, stones, and other solids are cut with concrete saws.

Saws come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from little handsaws and chop saws to giant portable saws. For efficient and precise cutting, concrete saw blades are commonly constructed of a diamond.

Diamond blades must be cooled owing to the high friction that happens during the cutting process, as well as to decrease dust.

Various Types of Concrete Saws

There are multiple types of concrete saw available in the market. Each saw ensures that every task is completed wisely. To pick the ideal instrument for your next concrete cutting operation, you must first understand the many types of saws available.

Chainsaw is one of the most well-known concrete cutters on the market today. These saws provide exceptional precision for the tool’s hydraulic pressure. The tool’s hydraulic pressure provides enough force to cut through concrete and travel deeper than 2 feet.

This style of saw, however, should not be used to cut lines or corners in concrete. Handsaws are available in a wide range of sizes and forms. They may be able to assist you in completing the concrete cutting process more quickly.

When compared to a chain saw, a hand saw can produce a little cut. A wire saw can cut through vast volumes of concrete at once. With a big plate and a wire source, you can make precise cuts on a concrete block.

The wire saw is perfect for dealing with the foundation, pillars, and depth of the concrete surface. When it’s essential to separate the concrete’s surface, core drills work well.

·        Drilling

To make holes in the surface, core drills are utilized. Drills are made of metal, and the drill’s tip is coated with diamond or carbide.

The drill’s major components are an engine, a drill book, and a handle. Because the drill’s center is hollow, it may be readily inserted into the material. The samples are comparable in form and confirm the drill’s shape. This drill is suitable for all types of surfaces.

Drills are chosen for their power, functionality, and size. The sort of surface you wish to utilize also influences your choice. Small drills are suitable for use at home, whereas powerful drills are suitable for use in major structures and mines. Concrete and huge building projects necessitate the use of large drill bits.

Core-drill is appropriate for tasks requiring a 1-inch depth reduction or up to 5 fins in concrete. A core drill is essential for installing a power wire and wiring a structure.

·        Saw With a Flat Blade

Concrete cutting firms use flat blade saws to cut horizontal planes. The frequency of the saw is 400Hz, and it cuts asphalt and cement boards. The width is 24 inches, and the thickness is also 24 inches.

Floor cutting, expansion joints, pavements, and bridge decks are all done with flat saws, also known as panel saws. This equipment may also be used indoors in addition to cutting concrete. When compared to a standard saw, the amount of dust produced is far lower.

·        Wall Saw

You can use walls on a variety of surfaces, and they can perform both vertically and horizontally. To open doors or windows, this sawing is employed. Elevators and stairwells are built using wall sawing as well. It’s great for masonry and concrete work.

It has a 37-inch penetration range. Only skilled specialists should use these saws. When flat saws aren’t practical or safe, wall saws are employed. It can also be used to cover draughty areas.

·        Curb Cutting

Curb cuts are industrial cuts that create curbs for easier pavement access. These cuts assist persons who use wheelchairs, strollers, or skateboards to move on sidewalks.

This cut also makes it easier to park the automobile because it can enter the parking lot more readily. For cutting curbs, specific machinery is utilized. A certain angle assists in making the incision.

This cutting machine creates ramps and ramps by cutting the curb. These devices assist in the creation of slopes and final forms that make it easier to raise and lower wheelchairs and scooters.

Modern concrete companies such as phoenix concrete cutting solutions use high-tech tools for concrete-cutting operations. You can contact these top-notch concrete cutting companies to attain the highest quality concrete cutting service.


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