Difference between Refurbished & Repaired Smartphone

Difference between Refurbished & Repaired Smartphone

In the world of smartphones today we have different categories including the brand-new smartphone which almost everyone knows about as they keep on launching on in the market irrespective of the brand and model. However, there are some other categories such as second-hand mobile phones, repairing mobile phones and refurbished mobile phones etc. Though all of these mobile phones have seen features of expected there are also other differences that you might notice in these categories of smartphones. When it comes to differentiating between the refurbished smartphones and repaired smartphones refurbished can be Simply defined as A partially new smartphone and a repair smartphone can be defined as a restored or a smartphone that had fallen and was repaired by its seller for the purpose of being sold in the market.

There are many other points that can be seen as a distinction between refurbished smartphones and repaired smartphones.

Let us differentiate some points between refurbished smartphones and repaired smartphones.

What is a refurbished smartphone?

A refurbished smartphone is a twist in the smartphone categories as it was bought as a brand new mobile phone from the seller by its first owner because of some reasons this specific mobile phone was returned to its source seller and that too in a few couples of days. The phone could be returned to its source seller because of minor defects or maybe because the owner change their mind to some other smartphone. What happens is that a smartphone that is used only for a couple of days cannot be termed as a second hand or a used smartphone as it is not used to its full potential. Therefore, this whole new category of refurbished smartphones came up and has been very famous since then. As there are many benefits of buying refurbished phones when it comes to your budget and also many other benefits that you might not get by you are buying and using a mobile phone.

Benefits of buying a refurbished mobile phone:-

Valid warranty

This is one of the most beneficial parts comes to buying a refurbished mobile phone as you do not have to pay for the warranty and even if you are lucky and you can also get an extended warranty with your way for this smartphone. As many brands give a warranty of almost a year, you are almost saving a lot as you do not get this opportunity when you buy a used mobile phone and while you buy A refurbished phone was always getting a valid warranty as the smartphone is not used for more than a couple of days and so it is obvious that its warranty is still ongoing and active which can be claimed depending on whatever problem arises in your mobile phone based on its terms and conditions as mentioned by the brand of your smartphone.


If you have noticed you will see that the refurbished smartphones in the market no matter which brand they belong are always costing lesser when compared to a brand-new mobile phone of the same brand. This is because smartphones which are refurbished are used for a couple of days and that is why the price drops but this is the perfect deal you must get as the smartphone is almost new and not used for a long time and still you can buy it for 30% to 40% or sometimes even 50% lesser pricing compare to the brand new smartphone of any specific brand. You will be getting the same features that will be getting with the new smartphone so what else can be your best deal to buy a refurbished smartphone comes to your budget.

Longer lifespan

When you buy a brand-new mobile phone it is very obvious that it will have a longer lifespan than any used smartphone. When this point comes under refurbished smartphones you can still consider to have a long life expectancy as the refurbished smartphones are almost new smartphones used only for a couple of days and not more than that. The full potential of a smartphone has still to be used and so the smartphone will be living a healthy functioning life for a longer time compared to or repaired smartphone or A second-hand smartphone.

Quality checks

Did you know that your refurbished smartphone goes through so many quality check processes before it is put up for the purpose of selling? This is indeed needed as a leave of smartphones are sometimes returned to their source along because of minor defects which may be existing if  The refurbished smartphone doesn’t go through the quality checking process. Therefore, the seller makes sure that the recovery smartphone goes through as many quality checks as possible to verify it To be officially available to be sold.

Environment friendly

Refurbished smartphones are always considered environmentally friendly options when it comes to buying a smartphone. As we all know that the production of a whole new smartphone contains a lot of harmful materials which is not good for the environment when it ends up in landfills. Many mobile phone runs today are trying to produce eco-friendly smartphones which haven’t been completely possible till now what can be expected in the future. Therefore, buying refurbished smartphones is always a smarter choice if you are thinking to save the environment in the long run.

What is a repaired smartphone?

The repaired smartphone is a smartphone that was fixed and repaired while it was having some problems. This category of the smartphone doesn’t promise to have a clean mobile phone as refurbished mobile phones go through ample quality checks before they are put for sale to the customers. As repaired smartphones are just smartphones that are restored at least to be in a working condition it can still show up with some problem depending on how it is fixed or how minor or major the problem is.

Benefits of buying a repaired smartphone:-

Though there might be some benefits of buying a repaired smartphone such as which you can find in the refurbished sector too, it is definitely an environment-friendly method and also saves on your budget but there are also some disadvantages as the quality is not promised enough when it comes to repaired mobile phones as they are just restored into their working condition and might show up with the same problems or even different problems sometime later. Also, their life expectancy cannot be predicted as they are already used phones which are repaired and restored. repaired smartphones can also be environmentally friendly options if you’re looking forward to buying them but the only drawback is you won’t get as many benefits as a refurbished smartphone.

Which category of the smartphone is advisable for buying a former smartphone or repair a smartphone?

With all the mentioned points above it can be fair enough to say that if you buy a refurbished smartphone you are going to be at a little more profit than compared to or a paid smartphone. It is still a personal choice and not a commendable thing to do when it comes to choosing the category of smartphones as it totally depends upon your personal requirements, budget and choice. No mail and the only difference between refurbished and repair smartphones are that refurbished smartphones go through multiple quality checks before they are put up for sale, unlike repaired smartphones which are only restored and recondition to it’s working condition.

Many people also choose refurbished smartphones as repair smartphones can cost higher when it comes to repairing services as repair services can be costly depending upon the damage and the brand of a smartphone.

Repaired smartphones might not always have volume warranty status as they might have been claimed for previous repairs or if the phone is a year older than it is expired if not extended. With the exclusive launch of so many smartphones on daily basis, it is really hard to identify which brand or category to choose when it comes to your buying requirements.


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