Difference Between Old Age Home Vs Retirement Community


Old age residences are places where aged citizens select or occasionally are forced to stay. There is no suspicion that these old age home in Chennai is a boon for the impoverished & economically more helpless senior citizens. However, the happiness quotient is very extensively on the lower side. Modern-day retirement houses are a world apart. They are the active selection of the senior citizens who wish to expend the rest of their lives in a suitable company, a calm environment, access to good health care, and the freedom to seek their personal attractions.


Retirement Community:

The most standard fantasy among many, still is that the retirement community in Chennai is the exact as old age homes. However, the truth is, they are not. Retirement houses are well-planned residents that have been built to cater to the requirements of the senior citizens while providing them excellent quality of life. 


Grade of Life:

Retirement houses are perfect for anyone over the age of 55 examining to lead an autonomous and high-quality life amidst like-minded people. Each citizen is allotted a big villa that they can transmit with their family. The villas can also be customized as per their preference. The atmosphere is cultivated and the occupancy is based on enduring ownership. Old age homes, on the additional hand, do not suggest such flexible living options.


Medical care & Establishments:

Medical service is par superior at retirement homes. An on-duty physician is attending on-premises 24×7. The medical facility at old age homes is usually sub-par, but with retirement homes, individual care and awareness are given to separate associates. Round-the-clock protection is also a great facility that completes retirement homes a secure and safe option for senior citizens.


Amusement & Peace:

Retirement homes separated from accommodation for the retired personnel, also cater to their recreational needs. The structure usually houses recreation halls, club houses, gyms, guest rooms for the resident’s guests, a library, a games room, and a clinic for seeing doctors. Old age homes are frequently devoid of such necessary facilities to maintain the resident’s commitment and keep their passionate well-being in check.


Food Menu:

Dietary monitoring is a franchise at retirement homes. The menu is customized to serve the need of someone as opposed to the standard food served at old age homes. At retirement homes, food, hygiene, and individual preferences are carried care of. One can anticipate a nutritious mix of vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, pulses, and nuts to be an element of daily meals.


Experience Knowledge:

The general experience at retirement homes is enhanced and luxurious. Citizens report enhanced physical, mental, and inspirational well-being while living in helped living communities. With a superabundance of facilities and services within an associate’s reach, citizens can expect an increased quality of life.



The retirement period is considered the light age and how one expends this is a massive decision. Selecting a good retirement residence ensures you expend your golden years in the finest possible way. Examine the best retirement homes and invest in the most promising years of your life.


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